Car Expert Does FIXD Review

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Antonio Ruiz says:

Does it really work

jastern949 says:

OBD2 readers with bluetooth and Android/iOS apps have been out for years already. FIXD is just doing more advertising.

A better review would have compared FIXD to several other of the most popular OBD2 readers.

Also, since everyone is *collecting* data on users (without our really knowing or caring) it makes me wonder: Since it requires the app, does the app collect data on me and my car, and then sell that data to other companies?

Chip Saunders says:

This guy is similar to other ads. They probably don’t even know how to measure a rotor!
I’ve been working on cars for years, the best way to maintain your vehicle is read the owners manual and service manual! Educate yourself and find an honest tech. If you read and ask questions, it will be more difficult to rip you off. And ladies, you can do this too! It’s not that hard and you don’t have to get dirty! Remember, owning a car is expensive, treat it right and it will last you many years.

Euranda Burns says:


Vikiee Chan says:

I have a 2000 Audi TT so let’s see if it worked! Just got it hopefully i can figure out how to install it. I’ll let you know!

Pinch loaf says:

This could be of great help when buying a used car wouldn’t it?

Gary Durham says:

Haha. Tells you when to rotate your tires? Change your oil? Tells you the services you’ll need to do in the future? Lists all your cars? (That you listed?) In the Toyota world we call that muda. Sorry, your a paid idiot.

SDMF5000 says:

“Car expert” really? What are your credentials? Looks more like an advertisement for FIXD.

Problematic Streams says:

This comes off as a paid advertisement, in which case, this info is not enclosed in the video nor the description. Therefore, you are breaking FTC law.

Vincent Thomas says:

Oh please, a plead to keep you family safe at the end? The maintenance schedule is great but why not just look in the owners manual you already bought with the car, save $50 and your families life apparently. I would definitely compare what that thing says against the owners manual for maintenance.

will west says:

I like f i x e d also so far but I thought the video was a little misleading it is not that easy you don’t just plug it in if you read the directions it tells you not to plug it in because you need to do a little data entry and enter the serial number that is on the device when you get it then you have to enter your VIN into the app so that means you need to have your VIN number available that’s how it knows what year it is by the VIN number so other than that also I just got mine today actually I got to because it was a good deal or so I thought but I believe a video I watched what showings at the live features we’re working come to find out it’s coming soon I was very disappointed because that’s the reason I bought these things but the other features that do work are pretty cool so we’ll see how it goes

baliflyboy says:

Dishonest advertising technique

Orchid Girl says:

STOP BEFORE BUYING THIS PRODUCT. On many cars you only need to use your key to diagnose a problem. On my PT Cruiser I was able to have the problem show up on my dash by doing several moves with my ignition key. Check YouTube videos for how to diagnose your problems using your ignition key. Give it a try before buying this product and app. Once your car gives you the code(s), go back to YouTube to find out what the codes pertain to.

Captain Velveeta says:

This reeks of sponsership.

firebrand training says:

exact same thing as the uberfix md

G.j.e.x EXTREME 1017 says:

Sounds so scripted and in every actor said it tells you in plain English sooooo oo it’s scripeted.

TechChief says:

Review of skeptical mechanic:

bucki58 says:

Fixd helped boost my HP 100%! It also helped clear my rectal herpes!

Joel Foreman says:


MrKidkiller159 says:

it’s just a code reader no real time diagnosis. like a parts replacer not a technical tunner. good for non motor heads.

Bob K says:

Doesn’t work on Volvos

Hugo Martinez-Tapia says:

I need a review not a commercial ad!!

Rick fox says:

Fucking ads

david reed says:

Can u use it in random cars….

*A__ FuNkZ* says:

Honestly your better off buying the Torque Pro app from the Play store and then buying a bluetooth OBD2 scanner from Amazon … same of not better results IMO

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