Android Radio 4g Head Unit Car Audio 2-Din Review

A review of my new Ouku brand Android head unit.


Joe Walker says:

Play sum off YouTube

Carlos Lopez says:

Hi can you please tell me how to set up the logo I lost my manual of mine I have the same unit. Please let me know thanks

Karam Hassoon says:

does this work for 2008 hyundai santa fe

FL3XU says:

Can u live stream a baseball game??

Ivaylo kachakov says:

What is the model of that 2 din audio ?

Homero Salinas says:

Are you able to connect amplifier for your subwoofer?

Chilly Willy says:

poweramp is a better music player for Android

ron klo says:

I have this unit and there is a video recorder app (brown icon with a video camera symbol in it). I believe it’s for recording from one of the video inputs to use as a dash cam but I can’t get it to record anything. I have tried a few cameras with it including the b/u camera I got for this (which works fine). A few times it created a very small file, but it didn’t play. Do you or anyone with this unit have this icon and got this working. I’ve had it a couple years and it’s worked fairly well, except for the GPS signal dropping randomly at times and I have to either shut the car off or hit the hidden reset button and it comes back right away. Also, the GPS app (Navi has lately not held my country/voice prompts and other options, almost like a CMOS battery has died. Anyone else have this?

BBR MOB says:

does it work with out sd card I just bought 1 from someone and It just loads n say calender can not update

german riofrio says:

How did you go about fileing your dash kit

michael haiden says:

Thanks for all the great info I found the install worthless I’m pretty good at any thing I just need time identify some terminal wires and there function lol

The Royal Music Michel says:

nice review got the radio oslo do you no how the firmware upgrade works and where to get the tanks

Igor Santiago says:

What brand is that?

ron klo says:

Has anyone had success with mirroring an Android phone (Samsung Neo5 in my case) to this head unit to be able to display text messages ? If so, how are you doing it? Thanks.

Anthony Mills says:

Will that system fit my 2002 Ford Explorer XLT?

Nubyrc says:

I just bought the YUNTX model from Amazon. It looks just like this one. But I am seeing 2 or 3 that look like this but have different OS and lower end CPU,s which one is this model

Anthony Mills says:

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT .

Steve Goodwin says:

What is the exact model of your unit.  I really like it.  What version of android does it used?  Thanks

Gabriel Hearn says:

Ok I’m sure you’ve said it in the mass of comments but I don’t have another hour to skim over the other half of over 800 comments and there is no way to search for words/phrases in the comments. Anyway I have a 2012 Chevy Malibu same style as yours. I saw in one of your comments that you just got the basic wiring harness not the one with onstar or the steering wheel controls. My questions to you are what harness did you use (model) and what features did you lose? Do you still have the warning chimes and alerts sounds and does your car have a mirror with auto-dimming and a compass. I could give a care less about onstar but I definitely would want my mirror to have power for those two features.

Reneirson Bajada says:

what is the brand and model of this head unit?

Khalil Atieh says:

@Scantron5k I need your advice please.

I have a 2009 mercedes ml350, which only has phone Bluetooth and no media Bluetooth as well as the worst aux connection ever made. I wanted to get the android head unit that’s made specifically for this car but some people told me that the sound quality will be crap. I don’t have any amps or subwoofers (and I don’t intend to).. So, if I just replace the original with the android, will the sound quality be like going from a cd to a cassette (as some discribed it).


Great Britain says:

Good review.

andy yañez says:

Hey bro this unit looks great but where can I het one of these? Name, brand, number, store, webpage, online store? Please let us know all the info. Thanks

Walter Da Costa says:

What’s the website for the gps maps?

NissanN12Dude says:

For the GPS to work, did you have to install anything such as a 4G sim card or a GPS antenna, or anything else that would not be included in the package?

TreesOnTheBeach says:

Many of these Chinese units seem to break down after a while. If you still have your car, is yours still running?

Robert Robinson says:

Not to bad of a machine poor taste in music though.

Christian Pucciarelli says:

what brand and model is this ?does it have screen mirroring optio for cellphones?is the screen capacitive or resistive?

Quagmire says:

is it still working pretty good?

David Key says:

Can you listen to two songs at once?

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