Roav Viva unboxing and hands on tech review. Echo Dot replacement for a connected car?

Roav VIVA, by Anker, Alexa-Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger for In-Car Navigation, Hands-Free Calling and Music Streaming (Spotify Available Soon). For Cars with Bluetooth/CarPlay/Android Auto/Aux In

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I review the first in car Amazon Alexa compatible device. This device was announced during Cedia 2018 and can be bought at the link above.

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Will this replace my echo dot? I already have a bluetooth speaker, what will this do for me? I go through the alexa setup as well as test the features and see if it works for connected car usage.


Danielchibi says:

So what is the difference between this and this using the Alexa app on your phone and just talking to your phone because the microphone and be closer to you and that thing anyway

Johnny boy says:

Does it drain you car/truck battery when left plug in

Stonewallace says:

Here is a fix for Spotify on the Roav Viva that was removed in recent updates: I contacted Anker and they said Amazon has required Anker to remove Spotify from this device in order for Amazon to promote Prime Music. This is Amazon’s fault. Not Anker’s. The fix is simply to install the Roav app version 2.5.0 on your android device. You can google search “Roav Viva APK” and download the app from a trusted third party site and not the Google Play store. There is currently no plan to get Spotify working on the ROAV until Amazon allows it. (which is prob not going to happen)

KellySabrina says:

Would rather have a google home in car

jehster says:

I wonder if this can interface with Waze for mapping instead of Apple maps or Google maps.

Travis McP says:

Attention, this video is months old and for some reason Youtube is putting it in front of thousands of you this past weekend. I have no idea why. Just so you know, my channel is completely different than this video indicates. Please feel free to check out my channel trailer on my page if you want to know what I’m up to now.

Michael Hinchey says:

MY opinion a d experience of google maps. It sucks. Waze is better.

Bryan Daniels says:

Dude get a tripod at least!

Lachlant1984 says:

Just so that I’m clear, are you saying the Viva device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi? If your car is fitted with a hotspot, and I think you said yours is, can you not connect the VIVA to your car’s hotspot via Wi-Fi? In theory this is a good device because it’s designed for use in a car, but I think it would be great if it had its own built in GPS receiver and 4G modem so you wouldn’t need to connect it to your phone, it cold be completely self contained if you get what I mean, well, as self contained as an Internet connected device can be.

Yowzoe says:

Edit this down to 5 minutes and it’ll be better. Be merciless, but lose the “rushed” diction. And use a tripod.

Scott Bynon says:

Actually it is fast charge they told me so mine should be sent out once they get their inventory and they’re going to send me one so I can’t wait to try it

Patrick Davis says:

So if you have CarPlay or android auto this is completely useless?

Kelly Merrell says:

Can you waze with this?

Franz Darren Tantoco says:

Finally, I know exactly how Roav Viva works! I want one.

KellySabrina says:

Also I don’t get it as it does nothing that my iPhone doesn’t already do sitting on my dash.

What is the actual point of it?

Sean's DIY & Reviews says:

How did you know I was a player? You must be a psychic. LOL.

kelly smith says:

this may have been asked — I dont’ have a bluetooth stereo or aux input — i have a bluetooth visor speaker – will it work with that set up ?

Bob Duncan says:

So, just so I’m clear – I have the exact same Jeep as you, with the UConnect system, but am not paying for the wi-fi. In that scenario, the only way an Alexa Dot would work is by using the wi-fi hotspot on my phone. Does the Viva work without setting up the phone’s wi-fi hotspot – in effect, just pushing everything through the Viva App and using the phone’s internet connection and then returning it? Also, won’t connecting through Bluetooth to both the Viva and the UConnect require 2 Bluetooth connections at the same time? Also, even though I connect my phone to UConnect through Bluetooth all the time, I’ve never been able to get it to transmit the Google Maps direction commands through the Jeep’s speaker system. They are always muted on the phone and in order to use Google Maps with sound, I have to turn off Bluetooth. Have you ever had this issue?

Adolfo Foronda says:

You got a Echo dot in car setup video?

TheMymoto says:

Why u r confusing people keetping Alexa dot next to it

David Simpson says:

Sorry….I may have missed it, but do you have a vid that shows how to set up the dot in a car??? Thanks

Dylan Thomas says:

Does the rova Vita have a build in speaker in the device it self

Mark Ruiz says:

Can I leave it plugged into my car overnight ? Will it kill the battery?

RaGePlay says:

Does it navigate using google maps in iphone or apple maps by default?

Michael Hinchey says:

The reason there is lag because there is an app that the vita goes thru. Then it goes to the Amazon cloud. The dot just goes to Alexa cloud.

Christian Taylor says:

You’ve come a long way Travis! Not bad for your first video.

McDuble says:

i am a little confused…. if your phone is an android, and you have bluetooth, why cant you just use google voice commands to do all the same stuff? i just say “ok google, navigate me to the closest startbucks” and it does the same thing. so why do we need a middle(wo)man with alexa?

PGI Cruiser says:

Please put the camera on a tripod and do the video with two hands. This was awful to watch.

Watson Tan says:

Great video review sir!

Zhengyang Pan says:

ok… that’s cool and all, but why not just have an iPhone on you and say “Hey SIri”?

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