2017 Hyundai Blue Link Infotainment Review – DETAILED in 4K UHD!

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Anthony Z says:

Any idea how to disable the musical note that plays when you power the car off in a 20-7 sonata?

Comingsafra says:


Kay Farf says:

SLOW DOWN when you talk!

Y'all Got Issues says:

Blue Link and Android Auto stink. I have a 2017 Elantra. It can be so very confusing sometimes. The stock voice that listens to your commands is god-awful. It works maybe 1 in 100 times when I ask it to call someone.

ast5515 says:

What’s on the left part of the home screen if the car doesn’t have navigation?

Prasad Gujar says:

Meanwhile in Tesla 3….

elainetaps16 says:

How is the new software update installed? Also, while driving and navigation map is on screen, how do I turn it off to stop navigating before I get to destination?

Rachel Writes says:

I love what this does but to me it looks really dated. There are much nicer looking infotainment systems in other cars.

ThaBestStarks says:

I heard Hyundai said they will not be offering updates for this new infotainment system? Is this true and do you know anything about it?

StylusEcho says:

Why did you skip the Tone menu? I’ve been trying to figure out how many bands the equalizer has, and it was the only reason I watched this video.

Matthew's Car Corner says:

Alex, will the review of the 2017 Hyundai Elantra be coming up very soon?

Me In NYC says:

what is the WiFi used for? It’s not a hotspot. it can just connect the car to a WiFi network. why would I need it if the car is already tethered to my phone’s internet? I own the 2015 model and still don’t get it. some people say it’s to let the car get apps updates.

George Torres says:

Is there any way to use GPS without bluelink or phone…. Like regular GPS in cars? 2017 elantra limited

Paul Bergson says:

Great stuff but Genesis needs to work hard (and quickly) to have CarPlay on the G90. To have it on the G80 and not the G90 is – to me – a bit strange.

MrMikebutkus says:

Additional information. To use the Google Local Search, you MUST pay a yearly fee for the communication to the car ($90) and the Search fee ($90), to start your car remotely another ($90). To use the remote, you need the Communications and Remoter ($180 a year) No discounts for multiple programs, only 10% of if you buy multiple years. Not sure (doubt it) if you buy multiple years and you sell your car and buy a different brand car. They did transfer a few month of my old car to my new Hyundai.

Chris Puch says:

I own a Hyundai 2017 and I still do not know how to work with the screen saver. Anyone know??

Gregory Perkins says:

where is the hyundai ioniq

ahpitre says:

Does this only work by connecting phone via USB cable? Can this work via Bluetooth or WiFi?
Can you add apps (E.G. adding my own GPS app (like TomTom GO)?
On Google maps, can download areas be stored in the radio, or are they stored on phone?

richard levine says:

The info is probably quite helpful, but the narrator needs diction lessons. He speaks too quickly with the end of one word blending into the beginning of the next word. Had to play each sentence twice to understand what he is saying.

Ali R says:

Mine doesnt look like this

Malik Brown says:

Is this a add on service or free with every genesis

Anita Machlin says:

I sure wish the dealer told me about this information on youtube!

Darius Tatum says:

I have an Elantra 2k17 limited n I have no clue how to use the navigation. It keeps telling me I need a sd card

Prince says:

Really nice

MrMikebutkus says:

All this Google stuff depends on your data plan costs and if you have cell service in the area. On many trips, I have lost cell service when not near a city, and I have Verizon. Gee didn’t he also say you pay a extra MONTHLY SERVICE ! ! So why are you using your phone ? ? ? and a data plan ? ? I have dropped XM due to the rising monthly fees and special taxes. XM was almost $180 a year with all the taxes they now add. Even that drops out in hilly and heavy trees with leafs area. So if you are in the middle of no-where, you loose your GPS directions with this. Cute.

thehardways says:

Alex, love your videos, but Muskrat Love?! LOL!

Kenny says:

Does the system run off your cell’s data or is this something entirely independent?

Patrick Collins says:

With HD Radio, can you listen to HD stations that isn’t in the cars area, town or state?

David Poon says:

Cat on lock screen!!! Cuteness.

ALLGames&Tech says:

Only thing the infotainment system is missing is maintenance and more driving dynamics other than that almost perfect regular updates better browser and actual ui like ios and android would be good!

Trumpet Dinopup says:

blue link is crap, don’t pay for it…. your cell phone already does everything you need

unsub says:

poor cat :/

C Piscitelli says:

Hi Just got a 2018 G80. Two questions….there is an image icon available. It is not highlighted so I cannot select it,but……. Can I upload my OWN photos? If so HOW , if not whats the icon for ? Also……HOW do you download apps? Cant figures these out.

Brad V says:

Is there any way to turn off the flashing hazards when you remote start your vehicle? Those are incredibly annoying, especially early I’m the morning or late at night.

Hippo Potamus says:

We don’t care if you have a iPhone “6”

DerTommynator says:

Is there a way to set android auto to automatically start as soon as I plug in my phone (so without having to press the icon on the home screen)?

Jerrilynn Fagan says:

Very, Very helpful tutorial!

Brenda Randol says:

Blue link car location

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