Android Auto Complete Tutorial – In Depth

I will show you how to download the app, how to use Android Auto and a few tips and tricks! This is a very in-depth tutorial for beginning users.
Apple Car Play Video:
Android Auto FAQ’s and Troubleshooting:

Get Started Items: 0:00-1:02
Download App: 1:03-6:27
Use Android Auto: 6:28-10:52
Charging Hack: 10:53-11:46
More Videos Like This: 11:47-11:56

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Thanks for watching, and we hope you enjoyed!



Linda Schnobrich says:

Excellent overview

Tyler Williams says:

Do you have to have the USB plugged in for music or gps

Bananas Bread says:

Needed more focus on the Bluetooth pairing.

marv fritz says:

Great video just have one question when it ask for permissions it says allow Android to record audio is that necessary?

kiran seeroo says:

This is a great help. You are a true professional

Ralph Chambers says:

Rubbish! Won’t connect to my 2018 Peugeot 3008 and customer service is non-existent.

Jose Kent says:

What If it doesn’t pair to the car? I have a 2016 chevy track

subs n says:

Will it work without connecting to cable via only Bluetooth ?

Dan Johnson says:

this video is awful if you have a google home xD every time he says ok google my google goes off and say im sorry i don’t understand xD

slash Einstein says:

thx for demo , its really interesting , good work and keep going

Sam Sen says:

That was easy but then how about connecting my Android phone with an older cars that don’t have Android head unit or Project icon? Even my 2016 car has USB port in dash that says “Data Port” but is that port of any use to get a close to this result you show, with use of AA mirror or similar Apps? I’ll appreciate anyone who can help me in this, before taking the expensive, still working factory OEM head unit and replace it by a cheap Chines knockoff Android unit.

shaskhim says:

Thanks but, I have installed VLC Player from the android auto compatible applications, but it’s not on my list now! How can i use it in Android Auto? I have Spotify and Google play music in my Android Auto but No VLC player!

Lee Vallence says:

Can you do one for one plus phones, Ive got a one plus 6

Kushy kush says:

W3n i plug my galaxy s7 via usb nothing happends help please 🙂

Samuel Hawkins says:

Cool clear understanding

cacher1963 says:

Can you play music while navigating?

saifMSK says:

Cool app. Too bad the car sucks

Jeffery Miller says:

Very good instructions, thank you! But, what alternatives do I have to get driving directions? I purchased a new a 2018 Chevy Equinox in July 2017. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop 5.0.1. Also I have OnStar protection plan without a wifi data plan, but I still can get a strong connection with my Equinox wifi. When parked in my driveway in reach of my house wifi and connected to it, all works well as shown in your video. But out of reach of my home wifi and connected to my Equinox wifi, I get a google message after asking google to “find …” that “I have an unstable connection.” When I turn off the wifi and on mobile data, I get ” You have a limited network connection and can only make telephone calls.”

Dennis Pacheco says:

paired 1st via bluetooth then connect the cable?

Irvine Spiegel says:

7:50 If you say “Navigate to” instead of “find” the GPS navigation will automatically start up for the most relevant search result, after a 5 second prompt ( like the prompt for delay ahead, or faster route).

Sean Paterson says:

Can you watch movies while in park via android auto?

Sim Lin says:

Boomer Sooner!!

Lisa Hubbard says:

Is anyone having trouble with Audroid Auto cutting off after a few minutes?

Amit mizrahi says:

Amazing and helpful tutorial!!

Emmanuel Garcia says:

Thanks a lot!

Jeff Swanitz says:

Very helpful tutorial!
Thanks for sharing this!

GothKazu says:

stop fucking saying ok google. all my devices keep activating

B H says:

Is the Android Auto app removed from Google Play?
I cant find it…

Manny Rocks says:

No sound on G maps?

Grady Gilchrist says:

If i have android auto running can i listen to music that i have on cars hardrive?

Bruno TaTa says:

Very good job

Duane Barrett says:

Anybody else watching this on your phone everytime he says ok Google my damn phone went to Google. Lol

Jeffrey K says:

I am no fan of it. I just don’t understand why Pandora will play yet I can’t change songs on the unit or my steering wheel on my 07 Jeep Commander Overland.

MoonFrost says:

I just got a 2015 Silverado, but I dont see the projection screen. Am I SoL?


thank you

vtekeatr says:

Install Apple car play #1 plug in phone….. done

Ansh Parabtani says:

It doesn’t connect when i the usb………. Will there be any usb option to be selected…… Like….. Just charging or transfer file.. Etc…….. Plz reply

Swetang Contractor says:

Hi I m writing this comment in big hope with you
I have purchased new creta sx model 2017 December last year now I want that I can operate my car from my Android phone like locking unlocking door lights horn etc from my Android phone only I have ob2 also and torque app paid wersion also how can I do pleas help I m from India

bob checkley says:

The best tutorial on how to set up android auto on Samsung phone and car, well done

rfel87 says:

Can you make an updated video? Which versions where you running for google play and android auto? Cause as of May, 2018 they updated both versions and now I am having issues with my vehicles android auto. I have all the same things clicked on and highlighted. And my vehicle phone projection is set to “enable android auto” and it will not work now when I plug in the USB.

Redtrap Productions says:

Basically your phone turned into a car

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