How to Make an Awesome Car Video!

You asked and you shall receive.In this video, I give you all the tips and tricks I have in my arsenal when I am out and about shooting my videos. Hope you guys enjoy and learn something!
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Storspoven says:

I think of you like someone that says ”awesome” and plays with lego.

EraslaBu says:

Anyone know which suction cup is good? Mine shakes so much the video quality is trash..

Tooh says:

lol I made a car edit

Isidore Fombo says:

Can you please make a video about how I can make my mustang like yours? I’m getting one pretty soon, I was gonna get a soft top but decided on a hard top after watching your videos. Thanks.

Dito Ariq says:

Thanks yo! Very helpful

Pascal CALEBOUT says:

David, great vid.  One question though, where do you get your background music from???

C Man says:

you look like sodapoppin bruh

Hoosier HoodRats says:

make some new videos on making videos!!!

LonewolfSaichi says:

Why did I not see this video until now?!?

Vovl745 says:

I made a few But that was before i watched this

Marcus_Mravik says:

I got a tripod with my T6 kit a year and a half ago and finally got it replaced for 50 bucks. The legs popped out making the alignment for folding it up almost impossible sometimes, different parts would fall off, and it didn’t have monopod capability. My new tripod, however, has everything fixed and even monopod capability. Just wish I could slide it lol

Jacob Cosgrove says:

What I like about David’s channel is that even though he’s gained half a million subscribers and his channel has really taken off, he hasn’t really changed since these older videos like a lot of youtubers seem to. Keep up the good work David.

FP2000 says:

i would love to race ur mustang …lol…love the color, very nice and sample video and good tips for new youtubers just like me …..if u have a minute stop by my channel and see if im doing ok, its not that easy to make videos editing and theres lot of messing up involved, and i still suck at it…lol….would u give me ur opinion on my channel and suggest anyway to improve it ?? i would really appreciate it…

Ádám Zalabai says:


Exotic Drive Club says:

what do you use to edit?

louididdy says:

Good work, thank you.

RodsWorldTV says:

If you ever travel, I would love for you to make car videos with my five vehicles.

Sherif Mansour says:


Apexit53 says:

I just started working content of my own.  Like you said, its not the best but with practice and time I, and the equipment hope to get better. 🙂

C502 says:

looking to create an affect in my video that i just cannot figure out. I think it has something to do with time remapping but i could really use your help,man!

Mathias Kolstad says:

Where did you buy it? 😮

The Clutch Dump says:

What slider dolly do you have? Just recently started a car channel and trying to prep up!

MyBrothersKeeper says:

guess i’m gonna have to get my board out of the attic.

Joey Arthur Zooberry says:

you’re cool in a good way david, i wish we were friends

rgregory23 says:

Hey David, just curious what kind of video editing software do you use?

JRain021 says:

Can you link the slider dolly please?


what part of VA are you in I live in henrico

Brennan says:

I bought that suction thing for $1 on Amazon and it works great

Dukiny Gaming says:


Ryan Thaver says:

you can stabilise your video with editing. after effects 😉 works like a charm

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