Carputer Part 2 – OBD2 Dongles

You can get the OBD2 here:
or the fancy one here:
AND the APPS here: TouchScan (OBD Diagnostics)
more app links below
Waze social GPS, Maps & traffic
OBDII Trouble Codes

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Angel Avalos says:


Alexander Cleve says:

lol i have a 1995 mondeo that has a obd2 port

trancextend says:

I like the fact you showed these apps. I was not aware there were so many. Check reviews thou.

ncrdisabled Submarine vet says:

Cute dog how old is he ?

DormantIdeas NIQ says:

what a fckg DONK! babblin’ useless garbage with no pertinent knowledge – really cool stuff!!! DONK!

CzarWilkins says:

I have thinking in do a similar setup for my car, didnt knew that those wireles scanners existed, nice!!

repairvehicle says:

Does anyone know if there is a scanner tool that can read Toyota transmission fluid temperature live when engine is running and under $100.00?



matheusnews says:

Does the chinese cheap version works just fine? You didn’t show it working… here in Brasil the price of the other ones is just outrageous.

Al Bundy Rules says:

Great vid, thanks!

Tony Todd says:

What is best apps

Eduardo Martinez says:

Do you know if when using the ODB Link BlueTooth dongle: will / can it reset a AIRBAG FAULT LIGHT on my vehicle? I have had it repaired with a friend and just wondering if it can reset / resolve this type of issue. Thank you.

AboutMy FathersBusiness says:

ahaha doggies are awsome!

yazmin wimmer says:

Is posible use on truck volvo

leduzhai zhuren says:

good to know the blue one will constant consume power. thanks for the video.

Jun Avenilla says:

Smart Dog.

Nur David gaming si Manu vlogs says:

I have a faulty airbag dashboard light but this app (torque) did not recognise it, how can I remove it?
I use elm327 Bluetooth

Miguel Chicas says:

sorry forma my english.. i see in other vídeo green device can chance the odometer or ” calibrate” odometer. can you tell me it’s true

Dave Cheeze says:

i like your review but get to summary. 21 min is a little long. Not hating, just impatient.

juan garcia says:

so what do you think of the blue driver? in regards to this obd2

Shift OBD2 says:

Hey Fred. My name is Ali and I’m the developer of the app Shift OBD2. I would like to send you a free copy of the to try out. If you’re interested email me at Your feedback is appreciated.

Kevin Schulte-Overbeck says:

Why is there Lester Crest from GTA 5 in this Video ?? 😀

nick findlay says:

im a little upet you waisted the dealrers time with such a stupid question , youre literally trying to fix a non exsistiong problem 13.6 volts lolol its called LOAD

Cenobyte says:

I may be just looking in the wrong area but where can I find the torque app (the first one you showed) is it an app from a store ? I cant seem to find it ..I know this is strange but I am new to smartphones and apps. Is there a link or do you know where to find it? I like the real time vacuum part of it . I have a leak I think but I can only hear the air sucking when I am going up hill. Kind of hard to check while driving lol 🙂 Thank you for your time.

Scott Mathison says:

Have you had a chance to try Automatic Pro with its real time tracking?

SuperTomi1979 says:

It’s a funny cheap diagnostic tool. Hm, I’m wondering if it works with a VW Passat!? Actually I will offer this to my partners in the future if it works. We only deal with professionals, they use the original and expensive diagnostic modules, but still…

Vidde H says:

Blue one don’t work on Volvo S60 have not tried out the green and white – nothing nada inget ah oh well

sappyroo says:

You showed the ELM327 .?? I bought one . It did not work on Silverado and secondly the mini cd contained microsoft viruii of the trojan data gathering type.

ServiceProcess says:

Hello. Just incase no one has made you aware. You can get an obd2 extention lead which will mean you can use your original fuse box cover. Have a look on ebay and you’ll see what I mean.

Mohsin Albalochi says:

Please help me with autometic Car card

Jkayppobox says:

Can i have the obd2 dongle plugged into the vehicle whilst driving ?

James B says:

The only dongle in my ’77 caddy is my nutsack.

Yorkie channel says:

I bought the blue one but my torque screen doesn’t look like that? do I have to buy the 5$ one or if the free one ok?

Iván Vega says:

You talk to much way to much! You need to get down to the real stuff

Guy Burroughs says:

Know any that I can just slip over the port and lock it?

Sondra Vandeman says:

I just received mu Fixd sensor for my car. It doesn’t say anything about an OBDlink. But anyways, I followed the instructions that came with this device, followed what it said, and it results came back, unsuccessful. So now I need to know what is my next step? Is there a phone number I can talk with so I could either get a refund if this device is not compatible to my car, or find out what I might be doing wrong. Please, will somebody help me??

Richard Waldman says:

If I wanted a cute dog video I would have searched for one.

David Handley says:

Cool video. Cool dog. Thanks for sharing.

Tom Walsh says:

Very cool! thanks for sharing bro!

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