OBD II Scanner iPhone App FIRST LOOK – C55 AMG (OBD Fusion)

In this video I review the OBD Fusion iPhone App as well as the ELM 327 Wi-Fi OBD II Dongle. This app can be used to check/clear error codes that your car may be throwing and also just to display general information your car’s ECU can display. The OBD dongle displays a Wi-Fi signal that can be connected to by your phone. Once you’re connected you can use all of the different features that the app offers. I did experience some connection issues throughout the test, but according to others that have used this same OBD dongle and the App, it’s bound to happen at times. I suppose a more expensive dongle might solve that issue, but the connectivity problems weren’t severe enough to where it didn’t make the app useful or not enjoyable. Be sure to purchase one of the “better” ELM 327 dongles if you decide to go with that one, some of the cheaper ones don’t even work at all. NOTE: On the App store for the OBD Fusion App, they list specific OBD readers that work for the app. Any questions, just let me know! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more!!

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Wajih Hariz says:

I have c230 komperesor and c300 but the. ELM327 OBD 2 did not read the fault and did not connect to my iPhone

Paulo Silva says:

Hi there, Andrew! Have you seen the new update released for the app on april 18? We now have a feature that provides displays to calculate the engine’s horsepower and torque. Of course, the numbers are calculated by the app and not provided by the ECU. Whenever you have time take a look at this feature. If possible, could you make another video talking about your experience with the new feature? I’m very curious to know whether it works since I can’t drive here in Brazil at the age of 17, therefore I can’t test it.

الفارس says:

Is there any deference between original obd2 and china version???

Patrol Malik says:

Is this works for any car Japanese car?

Jesus Garcia says:

Why the shot does this NEED wifi? There’s no wifi in the middle of the fkn road.

Life Essentials 01 says:

Does this work only connected to wifi? Was wondering if you can drive using the reader?

ShapeShifting says:

Malfunction Indicator Light is the Check Engine Light lol

Rory Maynor says:

I brought the same OBD II Scanner from Ebay brand new for $7.50. you can also get apps for free on google play store that works very good with it. (Carista) is one and another one is (OBD Car Doctor). you paid $10 for your app and you can’t get your oxygen sensor reading. WOW! my advice to you is try free stuff first, if they don’t work then you buy. And check Ebay you might save some money but thanx for your info. I just don’t like it when people get the bad end of things. keep up the good work with your videos.

James Villano says:

Forty years ago I was getting this data…on a chassis dyno with strip chart recorders, O-scopes etc., a real pain and still not as accurate.  I am curious though, graphing the data can be useful but is it stored, or can it be?  I am chasing an intermittent problem on an ’07 Dodge Dakota V6; it runs fine for 50 or 60 miles and then it stumbles, misses, loses power and then awakens again.  It rarely sets an error code so I’m kind of hoping I can chart the performance and capture the readings when it has one of its fits.Another question: Not sure what OBD my ’06 Harley big twin uses but I wonder if that has been addressed as well?

Stanislav Nosulenko says:

can it monitor 0-60 and 1/4mile times?

123 456 says:

I bought the same sized one, but bluetooth and a different brand for 5 bucks and it works great. It reads out almost instantly and hasn’t disconnected on me so far.

Tim Miller says:

I think iOS has Torque too. I maybe wrong.

James O says:

A few comments. OBDFusion is a VERY good App. Unfortunately many people do not give this App a second look due to the price. If you need something more advanced there are plenty of options out there. OBDFusion is my FIRST go too tool. I personally have over $10k in professional scan tools and manufacturer specific software, but for driveability NOTHING beats OBDFusion for the first view.

OBDFusion is available for BOTH Android and iProducts. I hear Torque mentioned here, but there is confusion about this. Torque is not from the OBDFusion developer and Torque has a number of bugs. The Android version of OBDFusion was formerly called TouchScan.

See some comments that OBDFusion could not see some of the O2 sensors, this is wrong, OBDFusion can see ALL O2 sensors. Newer 5/6 wire Wideband O2 sensors need to be proper selected and the data WILL be displayed.

I have have good luck with the VeePeak brand of wireless interfaces from Amazon. Recommended many of these and they are cheap and reliable.

As for on tool graphing, while this and many other Apps support the ability to do this, on tool graphing is VERY substandard, ever on Professional level tools that cost $1000 or more. What this App is outstanding at is Logging. You Log to a .CSV file, export the file then graph with an external program like MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

OBDFusion now offers Ford and Mazda manufacturer enhanced diagnostics for $10 per model year and Toyota manufacturer enhanced diagnostics should be released Early 2017.

I have been working with OBDFusion for a LONG time and will continue to recommend this App over most others available for the purposes of data gathering, Logging and overall Driveability support. There are many other Apps, some do things differently or offer other features, but for $10 or less there is NO reason you should not consider purchasing OBDFusion even if you already have a different vendors App.

johnnyt03gt says:

Might sound stupid but where does the wifi signal comes from? I bought a 2006 GM truck but it’s running like shit. So I can’t drive it to auto zone to check the codes. I ask about the wifi because I don’t have home wifi LMK thanks.

Adem Biondillo says:

hey quick question. can you check the transmission fluid temp?

James O says:

OBDII is where you want to start with ANY modern vehicle. OBDII is limited, but the MAJORITY of the daily problems that come up are driveability related and OBDFusion is a GREAT starting point. This tool can and will read OBDII generic and OBDII manufacturer specific codes typically for the engine and transmission. This tool is NOT specifically designed to read manufacturer Enhanced or Proprietary codes, or things like ABS, Airbags or other onboard modules.

HOWEVER, the OBDFusion developer currently offer Ford/Mazda Enhanced support for ABS, Airbags and most other modules on the vehicle. They have Toyota in the works which should be released in the in Q1 2017. Do not be surprised when the Enhanced support shows 400-550 or more PID’s and every module from HVAC, Lighting, Window and Sunroof and more. All for only $10 per Manufacturer and Model Year!!!!

As for interfaces, you can get cheaper interface on ebay, but I have found the VeePeak Bluetooth and Wifi interfaces on Amazon to be ROCK solid.

I did run a test using a VeePeak Wifi interface on my Android tablet that does not have celluar data using OBDFusion and had some problems with disconnects. After a lot of messing around I found out it WAS NOT OBDFusion or the VeePeak Wifi interface.

Wifi is a bit more problematic than the Bluetooth connections. I had an issue with my tablet that kept automatically scanning for other networks and while I drove around it would pick up Wifi networks while driving and cause disconnects. I had to disable this feature in the tablet OS. I then continued to have fewer disconnects, but still had them occasionally, I finally figured out it was my phone, which had Wifi enabled, that was confusing either the VeePeak interface and/or my tablet. Turned of the Wifi on my phone and no more problems.

Is OBDFusion and the VeePeak interface the only tool to have? No. But it also depends on your budget and your needs. As far as I am concerned, anyone that drives a 1996 or newer car or light truck should have OBDFusion and an interface in the glove box of every car they own. I will not travel without at least my OBDFusion, sometimes I take one of my professional SnapOn or Autel tools.

If anyone has any specific questions about OBDFusion I can be reached at OBDLogs(at)geemail

You all should understand the reason I formatted the address the way I did, cut down on scanning bots trying to hijack things.

SketOG says:

Buy a little more expensive one so it won’t be dropping connections…. His own unit is dropping connections 😀

Saul Broder says:

will a elm327 work on a Subaru Outback 2005 check engine and can I shot of the Light ?


Minor correction Dude. It connects via bluetooth, not WiFi

SurehUSMC GySgt, Retired says:

what kind of phone holder are you using?

Phil Weiland says:

Good video very helpful to first time users. Thanks for posting it.

Kenny says:

Does it work with Honda?

lobbdem says:

in the beginning you said it sends though a wifi signal. I think you mean bluetooth?

Mdraihan uddin says:

With this product can the car mileage be changed

David Johnson says:

ok…sorry but there is too much blather…can you use less words?

taxivid says:


Sergio Hernandez says:

Hello what if I want to see little more deeper? I mean example the camshaft signal.. I having P0368. some times. so I would like see the signal of that sensor when engine is running. is that possible. ( snap on scanner can do it.)

Augie Inciong says:

“2” of OBD2 means that it’s the 2nd generation OBD. OBD1 was not standard across all makes. OBD2 is standard across all makes.

František Soumar says:

Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status: Off. It is not about your tail light, it is telling you, that the lamp that indicates malfunctions is NOT on… 🙂

Dimitry Linnik says:

having an AMG 55 and reading its faults through a cheap ELM327 – mental !!! (then guys like you who tried to save ££ on crappy OBD search on forums for problem that never exist for months, LOL). PS – try MB Star OBD – used to work with it.

Robert Shivers says:

What’s the link to the one you bought

Roberto Stecca says:

II stands for what comes next to I. Amazing uh? As nothing comes before I (0 means nothing), usually people don’t mention I. In this case, OBD corresponds to OBD I and OBD II…I guess you figured it out at this point. Even more amazing uh?

Tam Tran says:

I did not see what password you entered. hahaha 🙂

Nader Khalili says:

There was very good information on data system and many honest ideas which i think it will help a lot. thanks for all this. i will buy OBD because i have a problem in engine and need to be sort out as soon as i could. thanks again.

watdaheck808 says:

Does this product allows you to ERASE codes?

Ray Baibua says:

How are you able to stay connected to wifi ?

Enrique Alvarez says:

Could I read the outcode to program the key for Ford Fusion 2015

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