Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay REAL WORLD TEST – Yuri and Jakub Go For a Drive


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Watch us on Motoring TV on TSN! I have teamed up with Ontaerial to bring you the best visuals in the industry. Our reviews are from an enthusiast perspective (Jakub), as well as someone who really doesn’t know much about cars but likes them (Yuri). You won’t find details about compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own these cars.

We go for a drive in this 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport and test out Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay only to find out how bad Apple CarPlay really is.


Jose Miranda says:

Apple sucks might look. Nice but it doesn’t work!! Stupid bitch

leon kuenzler says:

Who the fucks name is jakub

ajvaldez42 says:

“this does look nicer, though.”
“but it’s useless!”

luke ector says:

Woah! I’m like 15 minutes from Dayton!

Vinsen Liu says:

Apple CarPlay Need Fix…Including Voice Command and Accurate Maps…

Taro Samuelson says:

Siri be trippin’

MrMickey says:

OMG it’s so ugly…apple massive flop!

Jaymate says:

I think Android Auto is actually prettier.

McShweezy says:

western civilization summed up in-
“it does look nicer though, but it’s useless.”

Amr Radwan says:

That’s nothing with Carplay or Android Auto. These are phones OS differences

Cry Ozy says:

Fuck who uses apple maps its way inferior to Google Maps

alin dradici says:

Typical apple fan boy: who cares it doesn’t work?! It’s pretty

Billy Poot says:

It’s because Apple speech recognition software is complete garbage android is using Google which is way better Apple just needs to pull her head out of their ass and get their speech recognition software up to speed with everybody else

Domonic Viviers says:

that was awesome

Dawider10 says:

Yuri said “Jakub” to Android in a different way than to Apple.

Phill Picon says:

Why did you compare pronouncing Jakub differently between the phones?! It’s obviously not going to recognise it if you pronounce it as Yakub!!

Moonzin says:

Android all the way

D Wallace says:

I love my galaxy

Jigar Khandhar says:

Just how many more solid reasons do people need to realize that Android can kickass Apple any day in terms of its user friendliness and effectiveness

Blake Russo says:

Apple is so bad

Republic Galaxy says:

good example that leads apples reputation to it being shit and utter garbage and still buyers are expected to buy the apple phone for price of fucking cars !!!

Christopher Burk says:

Apple fans are so funny

Ramon Quintero says:

He keeps saying it looks nicer but still does not work lol

Anthony says:

Lol, Android for the win!!

JOCH3M says:

When a apple fanboy realises that andriod is better then ios, i’v been there.

Rikardo González Treviño says:

Android auto definitely isn’t eye candy but it’s functionality is through the roof

Matyáš Černý says:

Apple CarBitch

Jacob Castro says:

They didn’t say the same thing

Saruchanspace says:

Siri and Apple Maps really suck!

Paul 467 says:

Hi Juri & Jakub. Hv to tell u guys I couldn’t stop laughing throughout your experiment between these to apps. Same goes for part 2. I think android won…..

Mathias Emil Kuntz says:

what car is this?

Kevin Roach says:

Apple sucks!

Dean Rogers says:

Iphone sucks ass. #teamandroid

AAron Thom says:

Joseph Cox says:

– Train Siri the phonetic pronunciation of your friends name. Plus, by default Siri is designed to handle US locations, there is a way to change this I have never done it so I can’t help you with it. Interesting, but for me in the US I use Apple CarPlay over Google everyday with no issues.

TheStraightPipes says:

Watch our 2018 Android Auto Vs Apple CarPlay UPDATE!

Naruset Lomaban says:

I hate Apple map, I like google map and garmin

Peeyush Kumar says:

Pronounce as J not Y, you fucking retard

ad mobile4 says:

I thought all Canadians were friendly?? I suppose Apple does have that effect on people.

Lars says:

Hahahha android is better

david Horrocks says:

watching siri fall flat on her face is just the best.

Ivan Valenzuela says:

But you said Jacob when Android auto was connected. And you said Jakub on CarPlay … also apple does need to fix Siri because I have notice the response has gotten poorly these past years please fix it…

Doreen Campervan says:

Siri is utter rubbish! I’m an iphone user btw 🙂

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