FIXD: Car reader | Does It Work


MrKidkiller159 says:

alot are ripoffs yes, they give honest technicians a bad rapp.

02roundie says:

Corie you gave this a pass without actually reviewing the product. You fail to mention what this product cannot do, which is significant. This device only checks emissions related engine codes. Fixd cannot check OEM codes, transmission codes, airbag, chassis or ABS codes. Because of the device limitations you do not actually know that your Land Rover’s P0420 fault code, actually requires your catalytic converter to be replaced. Your vehicle needs further diagnostics to confirm what the problem is. This device is the equivalent of you diagnosing your own medical problem by looking up symptoms online and telling a doctor what he should diagnose! I am not a professional mechanic, I have no axe to grind with the product other than this ‘news’ article and the companies infomercials are misleading. You would be far better off finding a reputable certified mechanic, and stick with them, just like you would a doctor.

A diagnostic tool or even a computer is only as knowledgeable as the person using it.

leeleeturn says:

So it will detect a problem WITHOUT the check engine light being on? The other reviews I’ve read seem to indicate that the check engine light has to be on before this device will detect a problem.

Kitcat_007 says:

This is the LAST thing ANY mechanic wants to see. Majority of mechanics are PATHOLIGICAL LIARS and OUTRIGHT CRIMINALS! This device is long overdue.

Herb says:

This device can be challenged by using a working car as the guinea pig. Disconnecting some sensors and see what this device will diagnose.

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