Car Tech 101: OBD-II apps and dongles

Brian Cooley explains how the OBD-II port under your dash can feed a secret interface to your car for moment to moment diagnostics.


Smooth says:

Any one knows if it well work on car’s made in Canada?

Native722 says:

I’m already using the OBD for my scan guage.  

techfan42 says:

Very cool

Niel H says:

I’ve been using Torque on my car for over 2 years now and have some custom PIDs that calculate exactly when my gas light comes on! Never have to worry about running out of gas when I know exactly how much I’m going to fill up with before I even put the nozzle in the tank!

PΞNΞmue says:


DCookStaVideo says:

I use the Torque app and love the multiple dashboards I have setup.  I have the ELM327 scanner that works very well.

Tim Dorovskikh says:

So Brian Cooley what would be the Top 5 OBD II Bluetooth dongles by features and performance?

Alberto Gomez says:

make more videos like this!

TekReviews says:

Did he mention those customers who used those magic Insurance Dongles and the issues some of them had to there electrical system? Search for it online, interesting reading.

Leuel48Fan says:

That’s cool how you can get NASCAR style telemetry from the OBD. Throttle, braking, steering positions, and all sorts of sensors and gauges racecars have front and center on the dash!

Willboy Mexican says:

Do you know if I can do mileage correction with that?.

Gamewwx says:

What if somebody else gets your OBD II port via that dongle? How much damage someone can do to your car?

MOE says:


CoLdBLaDe says:

why does this video keep getting reuploaded? 

NC Styles says:

Can you unlock and turn on your car with a smartphone?

Marilson Eugenio says:

Fui em Nova York comprei uma peste dessa o aparelho da a opção de linguagem inglês e automático não vai para português nem com reza Fort

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