Android Car Tablet Guide: Torque App and Widgets Review and Demo

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Android Car Tablet Guide: Torque App and Widgets Review and Demo

This video focuses solely on the Android App Torque showing all the different features and options you have with the App.

Torque is available on Google Play here:

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Miguel Aquino says:

Can I do a throttle Body Re-Learn with the app?

Rolando Ramon says:

how do I found the speedometer the one you have with the compass

Myloram1 says:

Good clip, nice review. I’m building a truck and one of my tablets will be used as the main guages and Torque will be the center of it of course.

Michael Brady says:

Buy only the PRO version.

Luigi Tesla Parisi says:

your car is vertical

Matelaszlo09 says:

1:35 triple lane change there with one idication, instant fail.

Donovan Tyson says:

Great overview hollywoodfrodo. Thanks

clbcl5 says:

does torque see the tpms?

Antonio Olea says:

I have a Chevrolet Cobalt 2013, ¿do you think that the app works in this car?

Rolando Ramon says:

thank you I already did hey great video

Newbpwng says:

Whats the acceleration meter responsiveness ?

Carlos Morocho says:

items unavailable!!! PLEASE HELP WHICH ONES I CAN ORDER?!

Tom Chak says:

I have one running on my Evo X with a Bluetooth obd2 reader. It runs okay however there is a lag of aprons 0.5 to 1 second. Is this normal?

Cvcyyn [Dofus] says:

Hey( sorry for my english) Can you help me, i don’t find “engine on/off widget in torque pro? Thank you very much

Derek Anderson says:

can you get that to read your transmission fluid temperature

LovacNaUcjene says:

Great app. Where is that “Engine – ON” widget ? I can’t find it.

jeffv2074 says:

this is cool, my buddies 2014 SRT8 jeep has some of this from the factory. my98 Z28 LS1 obviously doesn’t but it will now 😉

Calvin Mulya says:

how can u have carbon display? i only have plain display

Haresh Gunatilaka says:

Hi, Does it give the Transmission oil tempreture

P Schmied says:

Poster needs a clutter buster. As set up by him, the home page and the Torque display are worse driver distractions than texting.

Aj Pena says:

can it read engine timing

Ariff Effendi says:

hye there . great and clear tutorial videos you have there. i have a question, do you need data on the tablet to use the full features ? thank you hollywoodfrodo

cralx2k says:

Thanks for the video….where is the Engine on/off botton?

Rick S Barnes says:

I have the torque app, but there are no themes-it just gives me a box saying its downloading them from the server

Denis Morvillers says:

je vous en suplie en francais

SuperWatson63 says:

great for 7.99 on eBay works well. I’m upgrading to the pro app for 4.99 worth the money

CCE S says:

Yea i also think u really did a nice job with that gauge setup.. Have you made your setup dowloadable as a theme? If yes than i would really want to know were to download it! Great review! Greetings from Holland

Tripp says:

does this tell you your mpg

Shane Bloomfield says:

I like your layout and would like to do something similar. But I cannot find the compass or engine on widgets. Can you elaborate on those?

maxpicture777 says:

Cool video bro, quick question is there an obdll for motorcycle I would like to do the same and have a screen replace my damaged motorcycle gauges thanks in advance

Tony Nameless says:

does it work offline ?
Will it tell you code definition and common fixes when android is not connected to internet ?


Just like to point out,if you leave the OBD adaptor plugged in it will drain your battery just something to be aware of if you have a dodgy battery and live in a cold climate.Great video btw.

JoJo/Clem Kadilihopper says:

Cool app, us it on my Hellcat

Detonate Klubstompers says:

Can you change the settings in your ecu, air/fuel ratio, advance or retard the ignition timing, set a rev limiter, etc. Similar to what a tuning chip for your ecu will do? So you can have different setting for say, street, strip, and freeway cruiser!

Donny Linton says:

Can you tune the car, add horsepower, remap the cars ECU?

ian caldeira says:

what’s the app you are using that makes your tablet say hello and things like that?

M Allen says:

can you post a video on how to buzz test. a car with the torque pro. thanks

bob Winter says:

Do you know if you can run two tablets at once…?

Soumya Sen says:

I bought this device about 3 months ago and have been using it with an Android app called CaRPM. It does the same thing as Torque, but the UI is a lot cleaner and maintains my driving history better. Rather new compared to Torque, but suits me well!
You can download the app here:

Challenge garage says:

iPhone has the Bluedriver if anyone is wondering 10/10 would recommend

Sorin Tudor says:

It shows the instant fuel consumption?


Great video, thanks. I have the RioRand RD8 adaptor so I guess this will work with TORQUE APP. I want to monitor my Rav4 and then some day want to check on the Nissan Leaf with Leaf Spy app. I hope it works.

Ryan Cooper says:

1:07 fuck me, he’s doing a wheelie in a car :O

Denis Morvillers says:


ydeardorff says:

I wish torque would allow a 3D maps/navigation app in the background background with gauges overlaid on that.

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