carVertical – Solving a Billion Dollar Automotive Problem?

carVertical is looking to solve a billion dollar a problem in the automotive industry by creating transparency between buyers and sellers about the factual history of a car. Their business model comprises of 5 products which are carVertical’s wallet, reports, whitelabel, API and Database. This was on our radar for awhile and we thought we would bring some light to what we think is an awesome ICO.

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RunningReis says:

In the uk we have a hpi and mot check. You can get a hpi report for as little as £2-3. Wondering if this is the same for other countries around the world or is this genuinely a niche in the crypto market?

Fatih Makaveli says:

Can you please make people aware that Carvertical DOES NOT have any partnership or cooperation with BMW. I already sent a message to BMW (twitter) and they deny this. They just got the permission to use the CarData of BMW, that’s all. Please make this clear because they are scamming people by posting a partnership announcement on their twitter/facebook page! THEY DON’T HAVE A PARTNERSHIP OR COOPERATION WITH BMW!!!! PM me if you want evidence, or ask it to the BMW GROUP on twitter and you’ll see what I mean!

Bitcointime Now says:

Hey where can we buy CV

Sabbatxxx says:

Isn´t it illegal to promote without tellng the people? hmm

dank0banank0 says:

To all negatives…saying what about the cars in the past, think future where carmakers can make their Ledgers about car from production line, trough insurance? government….I agree past used cars are bit problematic to have 100% accuracy on the past but we are talking FUTURE…cars interacting with database on the site reporting on accident/problem ect.

Tomas Av. says:

IT’S BULLSHIT NONSENSE PROJECT. They say in video that gonna collect data from various databases… omm..from what databases?? who gonna allow them to take that data? There is no any public registry. Also who gonna put data in any of those so called database when lets say Peter crashes his car, takes to shitty service they fix car and official dealer never knows about it and guy sells car and how can anyone know from Internet know that this car was fixed? IMPOSSIBLE. Also odometer readings may be collected only in official dealer’s service, who gonna write odometer readings after warranty expires and owners do not go to official dealer? says:

What a great idea

jason 604 says:

thought on sc coin?

liquid crack says:

COLX looks good I agree, .0008 only 4bil supply. The next Verge and above

mishna77 says: this guy is pretty accurate from what ive seen in predicting trends. So its nice to hear this out of him.

Tauheed says:
$DBIX Dubaicoin Arabianchain Technology is moving all Sharjah Government & Dubai’s government paperwork onto the #blockchain saving 25.1 million man hours, or $1.5 billion per year. Over 100 million documents each year, to be transacted digitally using blockchain

ZenSocialKarma says:

The key point is how are they able to collect the information that is added to the block chain. This only covers the user experience. That is a very huge undertaking that is not covered at all.

mrzack888 says:

Please only do 8-10 videos per day. Any more and I can’t finish watching.

Adventures United says:

Get it for 1 Cent right now on Kucoin Chain!

Steve Brule says:

Can you make a follow up video on COLX? They have a great community and raised 20k to be listed on cryptopia

coddudeful says:

genesis vision is john mcafee’next coin of the day! get in quick!

Joe Kyser says:

thanks buddy

YYY SNS says:

Can you pls look into Rimbit coin? Ran up over 100% the chart looks great

Austin Pasquarelli says:

Check out (XLR) Solaris coin everyone. A new masternode, zero proof coin. Join the community on twitter, telegram, discord and help us vote on kucoin to get listed.

Taylor Williams says:

sounds like Zipper, new ico dropping soon


Check out CND to the moon its going

M2Motors Co says:

Automotive. Not automative.

Ben Millen says:

Altcoin Buzz’s first brand deal. Way to go boys ☺

Narciso Chavez says:

guys there is an ICO going on called SirinLabs check it out, they are planning to make a decentralized smartphone, desktop and decenteralized operating system!!!! the project is insane like the apple of the blockchained world

BobBobenstein says:

Add Lockchain to your list of coins to check out!

Jim Dandy says:

Its funny how “wallet” is the nomenclature the company uses for what is nothing more than an “app.”

Vasil Dimitrov says:

This problem is unsolvable if owners of new cars dont record their miles

Crypto Saint says:

Should have ran on the stellar network

Jordan Hubay says:

I may be reading this wrong, but the ico launched a few hours ago. I was pumped to get in on it, but if you read the ico pdf there are restricted persons. Section for sub section 2 part 1 and 2. I believe this says U.S. residents, citizens, and business holders are restricted buyers. Am i reading this wrong? Does it mean Americans can not even trade them later?

Loud Chanel says:

really its became a lot ???? i live in europe and alot of the europe company not so seriou s . be carful when you make a video ??????

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