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A8 5.5 inch OBD II Car HUD Head Up Display Windscreen Projector

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Main Features:
1. Plug and play, HUD can automatically adapt to vehicle type with OBDII.
2. Overspeed reminder, the icon of overspeed will flicker and alarm when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit set
3. Fatigue driving alarm, after driving for 4 hours, the fatigue driving indicator light will flash to remind the driver to have a rest.
4. Automatic adjustment of luminance, brightness can be changed with change in outside brightness
5. Multi-functional display: RPM, water temperature, battery voltage, and fuel consumption.
6. Real-time one hundred kilometer / instantaneous fuel consumption
7. Engine speed alarm


Alex Mackinnon says:

Pretty good composition of the review and good install directions.

Philip Rush says:

Sucks ass

Average Apmoc Gaming says:

Ok so i bought one and it stays on HUD and the fuel gage lights going up and down. What does that mean ??

Bob Plus says:

Seems fuel consumption does not work.

Mukesh Awasthi says:

Useless invention

Jonathan Owen says:

Mine doesn’t want to SYNC… It turns on and stays on the HUD logo and voltage of battery only, it then turns off after a few minutes. MY Car is a Toyota Vitz (2005)

Gerald Jerico Velayo says:

Scotty sent me here too

Motto Cleveland says:

crap … bet your insurence goes up for that crap!

chebrneck says:

The reflection shows the entire device not just the display. Kinda cheesy

The Sky Pod says:

Dont know if I would place it so high up on the windshield . And needing the reflective screen would be a bummer if you want to move for another driver.

Philip Rush says:

This is ass

Chrstphre Campbell says:

It’s a very cute idea; but with the loose cable and all the peripheral reflections on the display glass; it all comes off as kind of slovenly ! / i kept hoping that the instructions would allow the user to embed the unit -into- the dash, and hide the cable inside the dash console ? so that it looked much more integrated as a final presentation device ? ( ? )

Mannaf Raju says:

not so safe,,

MFProductions says:

Is it just me or does this look like a ticket waiting to happen? If I am driving a the police see this light on my windshield especially at night, its “you got some ‘plaining to do Lucy”

Mark Cantillon says:

Will this work on a 2009 Jaguar XF 3.0D?

Paul Amaro says:

Nice video! I found it to be helpful!

Harmon Wood says:

I would think that at night it would seriously interfere with one’s vision.


Thank you very much for sharing. What make and model car you did the installation to at the time of the video?

John Smith says:

Mazda 3 2010 will it work if I buy one

Alternative Headlines says:

Totally impractical while driving. No way I can send texts and look at the HUD at the same time.

Art Garcia says:

Hi, base on your review which one do you think is the best HUD for overall quality and features, even looks and lights? I can’t decide which one to buy

Dino Carroll says:

Great instructional video. I bought the unit and installed it with no problems. My only concern is that the unit will not turn off automatically when I turn off the ignition. It displays the “HUD” logo and battery status and seems to be in “scan” mode. Is there a way to reprogram this function so that it will turn off once the ignition is turned off? Thanks for your help!!

Philip Rush says:

Instead of a H.U.D display you should have said a reflective display. It’s ass by the way….

Maamoracash CANAL M says:

bonjour j ai une Toyota aygo est ce que ce système serait compatible avec ce produit ? merci Allwin W02 LED Car HUD Head Up Display OBD2 Interface Plug/Play Speed Warn System –

Art Garcia says:

I think the placing of RPM squares is not right, 1k rpm is at 5th places, but the 2k rpm should be, but its at 4th place

J Striker says:

I think it would look better if the windshield film was cut so you don’t see the edges of the device in the reflection.
It could be done if you can see the reflection in the film (before you take off the final protective layer)

sterrissar says:

nice clear review helped me to make my mind up thanks

Rodel Hermano says:

This is horrible. It is more of a distraction.

Daily Youtuber says:

The Eng. Temp. is at Max


is it me or does it seem laggy??

Long Beard says:

Nope. I’ll stick to my free app on my phone and scotch tape on the very bottom of the windshield to reflect hud image.

Tibor Végh says:

Very informative video, thanks!

feachen1318 says:

this design is stupid

Abner Sucipto Hardono says:

I instaled on my suzuki All new swift type manual
But i think its not support
I dont know whats wrong can someone help me to configurationn ot set up??
HUD x5

Florin Viorel Postelnicu says:

Audi a 3 ce meniu

Alberto Morales says:

Great video, first i need to get the paper, suit, pass interview, cash check ( check cashing ) apply for credit card, wait for the approval, buy a car – then go on ebay and purchase this thing. thankyou. getting started with item 1.

Antonio Dettoli says:

Thank you for your helpfull informations

Ricardo Perez Carrillo says:

existe para el celular en lugar de la pantalla en el celular sea en el espacio la imagen ??

Jeffrey Adams says:

It would be cool if the made one for hot rods….

markc8001 says:

The manual is no longer in the Dropbox? do you have another location?

James Baxter says:

I like that item

hart says:

help! my unit turns on, but it gives me a buzz, something about the rotational speed. I tried driving, but nothing happens. the units on my screen doesn’t change.

Robert Hypes says:

You can do this with your smartphone for free with the right app.

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