A Professional Grade Scanner at a Fraction of the Cost – OBD II and Dealer Software

So in this video we’ll go over why you need an advance scanner in order to be able to fix modern cars. I will be doing a review of a professional grade scanner I bought recently, this scanner is capable of reading live data PIDS, Scanning different control modules like the PCM, TCM, SRS, ABS, PATS, HVAC, INSTRUMENT CLUSTER, and many more, it also is capable of bi directional or active controls, it can read codes from the modules it scans, it can also program Electronically Controlled Throttle Bodies, ECU’s and TCM’s and much more. If you have compatibility questions ask the seller through the link bellow.

Link to My Maxidas Scanner Used in The Video: http://amzn.to/2bXGDp4

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Jeff Kreska says:

since autel was sued and can no longer service or support this tool I would not recommend this as a purchase

Melvin Johnson says:

Another smart guy who refuses to be ripped off by Snap-on.

Jay Huh says:

I’ve had this one for a while. Nice scanner, especially for the price but sooooo slow. I am upgrading to maxisys elite

Carlos Gonzalez says:

if your on a budget this tool is not bad thanks for the review

Leon Springs Boys TV says:

Autel has Autism

tom fat ass says:

you forgot the most important thing you never told us how much does this cheap scanner cost

Viking says:

I hated mine. I thought i was getting a great deal because of how cheap they are. Mine quit working on me 3 times in the first 10 months i owned it. They did send brand new units each time but it took 2-3 weeks to get it which hurt since i’m a professional mechanic and need it daily. I also spent $900 on a update and got it back where they had removed half the software and i paid for the down grade. I was so pissed. The reason they removed so much software is because their getting their ass sued off for pirating software by several OEMS like Ford. You can tell its cheaply made when your holding it. It had so many holes in its software too which pissed me off. It said it could do certain tests and even list them but when you try to actually do them…..NOTHING.
The wi-fi is a absolute joke. You can’t go on-line with it to do anything other than download updates which take all day to do. Just a joke.
Plus their customer service???? Which i used all the time with all the problems i had with it. Whats up? Come on can you hire anyone that speaks English??
And once i found out it was a Chinese based company stealing American patented products like every other damn company in China WELL…… %$#@ OFF!!
Their new Autel model from what i hear ain’t any better and i’ve heard their programmer has a very good chance of locking up any computer you want to program. I watched a fellow tech use the add on scope you can get for the new model. Being a scope junkie I have a very low opinion of the scope as well. Not worth getting at all. The scanner part is about the worst graphing scanner i’ve ever seen and the additional add on scope module is laughable. Don’t waste your money on that as a $154.00 uscope would run circles around it. There’s a lot of scanners and scopes out there to choose from don’t waste your money on this Chinese piece of shit that pirates everyone’s patented tools and breaks American and international laws at the expense of American companies and their employees.


hi my car kia sephia 2000 shake when stop on gear D
i cleaned the iac sensor and same problemes any ideas?

butchtropic says:

For the home “I fix my own car” guy this is still far to expensive to justify. For a pro mechanic probably an awesome deal but kinda pricey for a DIY’er unless you plan on fixing cars as a second line of income.

Ann Chappell says:

How much does it cost?

johnathan hawkins says:

How much did the scanner cost?

Jesse Parris says:

Did I miss it or was Mercedes missing from the European list?

Ernest says:

So I wouldn’t be able to use these on Porsche or Lamborghini?

Bert Cochran says:

I saw something nasty in the woodshed.

LSX_ moe says:

I have the ds708, nice diagnosis tool but I wish it could program body control modules and ecu’s

Baxter DeBerry says:

so wait how far in does it go with the pats system? I have almost the same truck in the video (98 ford f150 4.6 rwd lariat) but the previous owners at one point I believed pulled the security system out of it

Robert story says:

As a auto tech I like your video as I’m shopping to upgrade to a better scan tool I do have a suggestion I think it would have been helpful if in the intro you would have said how much you paid and the exact model number but thank you for taking your time to make such a helpful video

S Grunt says:

NICE PITCH TO SNAP ON ! enjoy your informative video’s

DIY Auto Homeschool says:

I’ll be honest, I’m really a Snap-On guy, BUT, I have been hearing a few really good things about the Autel Scanners. And, they actually help those of us who love Snap-On, because of how low priced they are, and the fact they have been developing more and more capabilities, they are pushing Snap-On and other major brands to bring their prices down or they will get to a point that almost no one will buy their scan tools when something with similar abilities is so low priced.

Ronnie Cruz says:

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Colin Purvis says:

Looks like old school nintendo, I love it

Nathan Spain says:

I found some of these scanners on eBay for a lot cheaper than on Amazon. Is there anything I should worry about buying one of these from eBay?

Bert Cochran says:

will it bleed abs modules ? Good info, thank you.

Diana's World Of Fixing Things says:

Mr. Ratchet, I love your videos. Do you work for somebody or do you have your own business and is that your garage? Thank you in advance.

Rick Kenn says:

Subscribed and thinking of purchasing scanner. It really outshines generic even though those work this scanner is a gem. You get what you pay for and having access and control of those solenoids is golden. Thanks again for the review

famke theron says:

It even supports TATA! I love TATA.

jamecorts says:

Question,i can get the solus for 800 or should i get this one instead.

jd5179 says:

800 bucks – I guess cheaper than SnapOn

musa Ochieng buleya says:

plz contact me if possible coz i need the machine, 254727449147.

SuperGmann10 says:

I want one!!

مدخل لعالم الربح من النت says:

great video , can you do a review for delphi autocom please ?

Cobra Ninety Six says:

Nice Demonstration!

Rasputin 883 says:

What’s the point of this? Bragging?

R1112 says:

Great channel & keep up the good work. I purchased this scanner about 2 years ago. Great tool but can ne wonky. It dosnt re calibrate the air suspension on the S430 / S500 MB like it should “tried on several MB” or program keys for the 99-04 Discovery but surprisingly does as advertised for the most part for the $ spent. Mine has already paid for itself many X over.

David Dye says:

I was wondering what the yearly updates will cost?

Vladimir Mišin says:

How is this better than those OBDLink bluetooth things ?

Alliance Programming & Diagnostics says:

Hey guys check out my YouTube channel, I used this tool to program a computer on a dodge neon

Justin Yeranus says:

how much for a year subscription of updates? i know you get the first one for free.

also, do you have to use the stylus or can you use your finger to select options?

George Prime says:

doesn’t it cover Rover cars ?

julio zepeda says:

have you heard about Actron U-scan? after getting all in-app add-ons purchases and spending $99+ 35 + 17 for a total of $153 it seams to work the same way yours work. All I have to do is pair it using Bluetooth to my smart phone!

Clownsatthecemetery says:

Will this device let you re program your cars computer to make small fuel trim adjustments at the click of a button? this looks like the stuff they use at the dealer. all i have are 200 dollar scanners that get you by on basic stuff.

Geoffrey Rawlings says:

Hi great video.can more daignostic stuff with maxi das.

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