I Made My Car Smart for $99

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I Made My Car Smart for$99
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I did this with the Automatic 2 and it was really simple. I show it with my iPhone 6s Plus.
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Purchase one here for : http://bit.ly/1OMwjfG

I bought the $79 automatic link and have been using it for the last 4 months, check it out! I think overall it made me a better driver as well as turned my dumb-car in a smart one.

Automatic 2.0 car adapter works with basically any car made after 1996. If you want to see if it works with your specific car you can check Automatic’s website:


It is also iOS and Android compatible with apps in both of the stores.

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Turtle Gaming & More says:


Nukie Z says:

Who is mat

AyanPlays says:


Akin Turhan says:

You live in the same city as m? I did not know, let me know if you sell any of the stuff you get for the channel

Jack says:

Anyone else used to think that the OBD II port on the car looked like a scart connector

Melle Musa says:

Could have done this for 10 bucks and an android phone but hey it works for you

00Mass00 says:

Is the speed limit measured with the build in GPS? or from the speedometer, because I often exceed the speedometer by 5km/h because of the tolerance on it so my score will always suck.

TheAdminFromHell says:

no seatbelt for the cute little dog?


Where the fck is keaton?????!!!!!!!

Emmanuel Arzoumanidis says:

He looks so different

ian law says:

You can get a OBD2 Bluetooth reader for 12$ on amazon.

Jessica Toll says:

Its not him

Sam Cantrell says:


John Smith says:

IN order to use this device
Do we have to subscribe to a service ( like every other OBS ? )

Dr. Darkly says:

motherfucker over here lookin like robbie rotten or some shit

Musaab Hamid says:

Man you already own an Audi… I have Suzuki  Maruti 800, can I use it there

Alex Rivera says:

Does it provides you with a real time gps tracking? If my car gets stolen woukd I be able to track it using gps thru the app in phone or no?

That guy Brian says:


Jay Wilson says:

99 dollars? don’t think I would pay for it. I bought a obd2 reader few months back and it can read off engine temps coolant temps revs speeds intake air temps and a lot of other stuff all in real time info. Plus it also has fuel monitoring tools that can save you money and help you get better millage, depending on which app you use cause you can use a lot of different apps for the dongle I have. unlike this dongle in video I believe you can use only one app which the maker provides which is bogus, not worth the money, and btw mines cost 30.

Josh Rick says:

So now there’s an app that acts like your mother is driving with you. Honey too fast slow down, oh my God honey why did you stop so fast, you know if you drive normally you won’t use so much gas. LOL ya spend $99 to know what you SHOULD ALREADY KNOW BY PASSING YOUR DRIVING TEST! LMAO

Tom Bunyon says:

wheres marks channel

Tech Geek says:

What the hell happend to you?

Karimz Gamezz says:

It’s not keaton he said he’s Matt

TheReborneMan says:

keaton you change a lots

MDUB W says:

Does it also tell u where u parked?!? Like if u forgot where u parked?

Merpyman AJ says:


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