How bad is the $20 car stereo from Walmart? Install | Review

I was enjoyably skeptical buying this. I figured the video would be a fun disaster. I was wrong. This budget radio stereo was quite impressive for reviving an older daily driver.
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White Noise says:

Speaker technology has come a long in last 20-30 years. So yea, a $20 Walmart speaker isnt going to sound too bad against an Ancient factory Delco speaker. Especially if you’re running a good head unit.

Tim Lewis says:

As I can’t for the life of me get my head unit out our connect a phone or mp3 player I built a wooden box with 2 bass face 6 x 9 speakers and an outboard amp

A GM says:

I have read reviews, that even new Honda Accords have lousy radios. Nice informative video. I remember on my first car a new 69 Mustang, I replaced the Philco factory AM radio with a Panasonic AM/FM stereo (no cassette yet back then) and then I installed 2 speakers and the sound was really nice.

J 23 says:

That song tho xD awesome

never stop fighting says:

What was that loud rattle at the end? Garbage

AVportau says:

even cheap Sony speakers are usually better than crap brands… but what happened at the end? you pump some bass and then?… did it crap itself?

Caleb Sampson says:

Hire except dignity direct senior delay constantly devote jury dish end.

SSHitMan says:

Stock speakers suck because they deteriorate quickly from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. So they sound good new, but after a few years they suck.

schnike 007 says:

It’s not aux. It’s A U X

kamal baker says:

Whats the song at 4:32

Chris Davies says:

This is pretty predictable. With audio gear, we are now well into the era of “good enough audio” where even the cheapest crap you can buy, is still 10 times better than the best stuff you could get 30 years ago.

josh bishop says:

Retard Alert!

David Lewis says:

Always put your money in the speakers first.

volksrod69 says:

Your grasping at straws with these videos eh

Mike L says:

It’s only a Bluetooth, am/fm player and for me it worked great even for low wattage. Made my 6x9s kick ass…CD and cassette players are a thing of the past…lol

Patee Gutee says:

You should’ve chosen a better bass boosted music for your “real test”. Viewers who are not familiar with “Sail” (like myself initially) would think your “real test” failed LOL

James Irwin-McConnell says:

Sony xplods are amazing for the price. Have em in my car. Paid 30 for them and the work amazing. Have them in my back speakers with a low pass filter from my radio head unit. May not have subs but my speakers can fool a lot of people to think I do. The front lines are much older Sony speakers that came with the head unit in the car when I bought it used. The back had been oem and were blown to pieces. Bought the xplods as a budget, was hopeful but skeptical since they were Sony, but also really cheap. Probably the best cheap thing I’ve ever bought. Eventually I’ll put more in the front but unlike that cars wonderfully easy speaker install mine require removing the entirety of the door panel, and that was hard enough in the back. The front also have tweeters embedded in the pillar and The lock controls.

Lou Fresquez says:

Cool video just bought same unit to put in my tool box don’t need CD. player is why I went with it glad to see it push those speakers

Ramond Lounsbury says:

I refuse to go to Walmart. It’s disgusting.

ThisMyCollection says:

Nasty pervert.

nightwing says:

That Mexican song got me all kinds of fucked up ALL KINDS hahahahaha

prawny12009 says:

did you check polarity before plugging the new speakers in?

Wait For You says:

all car audio speakers suck

Tim Lewis says:

When I replaced the front door speakers in my Peugeot with vibe whizzer cone ones I had to use a card spacer to stop the magnet from hitting some finned plastic backing inside the door panel it was a pain in the arse.

never stop fighting says:

Phenominal? Pfffffft

Steve Rolph says:

Always use the wiring harness.

Wright William? says:

Does Walmart sell radios with cassette players

Ramond Lounsbury says:

Walmart is an example of what’s wrong with Ameriland

Eddie Haskel says:

You seem like a nice guy, but i felt like i was getting my teeth pulled….


Who u think??! And shout me out and let me know if u answered and subscribed for a 20 dollar stereo

keith cunningham says:

Great lil speakers for the price. Check out the size of the magnets and crossover elements compared to the cheap Honda originals. They should be ashamed…. another 2 bucks from the factory would have been money well spent.

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