App Review: Tracks Vehicle Mileage and Maintenance. Train Yourself to be a Better Driver!

It’s rare that I find an app which instantly becomes a “must download” service for my phone. Providing a one-stop shop for all of my vehicle mileage and maintenance tracking, Dash became a mandatory service for me after about two days of use. Let’s check out all the features on tap in this free app!

The OBDII Bluetooth car computer adapter I used in this video:

You can find more info on Dash by going to:
Dash in the Google Play App store:
Dash in the iTunes App Store:

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Christopher Adolfo says:

Hi. What video app did you use to film this? Thanks in advance.

Adrian I. says:

Next step :
– Road sound alerts, police filters, radar, road problems. etc … and will be the most complete OBD application

Edil D'Aguila says:

Always a great video! but be careful with drive and record vídeo.

Alpha_717 says:

I really hate the on screen keys on my M8 that never goes away. time to upgrade.

Cubamus Prime says:

Damn this is awesome app.

Murjani Sowell says:

That’s a pretty cool app, I’m gonna give it a try in my car– when it becomes available in the iTunes store =( I’m also gonna share this on my brother-in-law’s Facebook page. I know he’s been tracking his mileage via excel spreadsheets. 

So you’re a heavy braker, huh? 

Mpower330csl says:

I need a obd2 reader for thailand commercial vehicles…any info?

james42519 says:

No Windows Phone one?

kkimberly2004 says:

Thank you!!!!

Rusty Richardson says:

Do you leave the adapter plugged in your car all the time? Doing research on which one to get and the only thing I read was that the generic bluetooth adapters can suck the car battery but can’t much information on how much it does. If the impact is negligible then it might be okay. I really don’t want to shell out over $50 for the upgraded ones. Thanks.

Steve Klise says:

great video. Again, what mount is in the video?

Manuel Dipres says:

Thanks Juan for this review. You answered a key concern I had – connecting to multiple bluetooth devices on the phone. I am glad it works and I should expect to not have issues ….. Now I have to fix my error, I bought a WiFi, not bluetooth obd2 . 

Łukasz Otczyk says:

Very nice review, thank you.

Ben Iacobucci says:

Are you still using this Juan? I just downloaded it and its totally different now! Can’t find where my maintenance reminders are.

Xavior Miller says:

Have you tried Automatic?

Cubamus Prime says:

Damn this is awesome app.

Jehad Q says:

This app is buggy and crashes a lot on my iPhone

John Law says:

Encourage boring driving

ccponce4cv says:

That’s a awesome review! Thank you

Mario Acuña Aspíllaga says:

Hi, what type of camera do you use to record? love the global view of your car interior.

Zaily Lopez says:

Can you record or saved the data for the location of the car, let’s say you car was stolen but the ODB peace was left there and they didn’t realize about it. Can you see the location of your car with the app?

Paul Thuong says:


Charles Tait says:

Hey Juan, great review. I just started looking into the OBDII features in conjunction with cell phones and tablets, and after a few hours I ended up on your page. Very informative. Could you tell me please if you have stayed with this set-up, or have you gone to a newer one? I have an older vehicle, 99 Suburban, and I have tons of room to do this, and more. My radio has a Blue-tooth too, so I will have the same issue that you had. Do you have any recommendations on newer dongles and apps that you might recommend ? ps…not looking to spend a fortune. Thanks for the video and any help you can provide.

Pallieter Koopmans says:

Hey Juan, great review of Dash (maybe a tad bit long). I would love to hear your feedback on the Flo app, see (still in beta).

Glenn Jerome Everette says:

Great review. It sounds like a great utility for car owners and people who have to keep track of mileage.

Mpower330csl says:

I need a obd2 reader for thailand commercial vehicles…any info?

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