Buying Knockoff WISH Car Parts from WISH!

I went on a buying spree, and bought knockoff car parts from Wish. The wish website sells fake knockoff products for cheap. Wish has tons of car accessories, car parts, technology and much more. Wish riced up my car lol. Knockoff Wish Car Parts Buying for the video. Wish website similar to Geek car parts fake.

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Bourshern Yang says:


ItzDeadWalker says:

2 Times Wish in the title xD

Bryce Vincent says:

Pimp my weed-whacker

Tobias Mills says:

Shoulda put the hood scoop on before wrapping

Jayden_mercgaming 1999 says:

The scoop is supposed to go on the roof of the car

Cohpe says:

Copy my boy Robby eh

Young cheff says:

That’s a roof scoop

Ben fucking Kenyon says:


Lucas Perdue says:

Makes sense…honda + cheap wrap + non functional scoop = shit

Mike Searcy says:

So the wrap you got was like 2′ wide… How did you wrap the hood with that? Where’s the seam?

frosch longleg says:

Carbon looks horrible, looks like a toy
I mean, it does look good but on smaller surfaces

Ryan K says:

The hood scoop would look better as a roof scoop

Adrian Lopez says:

I’d give this video a 2/10. It’s one fake car part. You spent $20…. I expected like led lights, headlights, or something. This was clickbait garbage.

Brandon R says:

The scoop is supposed to go on the roof… Subaru/Mitsubishi rally cars

Edwin Jovel says:

Great editing man!

super star spike says:

Thats a roof scoop

TheGhettoAgent says:

It’s official. He’s a ricer

Daniel Gaming says:

Is that even a type R

Tenksu says:

I say it looks ok cool. At least that material is good practise material to try before you but really good one by yourself.

Polo Rico says:

Get a bigger one an take that one off bro it looks bad it needs a bigger one

Striz Fishing says:


Jay Genesis says:

The hood scoop looks better in the trash lol

Auto Young says:

That title is a little redundant isnt it?

victor rivera says:

How do you wrap a car with small wrap?

tristan tuyn says:

“i’ve ordered a bunch of wish stuf”
2 f*cking things m8

Marius Cosmin says:

professional wrapper my ass ! he was wrapping without the heat gun …

LucefieD says:

The hood actually looks pretty decent with that wrap at least from what I can see on camera.

WickaWickaWoo says:

Yeah you can easily tell that they didn’t use the Wish wrap on the bonnet, instead they literally only used it on the hood scoop..

Emre Öztürk says:

The day a Ricer was born x)

Sam Hill says:

Song at 3:09 please! 😮


Hey how did you create your intro, I’m really trying to get more invested in to youtube

DogsJAFfa97 says:

Definitely didnt just use wrap from his garage, so it looked good and he could keep it

Michael Mackenzie says:

good job smoothing it ooot lol

jasonloco2000 says:

You still use the Nikon d5100?

Cameron says:

the hood scoop and the carbon fiber wrap both look like shit on that shitty honda

nick mark says:

If your not a car enthusiast don’t make the videos for views it’s

Wyant Family says:

Your title makes no sense

Jimmy Herrera says:

I liked

Antto Suhonen says:

Your intro is complete shit

SLAV willis Almera says:

would be better with 2 scoops

visi0n- says:

“Crotch tape”

Robke Robke says:

The hood scoop looks more like a roof scoop

Charlotte Brackenbury says:

I want to know if inside car accessories e.g
I think you’ll like Koreanx® Car Storage Box Console Seat Slit Pocket Catch Pouch with Foldable Cup Holder and 4 USB Charging Port. Add it to your wishlist!

Sean Mondala says:

Cheapskates that get car parts from wish is ricers who cant afford to buy real things

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