I Bought 3 Knockoff Car Parts from WISH!

I bought 3 car parts from the wish website for $15! I expected nothing great but they turned out to be awesome!
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Agent NL says:

And this video is brought to you by Wish, the app that makes you ‘Wish’ you had money.

Troy Records Jr. says:

6:22 “Same color” fucking killed me

Yerba TROLL says:

Your supposed to take out the head light and then install

Plutos Anomaly and the BS brigade says:

Looking at your car from afar, it would look dope if you could find a similar gold for the wheels to give it that blue/gold subie theme, just my opinion, looks pretty dope tho !

TYP_ LEE says:

Who else got the wish add

Philmoon69 says:

Sooooo. You run a YouTube channel… But can’t look for instructions on how to install light film.. Or how to fit momo gear knob… I will give you a clue, youtube has how to videos.

Beardie.D says:

13:02 i just spat my drink out! “I’m used to having like a short stubby knob!”

Anthony Moore says:

I came here to see the brz tbh

Natan Bekere says:

i also live 5 min from where u filmed this

Action Lance says:

I got 3 wish ads, 2 of them are cars items

Cyber-Craft LP says:

Actually the first wish video that isnt shit, its pretty cool!

Doug Young says:

You wan sum duk?

paul amarello says:

10:36 nice BBC licence plate

Zoki Tv says:

I got 5 wish adds

Accio says:

I got 5 wish ads

Matthew J. says:

All the ads are from wish

Luis Tovar says:

got 2 wish ads on vid

Clicq L says:

I got a wish notifacation while watching this

Brandon Ramirez says:

I *Wish* They sold The advertised product

Jacolene Spooge says:

the tint would have worked better if u had pulled out the head light lenses then tinted them so that u could get it all the way around the edge of them

Farendor says:

Advert after advert come on dude you’re already getting a kickback from wish don’t be greedy

Pleb Number 84 says:

I got a wish ad before this lmaooo I’m done

JRDN says:

You should have took the headlights out to put the film on might have worked out better and no risk of scratching paint off car

william rides_2006 says:

Hey said it smells like weed but how does he know what weed smells like

tangy tandemsn K says:

I got a wish add on this vid lmao

Caddy Guy says:

VHB tape requires more force than you appeared to use to adhere properly. Also wipe the surface down with alcohol. Press down fairly hard on every possible square inch of the tape.

trollfacedomi says:

I’ve had multiple wish ads lol

Able Joby says:

How do you know the smell of weed

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