Can the Dash app train you to be a better driver? One year road test! | Pocketnow

We use apps to track a lot of social behaviors. Fitness for example, is one area which has become significantly “game-ified”. Can we use a similar process to train people to become better drivers? The developers behind have created an ecosystem around vehicle tracking, maintenance, and driver behavior which aims to save you money and make you a safer driver. After using it for a year, has it helped? Here’s our long term road test of the Dash app!

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Daniel Kirk says:

17mpg lmfao

Jesse Palmerin says:

does dash show you how much gas you have in the tank?

TuncaySonmez says:

what is the brand and model of your camera?

Haibo J says:

but pressing gas hard is fun

boygenius7 says:

this just became available on seedinvest

Joel Rivera says:

awesome video

Iain B says:

Excellent review. Really excellent actually. Loving the new Pocketnowtrend for location shoots too. Really refreshing. More!!

FPQ says:

Telling even more Services (Google, Dash) where I have been? Sharing my locations with yet another party? Thanks, but no thanks! You Americans really don’t know how to spell privacy. A little hint: the most secure data is the one that has never been generated!

cdefgah4343 says:

I live in Germany. I don’t need this app. I drive how I want to.

TomGreen 99 says:

Jeeze bro, clear your notifications!

Deng Ting Koay says:

nicely done!

عمـَر says:


Bobby Chakraborty says:

the app is not available in thailand for IOS, but its available for android

Chris S. says:

was that all information it could use? what about manual cars can it analyse your clutch behavior? what about fuel quality or anything else?

Frederick says:

Does it work outside of the US?

Giovanni Irizarry says:

give me your sunglasses

Oppu Sarkar says:

yess for for new stuffs I am not into car things but would like to see more abt tech apps reviews thing thats y liked it there will be always LIKE FOR NEW THINGS INTRODUED HAHA LOL

JUMP23MΔN says:

So basically drive like a grandma… but why waste the fun of a 300+HP car!?

Illest Villain says:

… fast off the line like cocaine

Cω Tham says:

Does the app supports ODB2 device via WiFi yet?

Allothers Taken says:

i don’t need a app to tell me i drive like an A hole. I know this already.

DigiKunt says:

talking with hands whilst driving is as bad as talking on a mobile phone. no prizes for you

Omkar Kulkarni says:

This guy f**ks.

[Silicon Valley Reference]

Victor Hernandez says:

Woah. This is an intriguing idea. Will definitely give it a try once I get a car.

Tigerex966 says:

well done

Jose Valenzuela says:

*COUGH*COUGH*sponsored*COUGH*COUGH*, my bad sorry guys

Stocklee says:

Great, another thing that will make people drive even slower than they currently do -,-

Saif0412 says:

wonder how this Dash app will behave in Germany with autobahn driving,


GuaZango says:

That’s really cool I would love to try it on my Mazda 6 let’s see if it works

Hatin On says:

Dash App Suck.. Dude you Late.. “UScan” as been out for 5 year. Where you been under a rock or something

incanus says:

I wonder if he’s getting negative points for driving with one hand on the steering wheel…

Jonas Kuske says:

Very interesting! Are there any compatibility limitation? (So e.g. does it work with a 12 year old manual car?)

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