FIXD Mechanic Review | Why I’m Selling Mine | Review Car Diagnostic Tool Unboxed OBD II

IF you really feel like you need one you can get it here:

Here are 2 alternatives that will do the same thing and are under 20.00

Here is my review of the FIXD OBD II scanner reader that uses a bluetooth connection to your phone and an app to read to you information about your check engine light being on. You can use this device and app to turn off your check engine light without fixing the problem. Other then that I see no use for the FIXD device and for those reasons mine is now listed for sale on Ebay.


S S says:

You can get a cheaper obd2 scanner at harbor freight or online to clear codes. If someone really wants to clear codes they can just unplug their battery for a little. The trick, if you are buying a car is you should scan it yourself and check the readiness monitors. If they are incomplete then the light has been reset recently. With that said, it doesn’t mean that it still won’t come back on. Might just take a little longer.

Mr Lockpick says:

“Knowing Is Half The Battle.”
G.I. Joe

Pretty sad that a G.I. Joe quote totally makes your review of this product look silly….

Vetrel Smith says:

Many people don’t trust mechanics and I understand the device has other features. Wished you had described more features/benefits & then why you don’t need it. Won’t the engine light come back on when it’s detached if car is sold?

Isabella Axelrod says:

You’re an idiot if you think some piece of technology is going to fix your car, it’s a tool designed to help you keep care of your car. Also, it’ll help you keep track of services. AGAIN, NOTHING WILL FIX YOUR CAR AUTOMATICALLY.

Phil King says:

30 seconds of content stretched to over 6 minutes. Amatuer.

Steve Lun says:

How many times can the same thing be repeated? This should be a sixty second video.

carl cappy says:

If you clear the code, the code will return because the problem has not been fixed.

skatespirit says:

“I’m gunna show you how to use it” proceeds to not show us how it’s used….

Eric F says:

I paid 40. Because shady ass car mechanics will always say there is something extra wrong with ur car for money. If u have this u can say hey bitch why u lying and trying to over charge me.

Sapphire Jan says:

Try this one on. The engine light came on in my Eclipse. Took it to the shop and they said it was a random cylinder misfire and that I just needed to get a tune up. Paid to have a tune up done and guess what? The check engine light came on again after maybe a week. So I am about to purchase this in hopes of really finding out what is wrong. I just want to find out what the problem is and fix it.

Robert G says:

My father-in-law had a Ford Escape where the check engine light constantly came on even after being worked on. I am not sure what the mechanic told him was wrong but if there were 10 things wrong, it seemed like the mechanic fixed one thing, then another, then another after charging him for each visit. I would think this device would help keep a car owner from being overcharged on repairs by possibly addressing all issues at once. Just my opinion.
I would consider having one so if I was used car shopping with a friend and a light came on we could see what what going on. Also, I would be curious how well it could analyze a used vehicle before it is purchased.

DUBcars411 says:

Is that a green-screened background with fake shop sounds playing

Sam Ibrahim says:

I just send it back yesterday I bought it wrote them over 10 emails but they never respond till I opened a dispute at Amazon since I paid for it by my Amazon card so in seconds I had tons of emails but send it back, waste of money if it was $1.00 I would not buy it it does nothing for me,I was at the dealer before I bought it And have a printed estimate where given to me . Why do you need it .some people have no brains they need to be educated about these things but he advertises it as it does big thing when your light engine goes on or other BS things . I think the guy himself the CEO OWNER is a big scam .He talks big and he does nothing I was told it’s a 3 persons operation him a girl and a guy but doesn’t matter there is always suckers that will buy it .

Seohn Aranys says:

As someone who tries to stay on top of maintenance and problems that my car rarely has. I find this review not all that helpful. Yes clearing the code does not fix the problem. And there is probably some idiot who thinks it does. So for you mentioning that. This may be helpful for them.

However, if this device does what it says it does. Which is to read the codes then give you advise as to why that code is popping up. Then its done what its said its suppose to. Normally I would have to spend time looking up why such and such code is there. Someone wanting to know exactly why an engine light is on. Isn’t a bad thing. Not everyone has worked on cars enough to be able to narrow it down quickly without researching a problem. To properly fix the problem. A person needs to know what exactly is wrong.

Maybe I’m bias because I was taught to have a healthy distrust of mechanics that charge insanely high prices to fix simple problems. Or lie. I see a tool that will make figuring out whats wrong with my car easier as a good thing. For example, I recently had a P2119 code on my Cruze. I looked up potential problems and causes. Some people said their mechanics were charging $500 to replace accelerator pieces (that didn’t fix the issue). Some suggested it was a bad battery negative (and was only a temporary fix). Some were saying the throttle body needed cleaning or replaced.

Guess what, $5 for cleaner and about 30 minutes is all it took to fix my Chevy Cruze’s P2119 code. Cleaning the throttle body. Did the work myself since it was easy to get to, remove, and clean. Had I taken that to a mechanic it probably would have been over $100 for such a simple thing. (No idea what it would’ve cost since I didn’t even ask. Every time I’ve priced fixing anything on the engine its always been well over $200.

Sure I found out what code it was by having Advance Auto guys check it for me. Sometimes I just need to clear a code so I can narrow down what the issue is. I have the code checked. Write it down. Clear it. If it comes back I check it again. If its the same problem then I move on to resolving the issue.

Would you trust a stranger to tell you the truth about a problem? That is one of the points of this product from what Ive been reading. To help you make clear and informed decisions about what maintenance needs to be done. A review should be about whether or not the product does what it is intended to do. Your opening line trying to figure out how to pronounce its name (Fixed btw). Kinda detracts from your review accuracy. I use an app call gas buddy to keep track of when I need to do oil changes and other maintenance. So your comment about writing it down with a pad and paper doesn’t help either (but yes it can be that simple). My app lets me know if I am close to my mile marker for an oil change and lets me track my MPG (which also helps let me know when something is wrong) If FIXD allows you to know when your reaching that time for an oil change. Its not about whether you need it. Its about convenience.

Its true this product does not fix your car. But that is not what this product is for. Its for helping you figure out what is wrong so you can fix your car rather than guess or put complete faith in the person fixing it. I haven’t gotten this product yet. But its very obvious to me what the purpose of this product is. I like the idea that I can check my engine light whenever I want without having to take extra time and go out of my way to have it checked at a store.

Whether I buy this depends on If I can find reviews that talk about the accuracy of the products ability to read codes. And the description of how well it tells whats wrong with your vehicle.

Bee Easy says:

Will it work when buying a used car from a used car dealership? I was gonna get one of these when I shop for a new car. Will this tell you if something wrong with the car without the check engine light being on?

Sam Ibrahim says:

As per Eric just do what I did go to the dealer ask him to hook it up to his computer and it will print a whole report for you they can’t cheat you here and after words go to any mechanic you want. I always used a dealer because for me it is the safer place even if I have to pay a bit more but no last time outside asked me for oil change in my car $109.99 and at the dealer was 89.99 with a free car wash . Hope this will help you and help others

Heist Heisting says:

Perfect device for any dodgy car dealership right there that’s pretty much the only thing I can see with this device is to clear the check engine light

Bryan Rohman says:

I’m a mechanic I use it strictly as a diagnostic tool

Sam Ibrahim says:

You are very right about everything you say.I bought one and it’s a real scam for me . No need to buy it you can go to pep boys and get the real diagnostics. Do not waste your money check many reviews

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