How You MirrorLink Any Radio!!! Pioneer NEX and AVH Used

Learn how to MirrorLink any app from your device to any radio, HDMI or No HDMI! Netflix, YouTube, Waze, Google Maps, anything!

Make sure your phone is capable of Mirroring!!! Not all are!!!

Adapters Used:
Lightning Digital AV

Bueler BU-HDMIV – HDMI to RCA (Product has been updated and looks slightly different)

Nippon America BL-HD-MIMAD

Totally forgot to mention you need to bypass the parking brake sorry guys! You can use this:

Factory Navigation/Display Interfaces – Search Your Vehicle!

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Willy Ng says:

Both Toyota and Honda car’s OEM head unit will turn off the display connect via HDMI when you release the parking brake .. you have to in complete stop and apply parking break to able to view the display… So Google Map and Was are useless .. Any ways to by pass this?

Luis Garcia says:

It works on my 8200 Avic when I’m playing YouTube vids and press the accelerator it gives me a warning and doesn’t show no longer until I stop pressing gas

Blake Seymour says:

This would be great for playing android games with a Bluetooth controller on the screen.

Nico Rodriguez says:

whats the resolution when you rca cables not hdmi?

Jesusmalverde247 says:

I can’t find the second cable for radio with no hdmi which cable is it


Very helpful and clear thanks for the awsome video

erickthe1st says:

Great tip!. everyone is commenting about that this isn’t Mirror Link. Who cares! This is awesome!. I can see the best navi apps on a bigger screen, watch Netflix, you tube, and then some. My phone’s touch screen responds better anyways. You want actual Mirror link? Buy a radio that does.

Nick Sites says:

Will this work on avh200ex? Im thinking of buying it soon and want to mirror link mainly for youtube . I hopw the process is easy for my 13 civic

Michael Theus says:

simple instructions i love it thanks!

CHEVY BOY!!!! says:

So its pretty much like car play but this allows you to mirror more stuff?

Rogelio Gonzalez says:

Que interface necesito para mi gmc Sierra 2011

shivam220 says:

If you turn off your screen does it turn off on the touchscreen?

Omar Guzman says:

Using this methods, can we still use backup camera???

Maximu88 says:

Does this work with 2018 Honda Odyssey EXL

Maximu88 says:

2018 Honda Odyssey EXL does not have the RCA output in the back.

John Wayne says:

What link is in the description for HDMI to MHL

Mcbere says:

I have bmw series 1 (e87) 2004. It has aux in. No hdmi, no rca. Can I use this method to mirror my iPhone 6s running iOS 11 on to my car monitor?

Hitesh Patel says:

hi I just Hooke up 490 bs in my mdx 2006 I just trying hdmi dongle in n its don’t work on it can u please tell me what brand cdmi dongle should I use it for wireless mirroring

aaron ponce says:

It’s not working I did everything you did on the radio to the left I have everything the exact same and it just shows the thick color lines I don’t know wat to do now do I have to set something up on my iPhone?

MrGIGGITY100 says:

How would I do this for my avh 4400 with a Samsung galaxy note 8?

DisneyWonderland says:

Would it work for toyota CHR 2018 model with Gracenotes?

Anthony D'Souza says:

Will this work for a Pioneer avh-p6050dvd?

Gonzalez259 says:

Is car play still available if usb not usable to straight connect

Gabe Mamas says:

So since this will cancel out CarPlay, is there a workaround to having both? Can I use a USB splitter and plug in both? I don’t mind having two cords under my dash

MrToddrich says:

Can you say “Get Allstate, where agents help protect you from Mayhem, like me”? i think you may be that guy’s doppleganger

arelys Princess says:

I tried, nothing works, not even the audio…I have the pioneer avh-3200bt 2010 ,the only thing it change that I have the USB connection on the front (left side) I will like to make this work;you have more options whith another video!!

kent tonkin says:

I have a JVC KW V330BT and want to mirror my iPhone to it. Having problems trying to do this. It has a iPod/AV-IN but it is by 3.5mm plug only. i bought a four pole mini plug to rca cable and connected it to a rca to hdmi adapter then to iphone. I get no video signal? Help

DH says:

Hey, would it mirror my iphone without the usb? I can get that hmdi/rca adapter but it doesn’t include the usb part. Would it still work?

Brendan says:

Hey great video, do you no if this is possible with Kenwood DMX7017BTS, I noticed the back of my unit has 2 x video out for dash cam/reverse cam and I have 2 x USB inside car running from the unit 1 is for carplay and other I think is androidauto.

mike capra says:

I have the nex 3400 and this system doesn’t work? I have the usb connected to a usb expander, does the hdmi connecter have to be directly connected to the back of the radio?

Billy Snyder says:

Has anybody gotten this to work with android? I have a samsung galaxy s5, the last to support MHL, and a new pioneer avh1330nex. I ordered all parts listed, and even bought from this outfit. Works fine with an apple, but neither do I own one or want one….just want to know if anyone, has gotten this to work…..

Ed Gabriel Cervantes says:

i can used with my note 8 androit??,,

Josh Williamson says:

Can u mirror link the pioneer mvh-a200vbt if so how please

Will Lopez says:

Does Apple CarPlay still work doing it the RCA way with Beuler?


Can I use this in JVC Player

Kavicho Rondon says:

Hi amigo, using radio without hdmi conection, and conecting my phone with RCA….can I use the touchscreen from the radio ?…..Thanks

NoisyBoy says:

hey awesome vid,can i mirror my droid via aux port?

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