How to get Amazon Alexa in your car (DIY Smart Car)

Muse Auto – Alexa Voice Assistant for Cars. Matt Granite “The Deal Guy” reviews the latest gadget for your automobile that turn your car into an Alexa Dot.

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$59.99 Alexa Muse For Your Car + Free Shipping:

Alexa Muse for your car brings more than 30,000 Alexa voice skills to your car, played through the car stereo system using Bluetooth, USB and AUX! Just say “Alexa”. Plus, add wireless Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calling to your car through AUX. Please view product details below to understand the capabilities before buying.

Hands-free entertainment: Ask Alexa to play music, news, podcasts, audiobooks, games, and more. Supports Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Audible, SiriusXM, and more. Spotify® and Pandora® coming soon.

Productivity and safety on the road: Control your smart home, create to-dos, order food, do last minute shopping, check your calendar, and more, without taking your eyes off the road.
Requirements: Smartphone with data plan and free companion app always required for use. Can not be used concurrently with other music apps.

Compatibility: Supports Android 6.0 and higher, and iOS 10 and higher. OnePlus One, Samsung S5, Note 4 and older Samsung phones are currently not supported.


The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video.


George Kershner says:

Did you show how to attach your wifi

Diane Knuth says:

Doesn’t your smart phone do all that for you while you drive and more?

Shehryaar Syed says:

Who needs this if echo auto already launched

Cristina Sloane says:

Is it good for music .. my husband listens to pod casts and music . His work car has no cd or blue tooth will this work for him do u need the alexa app on the whole time like what if u get a phone call or somwthg will it mess it up or just stop and then start where it left off after the call

Robin Steffes says:

That is so cool!! Thanks Matt

SwirlySwine2028 says:

I love this… thanks again!

Yolanda Lee says:

have a conversation with alexa on the way home…

swtcndy says:

Could you do a review on android car stereos

Kali Yopp says:

Thank you very much for this! I have been trying to decide between buying this or just using one of my extra echo dots

FinardoLittle 123 says:


Pam Griffin says:

Pretty awesome Matt!!!

Happybidr says:

Man, you are fun to watch. I love how you don’t get stuck with a lot of “uh’s” and “um’s” but your very fluid, like a good, professional broadcaster should be. (I was a radio producer and correspondent in an earlier life.). New subscriber!

Jenn Angle says:

I just ordered two more Alexa devices for our home. Hoping I’m going to love them.

Dan Hazy says:

gotta ask… I have an extra Dot or two laying around… whats the difference? I could very easily just power one up and use that. I have an idea, going to try it now and sync with my phone. Now if this device had a sim card slot and could get its OWN data like my tablet, that would be sweet!!

tipico809 says:

I just watched the movie upgrade this world its going depending on computers

Stephen Stack says:

How do you sync your amazon playlist to your muse?. Please help

Andisity says:

You could just use it for an echo mini too.

Santosh Tiwari says:

navigation feature is available in uae ???

Sharon Patton says:

Love this

SandyL says:

Rofl, yes Alexa told me where I was right before you apologized rofl.

Mod Boss says:

Got to have a hot spot plan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROBERT Romero says:

face palm …. yet another reason to cause a accident just pull over and use you phone

Lisa Ball says:

Wow i NEED this! Lol

shirley hudson says:

That is great, I cant wait to purchase one. Thanks Matt!!

Sheri Wong says:

Thanks, Matt

Nadir Nazim says:

You are holding the phone in your hand. Why bother with adding the gadget? All its doing is connecting the speakers/mic via bluetooth. Its the phone which is doing all the work.

Nicholas Cruz says:

You know provide awesome insight so thank you for that.

Geoff Allibone says:

I don’t understand why peolpe would want to be under surveillance willingly? I think Alexa is a very transparent invasion of a person’s privacy.

Adrian Hewland says:

read the reviews on this product before you buy this. its not great

Eugene Human says:

Only issue I see. Is that the Muse auto price is now $79..   and the Original Amazon echo dot is only $50 +- (sure its a bit bigger)

Mark Tenney says:

Great item!!

Trebor Stiefel says:

This is great, I have two new drivers in my home and I will get this for their cars.

Blues says:

do they haves something like this for the google mini.

Alexis N says:

Don’t we already have those functions on our phones? Like in the Alex app?

danmcdonald726 says:

Does your Rogue have propilot assist?

chelsea stark says:


4daluvofnikki says:

Have you reviewed Anker’s Roav Viva which is also a car charger with Alexa. I got it and it works and it is $10 cheaper than Muse.

jacktranable says:

Literally, my Alexa the one next to me answered you. and then you said > “Be careful if your Alexa is responding to me!” haha, I think you got that a lot, 🙂

Robertson ASARI says:

Alexa is awesome, am doing IoT projects and am thinking of integrating Alexa to my smart project for home automation and your review gives me the confidence to use the alexa for voice activation . great stuff!!

Trebor Stiefel says:

This is great, I have two new drivers in my home and I will get this for their cars.

actngbooks says:

Congratulations on your new baby, Matt. Becky.

Tonia Rusu says:

Love you Matt

Bryan Ennis says:

First time on your reviews. Fantastic review

Martie Cerciello says:

I purchased it! Thanks Matt!

Saumil Uniyal says:

u activated my echo

Fran Wald says:


karthik selvaraj says:

It’s there a similar device for Google home??

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