Best Car Tech Accessories 2017!

The best tech accessories for your car! 🙂
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Car Tech
Phone Mount –
Dash Cam –
Tire Pressure Monitor –
Anker Car Charger –
Tesla’s Car Charger –

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You can do it all from your device! You can even take a picture of your license and it pre-populates your info for you…pretty cool!

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Greg Galla WJJB says:

You are so freakn hot ! Sorrrrrryyy

Pie 4life says:

No offense but most of these are useles….. best thing to do is not cheap out on tires and upgrade your lights to LED


Hahaha love the ending!

Christian Lamey says:

You wouldn’t need the phone mount if you bought a Civic, you’d have Carplay 😛

BTW, idk if that’s just how the Corolla is with those low profile tires, but that pressure seems really low. Average is usually around low to mid 30s for most models I know.

Danny2692 says:

Eww….a Toyota… I hate Japanese cars. PURE AMERICAN V8 FOR ME!

Aakil Khan says:

The fake enthusiasm is killing me slowly…

Ashley Maria says:

buying a tesla’s are stupid waste money.

PDP Jonathan says:


peluchilandia manualidades ,nieves vlog ,etc says:

what is to car
is cute

Nicholus Yee says:

This 6 minute video was 1:15 worth of ad…God, that was awful.

BurtonVDP says:

Fun trick…. Use a magnetic car dock (I use the CD tray mounted one) with a wireless chargeable phone or case with metal tile in-between phone and case. I’ve tested with an S7 and S8 with a skin so its not so slippery (Even a thin case with no tile), pixel with case, iPhone 7s plus; it holds just fine and super easy to use when getting in and out of the car.

Hari Kaushik says:

Any car sold in America post 2008 is required to tell you if you have low tire pressure by law

Emilio Sánchez says:

PRO TIP: Probably had low pressure cause you were parked for a while and the tires went cold. Once you start driving for a bit and warm em up, they would read a higher psi.

Shala Mahmood says:

What’s the car Krystal using in this video?

Abdulrahman Alghamdi says:

6:12 RIP gearbox.

KhoiKO says:

Get that tire pressure up to recommeded guuurrrlllll

kris germany says:

cool, like the vid, like how the gadgets were reviewed , nicely done

Louis Edmonds says:

I’m getting the slightest hint of bill Cosby in your voice

Micah Mathura says:

Nice love them

snooz12 says:

Great video! Love this channel

EverythingJailbreak Pro says:

Fuck you camery.

SandGaming says:

When you got a Toyota but you wear Yeezys you really don’t know how to spend your money. Or most likely the Yeezys are fake.

Carter Thrasher says:

Love the yeezys

Me L. says:

Nice video thanks for posting ! (The ending was great lol)

Dileep M Nambiar says:

What’s her car?

ninuxy says:

I think I’m growing hair on my balls now…

Carl Bacchus says:

Lol you got me at the end, nice vid

Ahmed abdelaziz says:

u re sweet keep on and do more videos

R0ckstrmik3 says:

Can I get her number

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