Product Review: FIXD OBD‑II Active Car Health Monitor

I unbox, install, test and review the Fixd OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor. I tested it on a 2003 Pontiac Montana, a 2004 Kia Optima, and a 1996 Toyota Avalon. The OBD2 / OBDII port should be in all cars manufactured from 1996 on. OBD stands for “On Board Diagnostics”.


Shannon says:

Nice, clear tutorial! I had the same problems with my car – turned out to be a sensor. Did you ever find the problem?

Scott Sutton says:

Nice video. Which phone on screen software did you use to record your screen?

bottmar1 says:

From what I have seen here I won’t be buying one of these FIXD pieces of shit. No offense meant to Free Tutorials but there looks to be way too many vague results and too many things to type in etc. etc. Typical product made by a bunch of school boys and not by real mechanics.

Debra Polenz says:

2 CODES same code

redlightflash says:

Why did your sceeen cap say 430 but you jeld upbthe phone and it said 429.hmmmmm very suspicious…

Dayle Found says:

The sensors work but the app is appalling. I have an older Samsung phone that the app doesn’t like (despite their guff telling you it does) which raises a number of questions and observations. You have to create a login account and activate “location” before you can use it. That means you cannot initialise the sensor if you are not in a cell network area. If you have the same model phone as mine, you simply can’t use it outside a cell. A number of the apps functions simply don’t work which is a “work in progress” according to them. Their support is by a third party called Zendesk who tend to “read a script” when giving you an answer meaning they haven’t been able to resolve my problems. The idea of a log in and location together is questionable and I refuse to accept it’s necessary as it borders on an invasion of privacy (they told me they knew how many times I had logged on, what type of cars they were and how old they were. That would mean it’s likely they would know where I have been. Scary). You can’t connect to the sensor if your phone is connected to the car’s audio. One of the support staff told me it uses wifi as well as Bluetooth but this is incorrect.  I figured I would just send them back for a refund but given the length of time it’s taken to get it working properly (about a month) that option is no longer available. However I have found an app that does work and doesn’t require a login or location, called Car Scanner so if they can’t fix the problems I’ll stick with that. In summary there are plenty of OBD 2 manufacturers out there and I suggest you do your homework but from my perspective, don’t bother with these units. Zero stars.


This is a review? no offence but you seem clueless the whole time. This is more of an experience with someone who has very little knowledge on the subject. The device tells you what codes you have. That’s what an OBTII scanner does. It’s up to you after the fact to do some research to understand and know what those codes mean, how to fix your car.. etc. next step would be to go on the internet and find out what needs to be done in order to fix your car. Look up your code for example. Mechanics either know what the codes mean from experience or they troubleshoot the problem. Now I know you didn’t really say anything negative in your video about the product, which is why my message is more of a response to all the naysayers in the comments – I don’t know what you all expect from this device, other than exactly what it did, which is what its designed to do. lol. I also don’t get why you were so surprised when it turned off your engine light.. ya they can do that, but after about 30km your motherboard should find these errors again and the light will come back on, providing all the same information until the problem is fixed. Ta-da! seems like a decent product to me.

Alastair Carnegie says:

I bet that Hackers can have fun, driving cars into deep ravines, speeding the car up to break-neck speed and steering the car directly into a sturdy tree. … Journalists who “Blow The Whistle” tend to lose control of their cars. ..Or get depressed, and shoot themselves several times in the back of the head. With Hacking people with high insurance policies can be disposed of, and the insurance collected. ..WOW! whatever next will technology devise?

Drew 11286 says:

wasn’t the creation of this app just as simple as raping codes from the OG obd2 diagnostic reader platform??? How is there not a massive lawsuit in works here????

bucki58 says:

Fixd helped boost my HP 100%! It also helped clear my rectal herpes!


Thank for good review . You took the time to inspect 2 cars. These types of reviews are beneficial when it’s compared and incorporated with other reviews . The more the merrier. Thanks for your effort . I might look into other similar devices but this video was helpful

Smokey says:

Is it true that the port is only on cars that are 96 and newer and would that work on diesel cars and trucks and or RV’s ?????

singtracks says:

great thanks,, looks like it actually works

2s2bs says:

Did I see a Tardis phone case?

Aubrey says:

Thank you!

abdulrahman alnawajha says:

Does it recognize other lights beside the engine light ?


Nice video man thumbs up. Been thinking about getting one of these


I just check Scotty a real mechanics mechanic YouTube . He recommended blue but cost 2X fix . I wouldn’t have found out but someone mentioned it here. And I was surprised Scotty actually recommend it as the best . link

Reuben Butler says:

It only does the check engine, not all lights on the dash. As an example I have an 09 Nissan Xterra with an abs, slip and vdc off. I know it’s an abs sensor just not which one. Contacted support and they said those are manufacturer specific and they don’t have the rights to that.

snmthecloser says:

Fucking middle America. Losers at life

Robert StrongBear says:

Just came across your channel. I’ve been debating as whether or not it was worth it to get one of these, how difficult it was to use and if I could use it on more than one vehicle. Your video has answered all these for me. Thank you, I will be getting one this week. Good job on the Tutorial , Doc

Debra Polenz says:

So you didn’t fix it but cleared the code which will just come back on, won’t pass an inspection, you will now have to wait till you drive through cycles to only have engine light come on again, meanwhile your “service engine” light should be attended to and what was the point.

Howard Boyd says:

Very, very, very, very helpful review indeed……

eric arredondo says:

so it gives you the codes but doesnt tell you exactly what wrong with it? like it doesnt say “spark plugs need changing” or something?

old duffer says:

But just because the light is cleared, does it mean that the problem is resolved? I dont get it.

Surely, if the problem still remains, the light should come back on again instead of clearing it completely?

FlightSimDev says:

Proper diagnostic equipment doesn’t care about your name, mileage or if the car is running or not, sounds like a toy to make you think it works, with a few touches like turning a light off.

This toy goes to an online database of problems for your brand vehicle and randomly picks a few to make you think it’s doing it’s job, it’s just a scam device to rip people off for $50, open it up and look at the circuitry, that will tell you enough.

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