Carly for BMW Gen 2 OBD Adapter Review (BMWhat)

A review and in-depth look at the Carly for BMW adapter Gen 2. This app works really well and allows you to code your car to reveal hidden features. Links below for iOS and Android!

Carly for BMW (Android):
Carly for BMW (iOS):

Carly for Mercedes (iOS):
Carly for Mercedes (Android):

For UK / Europe Residents:

Carly for BMW (iOS):
Carly for BMW (Android):

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Julian Wells says:

The lite version does nothing other than verify that it can connect and read codes. Be prepared to pay $85 for adapter then $60/yr (yes each year) for the full version. The full version reads faults and allows you to clear them. So it does that much. After that… meh. Many of the things that it can code either you wouldn’t want to change or you can do through iDrive. Really the options aren’t that cool. It can monitor all sorts of engine parameters in real time but unless you’re a mechanic I don’t what good that will do you.

Zack Klapman says:

Does anyone know if this app/unit tracks your driving data to sell to 3rd parties? The functionality is awesome, I’m just wondering if they track anything. I had a test unit for a parking backup camera app (now shuttered) and found (deep in the fine print) that they track your driving and sell the data to 3rd parties.

Avsar Patel says:

Hello, I have 2015 328i. Will this adapter work for me? I need this to stop the led flickering.

Sleepy Haethon says:

Also note that clearing service codes (at least some if not all) can be done through gauges dash by entering the password.

Karel Arnold says:

Hello Majid – thanks for very good explanation of Carly adaptor for BMW. I’m intending purchase Carly 2 but same time worrying that I can screw up something in process of coding my 328i model 2012. Do I have to be connected to Wi-Fi thru my iPad?
Can I be using iPad instead iPhone? Engine must be running or just start button pushed?
Thanks for answer – Karel

Ster Fry says:

That smashed thumb looks like it really hurt

Jaddah Auto Repair Electrican , Technician says:

Can I buy one from you I will send you money by western union

Blake Oswalt says:

Does anyone know if this voids BMW warranties? I have a Certified Pre-owned 330 and want to do this, but I have heard BMW electronic systems can be very touchy and obviously very expensive to fix. New BMW owner so I am still trying to get a grasp of all its capabilities!

metalhead BADMOJO says:

Coding with the engine running and have no stable amp supply to the vehicle. ITS A WIN…….for someone else apart from the one who does this. Had my 5th vehicle in today for this month just because someone did this exact thing using Carly. I LOVE IT. 😀 Yeah i know a lot will hate me for this but hey man, functions might come with apps but not knowledge and the right equipment simply do not. 🙂

Lkw Krnjesevci says:

Did you film this with landline phone?

burn baby says:

What about injectors?

arsi cervantes says:

Both of my halos for 2006 330i e90 went off I have ziza halos from ecs tuning I thought it was the bulbs but I put the oem back and nothing do you guys think coding can help this issue ?

hongkong7145 says:

can it be used on multiple cars? Or the app just register to 1 car? planning to get the adaptor and share among friends

James O'Gara says:

Carly is less and less useful with every version at least for the 335d. The obd “subscription model” is just a ripoff.

Emanuel Madashell says:

Blue Driver is better overall. Never bricks your firmware

zoro zoro says:


John Galv says:

outside mirrors and door locks are driving me crazy with problems (E90)
will this help get it working? thanks for the video. (2006 325i)

Lorenzo Beckmann says:

Thanks for this video.  I think to purchase 2007 BMW 550ia; what brought me to this and other videos was to find a reader which could tell me true milage, if altered.  You young people are light-years (and will remain so) ahead of my sabe in all of this.  The car claims 70,000 kilometers—possible. Currently driving 2011 VW CC–still plenty there which I haven’t learned–but I praise these videos TREMENOUSLY to warn of typicle defects on these newer (for me) cars

Ego says:

Carly is now a yearly subscription. RIP

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