Battle of the BEST Android 8 Car Stereos – DSP vs NO DSP UNit !

Looking for a cheap and good Android 8 double DIN car stereo with DSP ? Check it out here:
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BlackBullPistol says:

Why are you evan play music over the bluetooth? If you want it to have louder than play the music directly from the unit, playing it over bluetooth decreases quality and loudness, every audiophile knows that or at least someone a lil bit into audio hi-fi stuff… also you can boost up those frequencies because they are pretty low


only idiot uses DSP on stock speakers 😀

Chris Johnson says:

Spoiler alert. All of these units are junk.

Alessandro Tempo says:

Why people don’t use a cd? Then you don’t need play MP3 and buy a car stereo with DSP ?

Gil Harari says:

What are the specific DSP features? Does it have time alignment?

blue1901 says:

Bro any electronic engineer would laugh at this video

Jesse Gross says:

Almost 400 for an Android unit? Throw another 100and get a legit unit

Matt Ellison says:

Any update on the sub channel?

charlie sloth says:

Hi I’m in the market for a 10.1 android stereo what would you recommend.. I want something with tilt swivel and I also saw one where the screen could be moved up and down height wise… Can you recommend something like 4gb rom plus and 32gb memory or more octa core… There’s many but what would your advice be for 2019

Shannan Holihan says:

Android 8 should have “Night Mode”. so display auto adjusts at night.

Dan Romcebo says:

Can you use iPhone with this radio?

Who Zaskin says:

A dsp has nothing to do with volume level, or the tonality of your factory speakers. I guarantee a pair of morel or Hertz speakers and a real amplifier….. with zero eq, dsp, or anything would leave you rethinking alot. Oh, and don’t sleep on CDs.

BassAddict96 says:

These Android head-units will simply not beat any decent pioneer/Alpine head-unit in terms of sound quality …

Saved Set Free says:

Your voice sounds familiar. Did you use to videos on China clone phones?

Mike Jones says:

Are there any hook ups for cameras?

Dustin Dunaway says:

What tmps system did you use with this head unit?

Iván J. M. G. says:

I only want a digital audio output (spdif) for maximum quality, don’t need a DSP inside.


How do you use the dvd?

TheNonSmokingTire says:

screens everywhere in a cheap car… they people still have screens in the headrest in 2018?

5abivt says:

Great video thanks ! Question: Do these android units have rca preouts-outs?

mike benjamin says:

Dude: My audio doesn’t sound good. Here, look at my EQ with everything max and min. lol

Nick Stidham says:

Think its funny everyone says the android units have shitty sound I got a seicane 10.2″ touchscreen in my jeep and it sounds amazing… a lot better then people who have pioneer or kenwood units

Luis Cancel says:

Take note this is for high end cars not older cars.

Jordan says:

gps need internet for alerts on roads?

014Chevy says:

When we getting a update video

Harley says:

I just purchased the ERISIN 7591-HA
for my 2010 golf gti and found it has really poor sound quality. I have static/white noise coming through the speakers at all times unless I mute the unit. It does not get louder if I increase the volume and I also get weird digital sound processing sounds too when the head unit is loading or searching. Music sounds off too and its really scratchy and has static playing also. I am really regretting my move to Android. Can you tell me is there anything I can do to fix this or is it just a really bad cheap head unit? I purchased it from here and this is a video of the sound it makes

Pavle Pavlovic says:

15 years producer here, that thing is useless , DSP as is is nothing , simple EQ is DSP , it is digital , it is signal it is processing , so DSP means nothing , on the other hand , biggest problem in Car Audio , is well like in HI FI , ROOM SIZE , the smaller it is the worst it is , so , where on the scale of good and bad do you think CAR cabin is ? ITs below bad , there is no DSP that will help you , but you can use Head Phones , and all is ok . Better sound then your car i grantee

Friedrich says:

I think the device is from KANOR.This one looks pretty – exactly the same and costs $100 less:
But, i believe that all devices (Xtrons, Kanor, Seicane) are from the same factory and just differ in Software or just Launcher.

Elia Daccache says:

Is it worth it to buy it with DSP? 50 usd the difference with and without DSP

Mark Dobson says:

viper4android !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francisco De Aguirre says:

There is a REAL CPU (Intel i5, i7 or AMD) for replace this things?

tankdog03 says:

spend the extent money on an actual external dsp, like the jl audio one, or ds18 makes one, these a few good ones that are very nice..

Ciprian Radut says:

Hello. I have a android 7.1 car android and i don’t know the factory reset code, how can i find it? Its in my car from the previous owner, please help. Thanks a lot!

skurtov says:

This is a shit test. Seriously. Brush up on your audio knowledge. Loudness? Streaming Bluetooth without at least APTx? You’re not testing at a flat equalizer? You have no signal meter to measure noise and distortion.

Irving Omar Rojas says:

Que es dsp?

Fred Combuse says:

Hahaha schöne Grüße aus Hirschstetten nach Stammersdorf!
Was hältst du von Joying Androidradios?
Könntest du vielleicht Mal eines testen?

Und warum machst du keine Deutschen Videos wenn du aus Österreich bist?

Lg Fred

John Avi says:

Ist sowas besser als mein neues Kenwood Radio? Auch so en Touchscreen Ding, aber halt nur eine Firma die ich kenne. Habe nur Angst dass ich so China Schrott kaufe und meine Kohle nicht mehr zurück kriege. Zuviel Aufwand und Auswahl in 2019.

Ali Hendrix says:

“Ack ack ack ack ack”

Beastly G says:

Does it say it it supports LDAC Bluetooth HD audio codec? I’m trying to find a head unit that supports that. I guess aptX HD would be ok too

s3v says:

do you get any distortion or fuzziness when you play a2dp music?


DSP stands for dog shit pile

John Hansknecht says:

I can now purchase a 65″ 4K LED HDTV for $550 with built-in Roku. Kind of makes these tiny head units seem overpriced by comparison.

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