[OLD – SEE UPDATED VIDEO] OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter with Torque Pro App Review

[UPDATE] After you watch this check out the updated video: https://youtu.be/Nt_W3aZbjGs

Ever wish you could troubleshoot the Check Engine light in your car or knew what your MPG average is during your commute to work? You can find out that and much more using an OBD2 Adapter paired with your Android device! Hope you enjoy the overview video.

Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/13gwLMc

In-depth written review coming soon so check back!

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Zen says:

great video thanks for thatdo you know if it will work with my 2002 bmwe46 diesel?or my 2004 SL350 R230 Merc ?are the diagnostics a complete as a dedicated diagnostic fault finder do you knowthanks in advance 🙂

Ersoy şahin says:

bunu kullandığğımız da arabaya zarar verirmi.? volksvagen caddy aramam bakımı kendim yaptım uyarı yandı onunla söndüreceğim..

Okaythen001 says:

how do you check how long since it was last cleared codes? (getting a
used car, might want to know how long since they cleared code if there
were any codes) oh and can you unplug Bluetooth obd2 while car is moving?

Mustafa Sutarwala says:

the “malware” when you install the application from the cd is not virus. Its just applications that are used to unlock the locked version of the application Torque. Once you install the app, you can remove the key-gen and other file and run a quick windows scan or antivirus scan. Thanks for the video though.

Jovean Layno says:

Does this thing work with iOS?

Ken Hartley says:

Just bought one of these units. Should be in within the next few days. Realize now that the one I bought does not say ELM on it but looks exactly the same. And now I’m seeing some negative reviews and I’m a little concerned. In your experience with this product, can it damage my 2012 Chevy sonics ECU in any way.

paul ward says:

elm327 Mini does not work don’t waste your time just go to your auto parts store and buy an OBD II scanner I realize it’s more expensive but you will save yourself a massive headache

Alex Snow says:

This unit will NOT connect to any SAE protocols. (SAE J1850 VPW for GM and SAE J1850 PWM for Ford) only CAN! If you have a north american car you will waist your 5$

Manoj Kashyap says:

manoj kashyap

markostevovic68 says:

Can someone please tell does this elm 327 work on a ford au series 3 xr6vtec tikford round flont lights, cheers

Obed Rizwi says:

How to use this obd 2

OBD 2 says:

I bought here http://ali.pub/0gqmc Excellent scanner

paul ward says:

I have an elm327 Mini was given to me by a friend who said it don’t work I tried messing with it many many many times and it will not communicate with the cars ECM I’ve tried it on an 03 Caravan and a 2000 Tahoe and a 2009 Avalanche none of which would communicate with the ECM

Mbuyiseli Mbeki says:

Can the ELM327 scan other control units like gearbox,abs etc?

tim T says:

mine wont communicate with the car does the phone need internet access or data?

Bader AlShafei says:

Totally agree with Not installing the software on the cd that comes with it as it contains viruses… Hpnd to me once before so i learned my lesson. Bought my obd this morning but wifi not bt. I prefer wifi. And i did Not put the cd in my pc earlier this morning for the same reasons he talked about relating to viruses. So yeah. Im looking for the best obd app. Free or not, dont care… As long as its the best. Plz leave a comment on wt u think is best n y. Cheers

anil rehmatullah says:

I can’t get mine to connect thru the app only bluetooth

Ali Jee says:

Does it work for Australian vehicles Ford 2008?

Michael Hembree says:

Bought my scanner off ebay for 6.95 I’m using the free version until I figure it all out then moving to the pro and it will be soon. Thanks for the video lots of good information.

Berry Robotics says:

What’s the best invention you’ve seen on Kickstarter?  How about this one – kck.st/2ahOuP6

crabtrap says:

shit review. 5 mins on how pretty the blue is.

Derek Waddell says:

I can’t get mine to connect to my 2007 wrx. I’m using a android head unit Iv downloaded both torque pro and dashcommander but it keeps saying no interface what one do I use Iv tried them all

Tasty Tyrone says:

mine doesn’t pair with the phone. it won’t even show up.

Water is Fuel says:

eBay $4.00 or less

VeloceGav says:

Thanks for posting this video. It was very helpful and informative.

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