★★★★★ PWOW WIFI Wireless OBD2, OBDII Car Auto Diagnostic Scanner Adapter Reader – Amazon

Handy link to this product on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2t7Gl3H
🎥 Video review. 🎥 I used this on my Toyota Tundra (2004) and Toyota Corolla (2006). Worked like a gem.

A few hints/tricks and how I got it working with my car:

✅ 1. Download your favorite diagnostic app. Simple search “OBD2” or “OBD” in your app store and you’ll see several options, both paid and free. I suggest two of my top favorites (free) in my video.
✅ 2. Plug in your PWOW Scanner with your car off. Usually the ports are under your steering column (see video).
✅ 3. Start the car all the way so the engine is running.
✅ 4. Open your phone and connect to the new wifi network called “CLKDevices.”
✅ 5. Open your app (downloaded in step one) and after a few seconds you should be ready to rock.

Note: You may have to navigate in your app (whichever you choose) to the “settings” page where hopefully you can select “wifi.” There are some scanners that transmit via bluetooth, so you have to specifically tell the app to look for the signal via wifi.

Note for Mac / Apple users: The CD will probably not fit into your Mac since it’s a mini CD. Sorry.

Nice folks at PWOW. They actually sent me this product to test and review at no charge. (no I don’t work for them)

Summary: For advanced car technicians and mechanics, this is a great product. It reads virtually instantly, is very accurate, and relatively easy to setup.

Original review from Beau Chevassus, Knok Studio (Media for non-profits), http://www.knok.tv
From Beau Chevassus: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/profile/A1IJUCICSBF7LA


xXaspie62Xx says:

Do they turn off with the car, or will it drain the battery when parked overnight?

Istivaq Khan says:


steven chandler says:

Can this be used on a diesel engine

Bong Gakaday says:

I bought this same obd2 scanner and plugged in to my car, I get “no internet connection” message in my iPhone wifi settings after I chose wifi_obdii on the device list. The scanner only gives a red light and the rest is not flashing up and down. I was told to changed to “static ” then enter these new IP address 192…..
and 3500. I just couldn’t get a connection with my obd2 device.
Please help.

Lee Wescott says:

Hope it does work as I’ve just ordered one

mikeyuncensored says:

lol love your attitude man! cheers and thanks for the review

Ostap Bender says:

Does it read Electric status, which relay works ok , which fuse is dead, etc.?

Miloje Nikolovski says:


Vlad Piero says:

so will this diagnose any problems with the electronics? I.E. why my radio won’t turn on, and that kind of thing etc…???


I got a HH OBD ADVANCED BLUETOOTH TOOL and it says unable to connect to ecu ….and suggestions..thanks guys

repairvehicle says:

can it read ATF temp live?

J. Michael Kearns says:

purchased Hikeren Mini OBDII – very excited when I got it so I quickly slipped it into the port. IT is so small that it fits flush and now I can’t get it out! Darn Subaru!! Trying to come up with a way to remove it? Any suggestions?

zach wasil says:

your a cool guy, and of course this post will probably turn into a sermon, but your use of Jesus as wifi prompts me to share…i have personally contemplated that man has slowly evolved from wondering whats up in the sky and, in some opinions, created a story to fill that void, to present day where we have created a super-powerful thing in the sky,..the cloud and wifi…and you can bet the people at Apple all fought with Jobs to change it from Heaven to the Cloud. So now we have an un-seen force that surrounds and connects us all [ wifi ] and a mysterious cloud that collects our thought and prayers, and of course we have search engines that practically know your thoughts as you type…i think Bob Marley said it best…”we know and we understand that the mighty god is a living man” Just my opinion. And thanks for showing the scanner i need one bad right now, got a truck that just refuses to run.

Mary Taylor says:

“currently I’m connected with Jesus_Christ” LOL!! love it!

OhMyHoodness says:

Shea le bouf and this guy’s name

david krasowski says:

Like your video and Jesus christ …

Get Up & Go Now says:

Carista received bad reviews on Apple app store for price gouging!

Dominic Acosta says:

Will this work with a iPhone 6s?

red0means0go says:

are you able to make adjustments to your vehicle for fuel economy, or more power, thanks. helpful video.

Truth Seeker says:

Will used dealership let you use the obd2 on the car you are trying to buy?

Prairielander says:

Would it not be considered blasphemy to use the Lord’s name in vain?

Tony Nameless says:

the power of Jesus is the power of God

Happy Farmer says:

can i overclock my abs and power windows with this?

M Adams says:

Lol (connected to Jesus christ both on wifi and in my heart) Nice Video. Keep walking brother..

Canadian Neo-Frontiersmen says:

Gotta love Jesus! Lol

test test says:

thanks man it was great, stay connected! 🙂

repairvehicle says:

can it read ATF temp in toyota live?

L70John says:

Nice review, going to try it on my car.

Patrick PhippsPA says:

Thank you for your efforts!

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