My Personal Android Car Tablet Infotainment System in Action on the Road

My Personal Android Car Tablet Infotainment System in Action on the Road

This video shows my 7″ In-Car Tablet Infotainment System in actual day to day use in my car with the most practical and often used features. In coming videos I’ll be reviewing some of the apps you see in use and doing tutorials on how I set everything up.

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promise rick says:

i subscribed

Ricardo Gobin says:

“ok google” is stupid. They should make it so that you can use whatever word(s) you want.

Henry Henriquez says:

What tablet holder do you use?

Jarrus Killa says:

why so many dislikes?

visionbank media says:

what mount is that and is it a vent mount?

Hisham Khalil says:

how are you sending commands from the tablet to phone?

julian olguin says:

OK thank u man

94fordtaurus says:

I’ve had the idea of buying a tablet for my car for a while, mostly to use as a giant GPS. Your video is showing that I can do so much more than that, and hands free! Thanks.

Mrcaffinebean says:

Fantastic I think you have sold me. Question, why not turn off the wifi on the tablet with Tasker when you turn of the car? you would just have to tap into whether the tablet is charging.

Harold Lagmay says:

First question, what app did you used to power on and off your tablet? 2nd, How did you do your screen that shows gauges on one side and music on the other side plus Microphone at the bottom?

Максим Соловей says:

dont understand how u do that

Troy Kite says:

The things that amuse some people…. says a lot…. doesn’t it

TripleTap says:

I would get annoyed of that robotic voice…

Harry Williamson says:

wy have yo got it with a jock accent

duridersa says:

does it display transmission temp?

ScrappyDDoo says:

hey need some info how how to get my tablet to do that

Eric Parent says:

btw, my name is Eric, I have an Android car tablet w/obd2, data, etc, i also have a Pittbull… wonder what else we have in common… Although I built my car tablet into the dash of my F150 by cutting out an opening in the dash and making a custom panel out of fibreglass and painted with gloss black paint (using auto body paint and clear coat)


what are you using to make the texting actually happen?

Time Line says:

T-Mobile Unlimited Tethering Hot Spot is perfect for this…. Always WiFi ready…

chrinamint says:

Hey that’s Stuart! He’s my voice! I mean the voice that I use for my voice stuff. I love Stuart!

Brian Jenkins says:

what hotspot app are you running on your phone?

Rick Parker says:

I installed this “Torque” on my android and I could not find it in my apps. I found it in the store “My apps”, but not where I could OPEN it. WTH??

FitFatAss says:

Wouldn’t that drain the car’s battery?

Ramanathan Radhakrishnan says:

Sir above one

julian olguin says:

how did you make your tablet talk back to you when you start your car

CalamityBaird says:

How do you get robot to talk to you? Like saying hello and the system is ready for you. What app is it?

steven paranormal visitors says:

sounds like an irish robot

knuckl bustr says:

Probably the best how to video and website on this subject. No tap system.
Instead of constantly saying ok google, have you tried integrating Voice Access 2.01 beta ?

Paul Andersen says:

how did you add the home and back button awesome video

Harry Williamson says:

can you fit it into and replace the raidio in your car and use the steering wheel switching

MrNehlam says:

have you make video of installing your tablet?

Pete Minter says:

So many questions to ask. Everything from what mount are you using to hold your tablet, to how to get Google to respond without touching the tablet, how to get the greeting when you start car, , to having text messages override other apps, etc, etc, etc. you mention Tasker a few times. I don’t know what that is.

What is the best way to ask them all? On here or …?

Zeljko Ilic says:

stupid and fucking fake pre recorded voice,annoying

мерседес БМВ says:

ауылда не жаналык

Glide ServerNetworks says:

Do you have an tutorial of how to make the startup voice using tasker? I’m using an android double din

julian olguin says:

did you download the tap and speak app then apply it in Tasker if you can make a video about that because I have been searching to see if you have a video on how you said that part up because that is a very cool feature

Time Line says:

Oh!! Why is men voice “I am lonely out here”…. Sound like gay.. 🙂

sami1996s says:

How do you get the tablet to turn on with the car?

Francis Oledan says:

what’s the name of the app

Ahmed Salam says:

Hi Eric .. thanks for this amazing series of videos,, I’ve watched them all ,, one question ,, what is the type of OBD II dongle you’re using on your Kia Sportage ? I have the same car and couldn’t find a dongle that recognizes my ECU ,,, tried several models and couldn’t make it work ,,your help is much appreciated here

Terriq Davidson says:

hey I would like a voice on start up like yours. maybe like Optimus prime phrases. any ideas. or what app did you use can’t seem to find it.

Eric Parent says:

LOL! Every time you issue an “OK Google”, my phone would respond… I was like, “why the heck is my phone sending out mystery Google Voice texts??”… My cell actually responds to ok google commands trom the television lol!

Muhan C.A. says:

What I’d like to hear: Hey you, All your base are belong to us.

Nice, right now this has become a personal project to me.

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