I Bought Car Parts Off WISH For CHEAP!!!

For today’s video I decided to do something a little fun and buy some car parts from the wish app. turns out the stuff I bought isnt half bad. While normally i wouldn’t buy anything for my car off this app, I carefully selected parts that looked like they would be hard to screw up, so I had a better chance of them working ok. These mods are going to be install on my subaru swapped Porsche


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Garageless says:

Fuel pump mount is a deal

T1GR3S13 says:

Holla at Robbie

Aussie Monster says:


Nitsua Noslohcin says:

I might buy my fender flares on wish

Alex Fenning says:

aye this is my first time on your channel. is that a 914-6?

Timothy Baxter says:

That’s probably printed on the pcb and assume you’ll cover it up with those boat labels.

ChrisRoRo says:

6:00 in and I can’t watch anymore. Bye

WRXBase says:

If that touch screen is that responsive, you should probably put a cell phone “gorilla glass” on it. You could also put small labels on the protector.

Yung Hoemo says:

You are gonna blow up now.

Real Bride Of Chucky says:

This was an awesome video, thank you for sharing ! I love finding inexpensive useful items …

My only tip would’ve been to include typical or est price of what the items go for here VS the price you paid for on wish.

Rickjaymz says:

17:47 it let out a puff of smoke

milan maas says:

maybe check aliexpress lol. they have a lot!

Tobias Mills says:

The back of the panel switch is probably usable so you can have it in stealth mode, maybe?

Ethan Riley says:

Those lights on the switch shouldn’t kill your battery. LEDs take like no battery to turn on

apache Banksy says:

There’s way more stuff didn’t use website properly

Jordie Morrison says:

Link to that switch panel? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find it

JakeSnake07 says:

I prefer Aliexpress. It’s the same thing as Wish, except you’re ordering directly from the factory.

SMB Garage says:

Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts! Don’t forget to leave a like and Subscribe!

carson doran says:

I’ve bought a few things off of wish while I was doing my car stereo and they haven’t been that bad. I bought some RCA cables and they work fine no noise

Eetu Kaakinen says:

That touch panel was amazing o.o

Will it survive says:


RealGamerJ says:

Sounds like Adam LZ

alan king says:

looks good… make a custom sticker to go over their labeling on the switch plate and it’ll look awesome

sinformant says:

That switch panel is bad ass! The real question…is it rated at 10 amps per circuit or combined? If its combined that’s only 1.6 amps per switch.

manuel aguilar says:

Hey if you actually do a search in the wish app you can find all kinds of car parts.

LukeTheJoker says:

Surprisingly good by the looks! The connectors are the only thing that look dodgy, from experience cheap connectors never last.

Brandon Clark says:

I looked at a similar switch panel for my Jeep to control all of the auxiliary lights, winch, and air compressor vs using an S-Pod

fuckery abounds says:

You need to print an overlay for the buttons. Maybe have a sticker shop do ya up something nice after you have all the buttons populated. Other than that it seems pretty cool. Definitely worth $50 anyways.

Manuel Langenhan says:

I’ve got some parts from wish, they’re pretty good, they do well… they’re all in neochrome…

leroy pershing says:

Where is the camaro??

Chris FPS says:

200th Like Boiz

The Old Rogue says:

switching your ecu on and off like that is not doing you any favours. lucky you didn’t blow it.

Wayne l says:

Thought you was Jurgen Klopp from the thumbnail. Great video

Lil Wein says:

Gabe Lewis… is that you?

Blurr 2 Times says:

oceans aren’t “dying” sea Levels are rising.

chris vance says:


Unco Casey says:

A mate said something about anal beads to me and I started getting anal bead ads from wish on FB. I dunno how I feel about it.

BROLY says:

You should only use the switch box and panel on relays, do not power anything directly off it.

Justin G. says:

Spencer !!!!! Cool vids bro hit me up

Dj E.DGain says:

“wish sells cheap Chinese stuff… ”
everything is pretty much manufactured in China in case anyone forgot

don spruell says:

Go get a real job, you have a boring ass personality. Streaking content ideas. SUPER ORIGINAL.

Crimson Chin says:

they smell like cheap chinese stuff dude look at youre nose

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