Today I show you how to hack your VW MK7 GTI for a measly $60 dollars! Introducing OBDEleven, the cheapest and coolest Pro Scan Tool on the market for Volkswagen and Audi!


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OBDeleven PRO application features:
– Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes from all control units that are installed in your car (i.e. Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Multimedia, Air conditioning, etc.)
– Programming (coding, long coding, adaptation)
– Basic settings
– Output tests
– Live data
– Gauges
– Car programming history
– Home screen PRO theme (more info in main screen: engine code, battery voltage, faulty control units list)
– Automatic vehicle identification from VIN (Vehicle identification number)
– Diagnostic trouble codes in 7 languages: English, German, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian
– Read information about control unit (i.e. Part number, Software number, Coding, etc.)
– Diagnostic data log sharing via email
– Battery status

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Special Thanks To:
Paul from Deutsche Auto Parts for sending me the gift box with OBDEleven and for sponsoring our channel!


donato bearint says:

Who cars it’s a gti. Really you made a video about a Volkswagen GTI? I’m very confused why you would even waste the time or money, you obviously didn’t spend money buying the car

Richard A says:

There’s no such thing as OBD “eleven”, dude. It’s in Roman numerals. That’s a “two’.

Mike cleary says:

wouldn’t recommend traction off perm… those rainy days and all seen to many gtis hitting poles these days

S7 A2G6 says:

ODB “eleven”LMAO

Chris Gauci says:

The opening and closing of windows with the remote is a factory feature…

Kerry Phillips says:

Seriously? Obd11 ???? Wtf. I’m sorry but if you’re gonna do a YouTube video you know wtf you’re talking about first. Oh wait. Maybe I missed the obd versions from 2 to 11. Am I missing something???

Stevie Mcnichol says:

OBD 2. Not 11 its roman numerals 1 11 111 1v….

Zachary Freed says:

It is a obdII is obd 2

SourD13537 says:

I think the confusion is from you saying you plug it into the “OBD eleven Port”. If you said plug the OBD eleven in the OBD 2 port then then people would get it. But what do I know!?! good cover if it was a mistake tho haha

smokeyjayshouse says:

It’s obd2 not eleven dumb mutherfucker.
THE II is 2 i’s it’s called a Roman numeral. Dumb ass millenials.

Ian Jalili says:

isn’t it OBD “2” ? :-/

Cruzredeye says:


Angan Sen says:

moron it’s OBD 2!

C Rota says:

Or you could lock your keys in the car without the bing, and carry a spare key to get in, then you don’t have to put the keys in to start it one less thing to do LOL

Bjarke Bæk says:

cant get the fucking thing to work with my kia pro ceed 1.6 crdi form 2008 … crap thing .. cant see any faults code .. my abs is showing in dashbord

Orlando Paço says:

És um cromo! 🙂

zachary Rottenberg says:

Will this work on a 2012 Passat

S. White says:

Wtf did I just watch? Maybe you could just do a video with links to people that know what they’re doing?!

Mohammed Kamran says:

What is the name of this device

Robert Chase says:

This was funny. You had no clue of what this product would do or how to read this units information. Most people do not know codes either ( I don’t) but you gave it your best to review, Thank for the laugh & the hacks info , I never knew this could be done….right on.

Justin Maxwell says:

Wtf is obd eleven?

SkriP StreaM says:

Thats an OBD2 Port. On Board Diagnostic 2 (3nd generation On board diagnostic aka the ECM’s / ECU’s MIL Error Code and Monitor / sensor Status circuitry). OBDeleven is the Diagnostic Tools name.

Mr J Mcmillan says:

Boom….Europe VW already have auto remote window setup to go on remote key! We also already have self dipping mirrors when the car is set to reverse.

Jeremy Thomas says:

Could it work with my 2008 B7 A4?

Christopher Gomez says:

It’s OBD2

troubles_loc says:

Obd2!! Goshhbb

Jorge Vasquez says:


Lexx1976 says:

Roman numbers, dude

Dimebag's Addictions says:

Lmfao…Are u serious with the OBD11 hahaha….It’s like calling OIL in your car 710.

Jackey Niraula says:

After he said OBD 11 for OBD 2, I didn’t trust any of the other things he said. 😛

H.C. Dominik says:

OBD 2 wake up 🙂

JYP79 says:

Wth is an obd eleven? Haha lol

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