Get Android Auto in any car! AutoMate Review

In this video I show you how to get Android Auto in any car. And its just an app…

Theres a greta new app called AutoMate and this app makes your phones screen look just like Android Auto which for someone who drives a lot is great and way cheaper than getting a new stereo system.

Below is a link to the Google+ Community page which you need to be a part of. Have fun.

Google+ Link:


Scott Falkner says:

might as well use google maps.

JohnnyZenith says:

You should do an update.

Rishi Saran says:

Nice App!

But can do better with:

Features like tinting the display to match in-dashboard light colors + Option to display and speak the weather at My Current Location on demand on tap like how it is on Car Home Ultra + Option to organise Favourite apps as folders + Option for Backup & Restore Settings when moving in between different Android Devices…

John Lancaster says:

Interesting app but if you stopped for breath now and again and let my brain catch up it would be a lot more informative.

D Doge says:

I just started using it, this app still requires a lot of work lol

pjamese3 says:

Does this give you voice prompts at turn points the same way Google Maps does on your phone? Also, can you play music and it gives a prompt and exits back to the music?

regoat says:

this is great

JohnnyZenith says:

When I use this on my tablet in the car I then don’t have my phone contacts.  Any ideas?

BIll Geo says:

But can you play mp3s from your SD card??

Tomas Nilsén says:

its a great app, but drain to much battery :/ hope they update it

Jens Graikowski says:

This is what Android Auto should’ve been able to do from the start. For all those who don’t have a compatible car or third party unit it should’ve been able to run on the phone. This is a great app and though it still is in beta it shows loads of potential.

Btw, would you mind telling me what car holder you’re using in your video? Is it a universal one or made specifically for your phone model? If it is universal, is it any good?

Gabriela Lamberti says:

Will this work on a tablet with out internet or WiFi?

Hardiment123 says:

Mallory Knox, hell yes.

Frank Morgan says:

What is the advantage of using this instead of the native maps or music app?

walter petelle says:

Thanks for the heads up, very clean no convoluted review. +REP @ Rene Bernadio I to was looking to upgrade my Mazda RX8 stereo deck with a new head unit. After review the cost ($200-600) and loss of my 6 disc changer seemed like a NO deal. Also stumbled on some nice Bluetooth kits with factory harnesses built in at a fraction of the cost $150 with CD quality. Most found on like Isimple/Grom audio/ OR Hope this helps anyone in similar situation…Keep the information flowing freely !

Mark Loughton says:

Thanks for the video. I can see Google buying these developers out and this being part of future Android OS releases 🙂

#Sreekanth Rayul says:

Hey Great review of the App.
But I like your smartphone stand though, kinda eye catchy. Can you please tell me what is it? and from where did you buy that!?
Thanks in Advance..

nk says:

Hi thanks for the wonderful video.
Pls adv the to download the app. Thanks.

silkworm3268 says:

Yet another illegal app. If you touch that phone it is illegal, even if you use it for music or navigation. Touch a phone in a car is illegal even if you are stopped, if the engine is running. Touching a phone is illegal, touching a radio or sat nav isn’t but could be if it distracts you from driving.

Rene Bernardino says:

I’ve been looking for an Android Auto receiver for my car, but I might go with this instead. Thanks.

Gilberto Valentin says:

This is pretty good. I recently installed my 4G LTE in my car to replace my headunit. Having this app eliminates having to do too much customization just to get the simple and natural car things going. For example, less time setting up Tasker to enable certain features when your car comes on. I’ll have to try this out.

S Kirk says:

They don’t get it.

I drive like mad every day. I tried AutoMate. Icons/slider/touch points are too small when you are driving. Voice control does not make up for this.

A car app should have huge touch points so you don’t have to look a the screen to use the app.

Genís Andreu says:

how to play the music from the phone through the car speakers

Rahilu14 says:

Using a phone in the UK is illegal? 0_0

Gabriela Lamberti says:

Will this work on a tablet with out internet or WiFi?

Antonio Reyes Gómez says:

Thanks. I will check it out in a few days. I will keep you posted.

Gulunio says:

What a phone was used on the wideo?

somfplease says:

I have android in any car already because I own a android smart phone. This is a bit misleading, it’s just an interface and I am not really seeing anything special over stock apps you can download.

You still need a bluetooth android supported stereo to connect to and get all functionality like steering controls, sound/calls through speakers.

The problem also with built in factory made dash style tablets is they will become obsolete very quickly and you will need to spend a crapload of money to replace them.

Ideally the best option is a removable face (which is the tablet) and the back part has all the wiring so you can switch out tablets quickly yourself if/when they die or need to upgrade.

Burhan Adenwala says:

CAN you suggest a good app apart from android auto through which we can screen mirror with car screen without internet?

Delta Matt says:

You can force landscape mod using apps.

Linda Kingsley says:

Toyota cars have not allowed android auto.

Antonio Reyes Gómez says:

Does the application connect with the built-in stereo bluetooth, so the music is played directly through the car sound system?. I have a golf VI, and I wonder if it will work without having to install any adaptor or extra cable.

JasonWW2000 says:

Why is the text so tiny, yet surrounded by large open areas? And this is for car use?
They need to double or triple the font size so we can read it quickly at a glance while driving. How hard is that to do?

Morgester says:

This is awesome. Would be great to be able to change the Maps provider to something else such as Waze.

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