BIGGEST MISTAKES First Time Car Buyer’s Make!

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Here are some of the biggest mistakes first time car buyers make and how to avoid them.

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afro. says:

lol this video is 1 Year old of Today !

Daddy says:

I just did exactly this. Instead of putting $30k into a new, boring and basic car I got myself an Audi A6 2013 for the same price.

Wolfic10 adventures & vlogs says:

Thx I’ll need this in 3years when I’m 16

JSTN says:

Just buy from a dealer.

Airidas Labanauskas says:

Audi is not a car. You should never buy an audi.

Adam Accardo says:

But my budget is 1500…

Gaming Culture says:

Those 2000-2006 3-Series BMW’s are pretty solid cars. I have seen tons with over 300,000 kilometres, almost every one for sale online is buried in Kilometres

Sean Fegan says:

I downvoted your video because i don’t like you

Billy Mays says:

What about 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ralliart

Idiot virgin says:

how do I do a pre-purchase inspection? Do I just tell the dude yeah I’m gonna take your car to the mechanic or whatever it’s that sort of rude or am I too nice

ThankfulCheese1 says:

top gear once did the point you are trying to make in 4 because they axidently got 3 of the same car once then they did tests and they were all extremely different

Travos k says:

I remember i was about to buy a Toyota Levin ae86
Hah that thing is a beast, and only experienced people would enjoy such a thing
I ended up going for the brand new Golf Mk.4

Charles Edwards says:

i miss when his vids were more like this

Mercenary148 says:

I don’t think this list applies a 72 Lincoln does it…

Verne March says:

New sub 🙂

_Anonymous_Luck_ says:

Lotus Elise S1, don’t care about practicality- but is this is a good idea

Innercourt Music and Events says:
used cars from Japan company available at good prices.

Antwun Trademark says:

*Next Video:* Kate Upton’s sextape in her first Porsche LEAKED

fath3rjozy says:

I’m tryna buy my first car but I’m tryna get a sports car under $5k

poop fliss says:

how did I get from watching animations to this?

nice vid tho

Albert S. says:

is a 2005-2009 mustang gt a good first car? the gt is v8 not v6. also I’m looking to get one with stickshift

MaxAwesomeness GB says:

I will be getting my first car. I think I want to get an Excursion, but the gas mileage would possibly be a problem. Are there any mods to add like 8 miles to the gallon?

Dorion Garcia says:

I’m getting a r33 as my first car ..the only problem is that it’s a 4 door

Official Hoss says:

I don’t want to be rude but this stuff is kinda obvious


i am only 14 and i am starting to research for my first car (probably a supra or r33 or an old m5)

Mo hit em up 02 says:

Seahawks should of ran.

Rod Kali says:

I was thinking about a pickup truck and this dude’s talking about Audi’s. I’ll be back in 6 years.

DecidiousMusic says:

But can you use Forza as a mature way of research and then check out body kits or add turbos

Collins Karanja says:

So you’re telling me that a 700hp Hellcat is a bad idea for a first car?

Lelele Lelele says:

What you doing if you want to order 1 car from other country?

Michael Woodroffe says:

I look for Certified pre owned vehicles

Beres David says:

4:39 My man

XenoNova Gaming says:

First car Audi? Hahah no more like Toyota corolla

Elber Galinda says:

Nice nice nice

Kongmeng Xiong says:

Now time to go back in time and tell myself to watch this

DankErikk says:

I have a 2010 vw golf and even though it’s the most basic car I love it to death for some reason.

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