How to make Digital Gauges with an old Smartphone


See how I mounted it here:


Ever wanted to have versatile digital gauges in your car, but sick of stuffing around with apps trying to get it the way you want?

In this video I’ll show you how to make a fully automated digital gauge cluster and media centre for your car using an old smartphone and OBD-II reader.


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Flavia Pitariu says:

This is a very nice video. I’m tempted to save my WiFi tablet (sim port is broken) and build it into a custom dash for a project car. Thank you for the great video

KrisRaps says:

We are living in such a great time now.

DaytonCarCare says:

Is there software to convert old GPS devices for this sort of thing? I have an old Garmin and also a Sony NavU

Luis Jerry Mendez says:

what if you already have obd from insurance like metromile or team moble synup can you use it off that its bluetooth

Alexander Stollznow says:

Top video! Thanks.

T.I. Managi says:

excellent idea for the upcoming tesla model 3 lack of dash guages

Cedric Rushing says:

Where did you get the OBD2 thing from


Will this setup work in a Hyundai I-20 CRDI (Diesel engine)

blackjacko says:

I tried to find the Llama app and could not find the automation version you mention, I did find one called Automate that I think was the version you installed, am I wrong on this matter? Thank you great instructional video

Atanasov Goran says:

You can disable the lock screen from within the android settings, you don’t need the second app.
Where you can set the lock type (pattern, pin etc.) there is an option for none, at least on Vanilla android (I am not talking about the swipe option)

Tushar Kanti Hansdah says:

Very very very useful app thnx bro…..

Riding with Jander says:

can you use this on IOS?

steve71 says:

Does the torque sensor that you plug into the OBD 2 turn off with the car?

Jarod Vincent says:

Can you put a tachometer on that app? And would a Kindle fire had work? Thanks

Akaash Khokhar says:

has anyone used a OBD1 20pin to OBD2 16pin adapter cable with one of these? Want to do it on my e30.

jasper proctor says:

This answered all of my questions about making a digital ins panel. Thanks for this video!

FAINTEN17 says:

can you show us for the brz and how would you go about mounting it? i have a brz as well. but i don’t gauges

Pascu Claudiu says:

YES.I was just looking for something like Llama but now I found it thanks to you.

Riding with Jander says:

how do you buy one of these? theres no purchase button on their site

Neal B says:

Hi I am very interested in doing something very similar to this posting which would benefit from the functions shown for the Llama app.
I can’t find the Llama app on Google play, could you supply anymore information on the app.

Brian Ninjutsu says:

A well spoken useful video . Thanks I was wondering if this setup would apply to motorcycles which also have a diagnostic port ? (usually under the tank ) of course waterproofing everything must be done at a high level but after that can you see any sort of problem that might prevent me from a similar setup ?

Richard says:

what is the name of the app ? for Digital gauges ? and the web site ?

Denis Vaughan says:

The best clip I have seen on YT. Thank you.

Stealth Line says:

like it

Geo White says:

I know this video is over a year old now, but I’m stuck on the first app instruction (Llama). I’m looking to alter the phone power config, but the new version of Llama gives me a list of profiles to set, unlike your example. There’s no simple ‘event’ option anymore for ‘power off’ settings… Is there an old version of the app I should dlownoad, or am I missing something?

See Nomore says:

…Where is the Bat Tree??

Lyinlow says:

Tried to get llama but it seems to be gone??

James stranger says:

so I’m non computer compatible. if I do a Ls engine swap. in to a older vehicle. use the O.E. ecm from likely a 2000-2010 Chevy truck. could I use a small android tablet as the instrument panel? with speed, tach, oil psi, H2o temp, everything you need while driving? I don’t guess there’s anything like this for OBD1? only OBD2 correct? I want a digital screen to replace my gauge cluster.

blackdatto says:

Considering how easy it is for a thief to program a new key into a BMW when they connect to the ODB port, what protection is there with the Bluetooth? Allowing a radio connection externally could make it even easier for them? (Other makes if cars are affected also)

JDMricist says:

Let us see the needles on the gauges move ya wanker!

Doc Ds says:

what if you have an older car like a 88 mz20 soarer thats pre obd2 but the car is fully computerized?

T'airn'KA says:

Does the drivers door when closed hide the OBD unit?
In your demo I didn’t see if you removed it after setup was done?
I tried to find a HUD for my car but there’s only two with an 8K red line and both are sold in Europe. 🙁

BB Bear says:

What’s the app we need?

vwpac says:

i have a mega squirt ….its a standalone ECU …would a serial port blue tooth adapter work ???

Tasos Arpoudis says:

does it work with my golf 2

Tony F says:

Cool video, i had this in my old car with a tablet but had to set it up manually evertime i drove. Where does the USB connect to? Cigarette lighter? Also, does the phone need to have service in order to have Bluetooth?

Shawn Stafford says:

Awesome and informative video. How much is this ECU diagnostic tool cost? What years of vehicle can it be used for?

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