Apple Car Play – Review

The term “car stereo” doesn’t adequately describe what’s in the dash of most new cars. Over the past few years, what once was a simple music-making machine has transformed into a full-blown infotainment console with enough power to fly the Starship Enterprise. Today, even modest factory-installed units come with touchscreens and Bluetooth, but if you make the jump to an aftermarket deck, it can double as a backup camera monitor, a speakerphone, a navigational tool, or even a movie screen.
It’s absolutely worth enduring some growing pains to experience CarPlay.

For as fancy as today’s car stereos are, however, there’s one nut they’ve yet to crack: how to keep drivers’ eyes off of their phones and on the road. That’s where Apple’s CarPlay comes in. CarPlay is essentially iOS for your dashboard. By placing the most popular iPhone functions on a big screen right in the center of a car’s dashboard, and adding enhanced voice control and interaction through Siri, Apple aims to make using your iPhone while driving an easier and, more importantly, safer affair.

That’s the idea, anyway. Although the CarPlay demonstration I got in San Francisco last May was impressive, the technology was still in development, I didn’t get to push any buttons, and I got the feeling the version consumers would ultimately get would be further evolved, perhaps with more apps and more functions added. Turns out, that’s exactly what happened. So when Pioneer announced that its NEX-series in-dash receivers could finally be updated with CarPlay, I raced home, updated my deck, and hit the blacktop for a 6-hour road trip to put the system through the wringer. I learned that, despite a few bugs, CarPlay has the power to change what people expect from their in-car entertainment systems, and possibly even save a few lives.


Arne Maeschaelck says:

I like that car!

BREEZ says:

The only amusing thing I found in this video is when he got a message from dr dre

Ethan Trenaman says:

I like android auto a LOT more.

Joshua Mwaniki says:

Is there an android version ?

m ünlü says:

I certainly would like to use my Tomtom app on my car screen. I don’t like apple maps.

Hing holo says:

Can you get this on a old car with screen

kaye1118 says:

AHA! YOU “USED” RDJ!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 😀

eddieair23 says:

Lol, I’m impressed by your list of friends!

Vincent MARLIAC says:

hy some news from Spotify integration debugg ? thanks

Apoas says:

Will they add soundcloud?

Abdirizak Osman says:

Is the pioneer compatible with the Toyota Camry XLE 2004?

killadrugdeala says:

Apple has nothing to do with that crap ass deck you got.

Mr. Mathewson says:

I finally have the Apple CarPlay installed on my Avic-5000 and the only issue I have is the carplay map/gps. The volume for that app is extremely loud even when the head unit is turned down all the way. With the iphone in carplay mode, the volume up and down on the actual phone is inop. I’ve check additional settings & no luck so far.

Alexandro Salinas says:

Does anyone know if the Honda Civic 2015 will be able to have Apple Carplay?

Steve Nugent says:

I honestly;y don’t get the point of carplay/Android Auto.
much easier just to say “hey Siri” with my bluetooth connected phone. then give the command.
Saves me messing around with the screen…
Only use i can find for it is maps, but a lot of cars that have Carplay/Android auto will have sat nav built in.

Null says:

Show us the calls
Why blur it?
Got something to hide?

Jayy Corona says:

Can u play music while on navigation?

Evan Poole says:

Tim Cook knows you?!

Patrick Clark Jr says:

So what happens if you install this unit in an older car that doesn’t have microphones built into it? What happens? Does the CarPlay unit have a microphone in it or does it use the ones from the iPhone? How will Siri hear you in say a 2003 vehicle?

John ajr says:

– when using apple car play does it also charge the phone at the same time?
– can you listen to hd/local radio in the background while navigating apple car play map at the same time?

Kristopher Sullivan says:

It’s been over a year. The technology has been getting better and as you receive updates through your phone carplay is only enhanced. That’s probably the nicest thing about relying on apple and google. No need to rely on a firmware update from the unit manufacturer. My question is when navigating via apple maps and going back to the pioneer home screen will maps still play or does it cancel things out???

Ruben Portalatin says:

Excellent review!

James Chung says:

Laggy and buggy still.. I’ll go crazy if siri responds that slow. At this stage only thing that I’d use is the navigation which still isn’t the best… But that at least is less buggier than other apps. :/

CarNut .kiwi says:

Great video 🙂 make sure your check out my vids and subscribe! Thanks 🙂

WildGoryGahan says:

Wish it was an Apple touch screen. You are putting so much effort into those presses.

Andork Kuomo says:

I have to laugh, you mention “more apps will be added”. Now, two years later I just put a Pioneer deck in my truck with ACP, it only has pretty much the same apps !

Abraham Perez says:

can you post the model of the radio in the description ?

m1ksu says:

If Apple made a car, will it have Windows?

Terry Rodbourn says:

I predict the CarPlay and Android integration will be used a lot of cars because we all know that getting maps after one year in car today is an expense undertaking!

thunderbird002 says:

name dropper !

Marilyn Barker says:

Can I get the YouTube app on car play?!

Ultimatefreeboy says:

Please stop calling me you stalker…

molomosk123 says:

the irony of the center button looking like the windows button….

the J team says:


Alan成凤桐 says:

really cool

Guillermo Ortiz says:

can you listen to SXM radio while using maps on car play ?

Jemina Ubaldo says:

Does this work for armada sl 2014 car??

SamAndrew81 says:

Something tells me that with *Apple Music* out now, Spotify will be getting worse on Apple CarPlay, not better!

Slether Milord says:

i have a 2007 toyota camry with navigation radio and able to take car play, but i don’t know how to set it up, could you hep me please

Brittany Caple says:

What pioneer system is this ?

Thug9030 says:

Can you get the Internet browser on car play

Mumtaz Mannan says:

Robert Downey Jr? how the hell u know that guy?

Chris MA says:

Cool device Goggle and Apple
at work. Where’s the hologram images on windshield? Faster voice recognition it’s slow and cool voices for selection for upgrades.

Dallas Filby says:

This is great info, thank you!

Vlad Papov says:

its too bad apple cant stop being so dependent on all of their apps being the best and just allow other developers to use siri. i mean seriously all you would have to do is be like: Waze, direct me home. But of course, fucking apple…

johnny williams says:

How do you take CarPlay off though ??

VacancyJB says:

it looks pretty laggy…

Winter Snowflake says:

PDX!!! Woop woooop. Lol. I Like that the apple maps is integrated.

evolved monkey says:

Distractions like those are not compatible with road security, you use the car as a means of transportation to go to X to Y not to navigate on the web or answer smartphones, this technology only provokes more distractions that can prove fatal.

Samantha Perim says:

…. Ok jeburt you win there IS an apple car..

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