Dashboard Camera Android 5 1080P Dual Camera and GPS, 7 “IPS screen Bluetooth 3G / Detailed review

Dashboard Camera Android 5 1080P Dual Camera and GPS, 7 “IPS screen Bluetooth 3G / Detailed review
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wael sbeh says:

the quality of the front and rear cam!!!ist good and clear ?and about what time ‘it will record?

- Elektryx - says:

Worst. Review. Ever.

Dj David says:

what is the link to buy it please?

Shaishav Yadav says:

Can it record all time…even whilr using other app

SunSeT says:

а камеру заднего вида можно к нему подключить?

Taner vergül says:

bu cihazdan bende aldım hata veriyor nasıl reset atabilirim fakat ayarlar icine giremiyorum

Marco Sartori says:

What’s the centimeter measurement on the display for?

Денис Иошкин says:

А вот такой вопрос,я включу регистратор на запись,будет ли он записывать пока я включу например навигатор?

Mark Rich says:

Is there any monthly fees? Does it back up to cloud? Does it continue recording then drops the older recordings?

Don Rice says:

Sorry I turned off the video because of the electronic so called music.

pianocrisante90 Crisante says:

If I am travelling across different time zones does the clock automatically adjust in the time zone I am in?

MissouriOldTimer says:

does the gps have posted speed and vehicle actual speed, is the gps map easy to see?

dronniver says:

Подскажи пожалуйста, а при включении задней передачи(и соотв. подачи питания на заднюю камеру)-автоматом переключается изображение на заднюю камеру?

gino tran says:

can you play songs though your phone on with that junsun by connecting bluetooth

Zulfikri says:

does it have rear view camera?

Beenthere Donethat says:

Music is so bad I had to turn off the sound.

Victor Saryan says:

For a whole year Jun Sun threw my head out.
I have already written you acceptable conditions for me.
You have enough impudence seems to mock me!??
Your company actually is layer and stolen my money.
This is first time happened with me when the seller is so brazen
and brazenly behaving in carrying a buyer.
Jun Sun Company is a busty and brazen liar, a thief salesman.
For my part, I will do my best to inform your customers
how you disgust with the complaints and suggestions of
her customers.
Never by any devices from Jun Sun on AliExpress!!!!
And Looks like AliExpress Covered Jun Sun !!??

Michael Vietzke says:

Do I have to start video recording manually or can it start recording automatically when it gets power?

Informatika Blog says:

Can i use for music is there a aux output to connect with car radio?

Lafavini Cali says:

I will never ever get anything anymore from china…except may be a happy ending massage.

monique baby says:

Can you get it off the mount every day you done driving or is fixed on the dashboard? I don’t wanna leave it in the car cause people would smash my window and steal it..

waruna perera says:

dear friend,
last week i brought one from ali,today i plug in to car,,but when click the camera display show some spot,,like rain snowing,,please can you explain this problem?

Essam Simou says:

it’s not a car gps it’s just google map

Nicholas Hart says:

Can you turn it upside down to mount it on the headliner? Will the screen rotate?

Víctor Monsó says:

Hi, do you have headphone output? Turn off the car will the player turn off?

Daniel Martinez says:

Can it play music via Bluetooth to my car stereo?

Rodrigo Dela Cruz says:

How about if the back camera not exist stated at the car video?

Hop Tran says:

A Chinese doing product review ? Speak up even in Chinese.

Never Modern Talk says:

does it have aux? headphone output?

Wendy Wong says:

is there a link to purchase this camera?

minion mou says:

Is that connect to the Speaker if is it what is the procedure??

Irfan Memon says:

Dose it conect to car bluetooth

Melvin Chong says:

Million dollar question : Will it melt under the hot sun….?

TheFoder Power says:

Its easy to see when is sunny?

mohammed tariq says:

hello. the single red wire with rear camera for which purpose ? and where can i connect this wire ?

Asim Siddiqui says:

Which one do you think is better and why? A dashboard DVR or the rear view mirror attachable DVR?

Toronto_NDN says:

Battery life? Quality?

Gareth Tam says:

Can it use google map and google market?

biagio formisano says:

can use it with bluetooth command

Jeramy Rezaeepour says:

This music is so painful to listen too….

Wendy Wong says:

Does it record and use as a backup camera?

TheFoder Power says:

Its good using gps or Google maps? It has gyroscope?

Jam Meta says:

Thx! now where do I buy with US cellular bands?

Ruslan Aliyev says:

запись видео на основную камеру на ходу приемлемая,не смазывает?

Murali Kusagur says:

Sir, can you please back up this device ROM and provide me the link to download. Even I am trying build the same kind device using my old Android phone and this ROM has all features. Thanks in advance.


Скажи пож. на нем была установлена программа новителл и еще кое что ,я случайно удалил приложения. Теперь скачал новую с интернета она требует ключ для востановления

Jordan Shey says:

Which brand is this?

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