$184,000 Mercedes AMG GTR Review – BETTER Than A GT3RS?

YESTERDAYS VIDEO! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hftjqKjUWtQ

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FGAMER123 says:

Why do the brake lights look painted on or is a sticker? Pretty cool

ItsBigL21 says:

I’ve had the fortune of driving both this and the GT3 RS, While the Porsche was a little bit more fun to drive I honestly would rather have this. The GTR looks SO MUCH better in person than it does on camera I promise you!

Michael Lawson says:

Who else noticed the corvette in the background

Cycryllic says:

fav merc

Levi Mancer says:


GΞMΛRS says:

notice the salomondrin logo :v

matthew williams says:

beautiful car

KoRnrulesM6 says:


Kyle Dillard says:

The Mercedes-AMG GT R is gorgeous.

Jerry Lifsey says:

3:02 “…price per dollar…”?

Muddy RCs says:

Bet it’s a gt2rs

Morris Pontifect says:

Sweet ride

xXIts_GucciXx says:

its not a twin turbo its a biturbo

Tore Hansen says:

This is the coolest Merc the last 15 years.

Jenny Serrato says:

I really like it can be a daily driver even thought it’s so sporty

Dan Patrick says:


TheStuntdude12 says:

It can’t touch the gt3rs 991.2 more of an older version competitor


I’d rather have this than the porche, this car is much more special and unique. The GT3 RS looks kinda like every other porche with a body kit. Also I’d much rather have an SLR or an SLS than the AMG GTR.

Merc King Guy says:

What about a pov Parker

Ibrahim M says:

lol u dusted that c7

Wicked Proxy says:

I have a question. Did you have stabilization turned on while your camera was on a tripod at the beginning of the video when you was giving stats standing by the front fender of the car? It seems to be reacting to your hands moving and making the whole image appear to move.

Dan Pevensey says:

Parker get rid of the E63 and get the GTR that car your driving would look great next to the Lamborghini in the garage

Gabriel Silva says:

gas monkey?

Krycek says:

Where in Malibu is this? Which street?

Bill Dill says:

Great review

Muddy RCs says:

So technically the amg gt line is mid engine car b/c it’s after the front wheels

Elijah Preste says:

U should ask logan paul to review his mercedes g-class 4×4 lifted

Zackary Silva says:

Damn why won’t Mercedes let me review their cars? Smh

Rohan Bal says:

Or maybe the “V” is for the v of a V8 and the total number of buttons is 8 so a V8

GTR Wendy says:

I was thinking about picking this one up from evan paul

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