$85 In-Dash Car Navigation, Bluetooth, OBD-II Controller Mod

The products (and apps/tweaks) mentioned in the video are listed below. Stay snazzy!

MagBak – http://snazzy.fm/magbak
Indigo Bluetooth Receiver – http://snazzy.fm/indigo
WiFi OBD-II Module – http://snazzy.fm/obd
Jailbreak/Cydia apps: SmartTap, Activator


mujjuman says:

hey man, i wana try this. is your ipad the data version? i just wanna be able to use bluetooth and google maps. so i dont need the obd2 connector right?

Cristiano ricardo says:

Muito bom. infelizmente aqui no brazil e muito difícil encontrar produtos assim. Parabéns

Jon Bozzy says:

How laggy is it?

Alain Lebret says:

Great demo. the MagBak on the ipad it stick to what on the dashboard?

piachy says:

where did you get that gauge mount that fits into the vent?

Corio says:

Congratulations, you now have an always on bluetooth device that slowly drains your battery and a Wifi network without password, that makes your OBD II interface available to everyone near your car

Epic says:

Couldn’t find obd turbo app, can you please post a link or an alternate app?

Nick Pahls says:

I build raspberry Pi dashboards for cars so thats what i have in mine, if you want to know more about the Pi dashboards heres a link to my page. https://www.facebook.com/pidashboard/

Florian Erik says:

I use also that receiver but with Bluetooth, and with the smart control app, maybe there is on ios also

Mr. Mark Vega says:

hi seen ur vid. im interested in doing the same thing u did in my car…so can u msg me back and tell me exactly the cost. i dnt have an ipad or any equipment. please help

Martyn Rosenburg says:

A 2013 nexus 7 64gb is $85 and is way better than an iPad. Can have custom software made for your specific car n shit.

Al says:

How did you get WiFi on your iPad mini ?
Did you use your iPhone?
How do you hookup an iPhone to an iPad mini for WIFI?
Is there a video on how to do this?
I have an iPhone and iPad.

Paul Jamieson says:

What about making calls or answering calls?

Karen Cappuccilli says:

Would love to do this.

mohammed zahid Mangarah says:

Hi will the mount fit an iPad mini gen 1

Karim Gabrony says:

Can it be done with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8″ T705 ?

Magnus Forsblom says:

you should have bought a android head unit for 200-300 dollars

pbmig says:

what about oil temp

Ziggy Perez says:

I have an Si nav but I want it to be Bluetooth

technology productions 2018 says:

will this work with a 2010 Samsung tab

Taufeeq A Kashtwari says:

Hey mate will the obd work with a 2001 toyota camry LE. I wasnt sure.

Jessie Louie Ledesma says:

Hi i would like to check if anyone knows an hud capable app using the bluetooth obd2 for ipad. I would rather set it up as an hud. Thanks

Bill Karoly says:

This is cool. I’ve been researching head units for my 2010 Ford Escape. It kinda irks me that all of the 10″ units use 1024*600 IPS displays. I would pay an extra $100 for a better screen. An 8″ 1280*800 would work for me but your little $85 setup is interesting. Problem is the car already has a crappy Bluetooth. I would do this in a Samsung tablet. What I’d like to do is take a 10″ unit and swap out the screen for a better one. I wonder if the built in GPU could handle it?

TOM3C.COM says:

if you have an old car audio, you just need a xiaomi bluetooth transmitter so you can stream audio from your tab to your car

gears4 brains says:

awesome setup thanks for the tour!

Seamus Warren says:


Is an Automotive Dead Reckoning (GNSS?) solution available with this device?

As GPS connectivity is not always available, it would be useful if my iPhone using Google Maps or perhaps a Garmin-type device or an aftermarket integrated Sat Nav system could access vehicle telemetry to continue navigating through these satellite connectivity blindspots in tunnels, carparks or canyons of buildings.

Many thanks,

Seamus. 🙂

Narith Lot says:

how do I find the fuse for the center console? I also want to set up a constant current

Mazawa Atille says:

Awesome vid!! I had to subscribe..

kilamanjaro Mountain says:

Haha your going to crash!!! Hahahahah

Zachary hinman says:

I bought a joying head unit for my b5 s4 . I really like it . i bought it cuz it was $285 and it has a Intel quad core processor and a nice screen resolution and run stock Android

FabioPanucci says:

in dash?

Swadhin Swain says:

And for 50$ a steering mounted bluetooth handsfree to control the music playback and calls.

Mary Taber says:

Just got my HUD here https://t.co/urtryBIDZl

Jason B says:

Bro you could have at least got a black iPad, I white is just killing the look.

SoloSailor sv says:

Impressive, even at twice the price.
What are the Skill Sets you tapped for this? (difficulty level question)
1) Jail Break tablet
2) any programming?
3) fiberglassing? ( i think the tablet ‘just fit’ with magnets?
4) re-wire the car’s power, USB, and?
5) all those Great Graphic displays are in the $9.99 app?

I’m doing a Python gauge set on a Rasp_Pi and its A LOT OF WORK!


TET2005 says:

With this I know when my VTEC kick in yo….

Νίκος Κουκ says:

Can I take it this for my mini one d?

t hammer says:

Nice video. Question for ya. My car speaker system is all hard wired, would I need two indigos, one to Tx and one to Rx to get music from the tablet to play? Wiring is not an issue if I have to.

killercake90 says:

sick I’m doing this to my fd!

technology productions 2018 says:

85? dollars why not buy a single din then

technology productions 2018 says:

is that a iPad 3

Rob NA says:

Soundman ca all the way worth it! This looks jankie af

dresell4940 says:

I’m looking for something like this. I’ve looked @ all the way expensive stuff and the really cheap stuff too. None of them seemed right. This seems right. All I want is fuel gauge.

nightwing says:

You’re a fucking genius man

Ken Li says:

You have to put your ipad away everytime you get out your car or someone will break your window.

D.j. B says:


Adam Kapraun says:

Thank you! Carplay sucks man.

hamish brown says:

tried driving as erratically as you could.. in a golf.. hahaha fml

407ForRent says:

Can you run Waze on it?

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