BitCar: Legit or All (Automotive Supercar) Hype?!

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I do love my supercars but that doesn’t mean that they have to go full blockchain, does it? Is BitCar the real deal or not?

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Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!


TheDJRiffin says:

I think it’s legit, but the creator of BitCar is not going to just garage the cars.
He’s not an idiot.
He’s gonna drive em all round town and pick up bitties.

Bitnative says:


I would have to know how it feels to sit behind the wheel. It doesn’t sound like it would even be something that you could show off in your garage. You may as well invest in baseball cards.

Im Zw says:

Bullshit coin
Only accept eth btc and litecoin In coin offerings

Eli Camacho says:

I was thinking the same thing. Why am I going to invest into a car that I won’t be able to enjoy myself? I get the idea, it’s pretty genius and I can’t knock them for it but, It almost feels like Cryptokitties to me…a bit of an exaggeration but, you get the idea.

Daniel Geraldo says:

In Europe not all exotics appreciate.
Huracan-250K Gallardo-100K after 10 years
458 Itália-250K F430 -100K after 10 years
Besides the electric revolution is coming, who knows where we’ll be in 10 years time?

Game Core says:

already Invested in it ! Viable just like crypto kitties

Stewart Webb says:

youre completely missing the point of bitcar pal. think of USDT. you own bitcar tokens – and as soon as you exchange for 1/10th of an F140token – your tokens are pinned against the price of the car itself. if it doesnt even appreciate – it is more the fact this coin is backed by a tangible asset – and can be seen as a tether hedge against the volatile crypto market.

David Stevens says:

Own part of a ragged out shagged out hypercar/supercar LOL NO!

MJH says:

proper vehicle storage would be the least of their problems.

gusthebroken2 says:

Learn your history … Basis of money change and war

Janne Wolterbeek says:

I can’t find the article, if I google a quote of it, lots of articles seem to have disappeared…


#whenlambo #whenmoon

Paul Nulty says:

I’m excited about Bitcar but I also agree its great to Hodl the currency and use the car, but you know I do have a good feeling about this it could spur an evolution as you mentioned.

Michael Calvino says:

Lol, this is one of the lamest ICO I have ever heard of hahaha… Fools are the word for them who will invest in this ICO. The value of token rises if there is a significant movement (exchange) of the tokens! correct me if i am wrong. If people are gonna HODL this one is gonna end up in zero like the others after some hype. Best Of Luck to them and people who bought the tokens just coz they have had a successful ICO in past does’nt mean this lame ICO is gonna work or is a disguise of earning some bucks for their toys. I would rather invest in which is also backed by a real asset or which is an amazing idea and soon will be live or these are the tokens to be held for years. Well this is my opinion people are free to do what they like!

wungun1 says:

I think renting the cars would make more sense. We could get a piece of the profits and of course they can sell them later on.

Adolf Hipster says:

Yoo man this ico is gonna be worth a lot I have a strong feeling..cuz they’re tokens are backed by tangible assets that rise in value it’s really a genius idea..Ima put 10k in this ico it’s got a really good foundation

timothy gray says:

Anyone that’s knows cars knows this is a stupid idea.

OptinumX says:

Who buys a car and doesn’t drive it lol!

davincij15 says:

I think it’s a great idea! Here is why. Every day the Fed manages prices of things on the stock, commodities, currency and bond markets, and wages by falsifying inflation. What the fed does not manage is collectibles and things traded outside the regulated system. This allows items such as collectables to show the true rate of inflation and thus protect your savings. Since most collectables are outside of the reach of the average person they have no chance to invest and gain on appreciation caused by the increase in the money supply. Thats my 2 sats worth.

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