CNET On Cars – Top 5 car navigation features
The most important navigation features that will keep you using what is built in to your car rather than reaching for your smartphone.


Annette Bigham says:

Great presenting! And good video 🙂 Thanks.

Matotosh says:

is there a navi that does all this?


im back from my slumber… expect me

Carmador says:

you should have given examples of cars that have these features!

Tareq Mutawi says:


pratik bhosale says:

Which nav system is good smartphone or std car nav system that comes from company itself..?

Harindu Hippola says:

miss his top 5’s 🙁

yashah92 says:


ahmed mido says:

i saw this before … what da ?!

TheYoYoItsJ says:

Fuck you, go away.

Dominic London says:

It’s Brian Cooley! The best of the best at Cnet.

Osama Lahham says:


Twisted Styles says:

Use your fucking phone or tablet fuck car navs

Frank Barone says:

Google already knows too much about us. I’m not going to let it know where I’m driving too. Stand alone, non-connected, nav devices are best for those concerned about privacy issues and Google.
Can you hear it? If you listen hard enough you can hear a sucking sound…..its getting louder now…..Thats Google sucking up everything you do in life!

Mr111Jman says:


LeOG says:

How about you put a aftermarket navigation system in the dash. The Pioneer ones that have apple Carplay are sick.

thewwedj says:

This is old I watched it already

sniperfx20 says:

The feature of letting you know about cameras is pretty sweet. Top 5 I’d say

Harry Phillips says:

You piss me off

Gwynn McDowell says:

What is the best navigation system upgrade I can use for a 2007 Lexus sc430? Use a Gen 4 DVD upgrade or sync it with my iPhone which is much preferred?

Steveindajeep says:

wish he would just tell us what the top 5 nav systems are.

Gemma Richards says:

this look great however when travelling in a place for the first time does there are 3 lanes travelling straight and you need to turn will it advise you before hand which lane to be in especially if there is a lot of traffic


i just enjoy his videos , he is always so natural and funny .

IAmReal_LSV says:

Re upload

Pj Lewis says:


Captain Slowly says:

Buying a car based on the nav is useless.. it limits your choices in my opinion.

Shervin Nabavi says:

Tesla is the best in this catergory

Gonzalo Massa says:

Aren’t all these features already on a smartphone?

mohhamedss says:

editor AT-LARGE!! like it!

Badr T says:

To be honest
Cooley is the best…

Mister Steel says:

i like this man, he is honest!

Remix Nation says:

Fou- Wait. No one gives a fuck

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