CNET On Cars – Top 5 Apps for Driving
We see cars differently: We love ’em on the road…but we also check the tech…and tell it like it is. This is CNET On Cars.


Doodle Junky says:

This is almost worthless. Break down each category and give recommendations of the apps available. You listed the damn categories. That’s not a service people need at all unless you are 75 years old and you’re clueless about what’s out there. Didn’t expect this from CNET.

snack pup says:


andrewSBlues says:

umm, don’t mean to be a bad commenter..but you guys didn’t mention the names of the apps..-___-

Aziz Mehmet says:

Thats it i got my Cooley fix thanks my Cnet friend

jetek72 says:


Nguyen Dang says:

Hey bro what about people who do not have data to used gps for navigation there a offline maps where one can download on android as well apple devices that allow one to used GPS data information without the internet usage next app I used is wifi finder offline info where provide me all location of free wifi hotstop without any fees when getting online

elchamber says:

Get offline maps. They can be used for in and out of a vehicle like hiking.

jetek72 says:

What are the apps in the number 1 category?

Parsa Manesh says:

Car Mode app should be top of this list…
I use it everyday and it’s better than all the apps in this vid. Car Mode – Complete Car Dashboard System & Sat Nav

yabba do says:

Can you review good car mounts?

BF3blog says:

I love car tech, but WTF? He talks about apps for 4 minutes, yet doesn’t mention any apps by name? Post a list of apps shown in the video in the description.

Mohammed Al-Ogaily says:

it would be really good, if there is a way to mirror what’s on the phone on central display in the info-tainment unit, this with a car mode app it would be great

Vicky Bro says:

Driving w/o an app = driving w/o a map. ROFL.

Moar Desu says:

Two words: Gas Buddy, happy fueling!

Garrett McCurry says:

Does anybody by chance know what the gas mileage app name that he mentioned?

Scott Xiong says:

I’m just a geek I have all of these on my smartphone.

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