Should I buy a Cheap Android Head Unit? – Part 1 – Ownice C500 Review


We’ve probably all seen those cheap (and I mean REALLY cheap) Android head units floating around in cyber space and wondered are they actually any good?

In this series I put one (the Ownice C500 to be specific) to the test to see exactly what it’s like. In this Part 1 video, I focus on build quality, the features you can expect, as well as how to get the most out of the User Interface.

In following videos we’ll take a look at the audio quality, and what it’s like to live with day-to-day.

NOTE: The pattern you can see on the screen is the camera, not the unit itself.

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Paul Adams says:

Gday mate, I’ve bought this exact unit…how do I access the root?? I have the software version password.

Ro bery says:

Cheap? These are nearly $600 AUD..

A Br says:

I’ve been blogging at audioholic in the last 2 week, looking for cheap sound systems, and they never talked about this deal.. Im sure that we can buy and install a 170$ complete high quality sound system at home including video if we switch to car audio electronic products instead…

Im going to to look at all the car audio electronics and in 2 to 3 years, when the prices will further drop, im gonna buy my new system.

Robert0910 Zamora says:

Ummm it means ripped or converted videos in those formats on usb

Reggie Jamieson says:

hey matey thanks for that review, as im still looking for android for my holden vz crewman.
whats you views on this link without doing to much research on? cheers.

Ja aj says:

My 8802 has dark screen .You see a little but the brightness of screen is disfunctioned….so 70 pounds 6 monts of working. ..means I paid 12 pounds every month for using it..and now is finnish ..china gurbich

Bill Karoly says:

A nice and thorough review. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I’m looking at an XTRONS unit with Android 8, 4gb ram and 32gb storage. The XTRONS unit seems to have a flush mounted screen which should eliminate viewing angle issues.

Garbage Trash says:

Who would’ve guessed that the guy who flashed his bios to show a picture of his pc, and the pcmr logo would do the same for his subbie.

Aji Sukala says:

that’s rooted

MalaK Katz says:

you can download google maps if its android.

Jeff Cole says:

Nice video covering most of the popular settings and functions you will ever need. The link changes to Gearbest and at nearly £200 for an Android 6 it makes it one of the most expensive future door stops.

Long John says:

If it has 2 USB ports then you can hook up a USB CD/DVD player (Most need power from 2 USB ports and come with a Y cable). The decoders are built into system so they are not lying when they say they have that built-in (Most ARM GPUs have the decoders baked in) The problem is there is no real instruction manual and the people who wrote the crap on the box are Marketing people not Engineers ….. I’m actually surprised there aren’t people Rooting these like any other Android tablet or phone and installing their own custom ROMs or upgrading to Android 7

Maisonier says:

There is a PC (i5/i7 or Ryzen or Threadripper Unit) with a real operating system for cars or Windows and compatibility with or OpenPilot ???

Waldy says:

does anybody know a head unit that has offline maps?

MrFluffysteel says:

Where’s the clock? Ohhh…there it is!

Paul Michael says:

Can anyone tell me if you can use Spotify in the background? So I could press play and the go back to my car launcher Ui?

Save thing with Bluetooth?

dn06se says:

I hope Samsung will produce great double din for car.

Brunden says:

It supports cd format and all the other file names through the sd or usb input

Alec Ver Bunker says:

Any usb cd drive should work on android for reading all those disc formats

Scott Stevens says:

I wouldnt buy a cheap one, I did and it didnt even have voice on it had to type shit in so bought a 250.00 Pumpkin instead and its pure heaven compared.

Freddy Lopez says:

Wow you Explained it really well thank you just ordered one today thanks Mate

Drago says:

EXAMP external amplifier

AlanM says:

If you do buy this or a similar unit, then please ensure you understand the seller’s returns policy in the event of problems or a warranty repair. For instance, the seller may say the item has to be shipped back to China – this could be complicated and expensive! I am currently in discussion on a warranty repair (Amazon market place seller) – they want me to contribute 50% to the cost of a new touch screen AND fit it myself. Cheap may also mean poorer quality control and hence the possibility of a higher chance of problems, but if you are happy to take the risk, then go ahead – Buyer Beware is the key phrase here.

Marek Bojarczuk says:

What about an android auto app? Wouldn’t that work with your android phone in terms of data and maps, music, audiobooks etc?

MrTacticalSloth says:

Examp would probably be external amp?

Reggie Jamieson says:

or this like for aftermarket ..

Michael Lowrey says:

Just bought a andriod gps radio
Confused on the 4g card. Where and how do you purchase one? My phone is verizon do i add a service for this?

Kieran Sliwowski says:

Couldn’t you just download the Spotify playlist onto the head unit so you can playback without a connection?

robert c says:

hi can anyone tell me it’s possible to hit the range rover sport 2009. thank you

Ahno Nymuz says:

How’s the quality of the screen is it clear ?

raptor2569 says:

USB external drive. So yeah…

Jacob Martin says:

Waze saves routes you have taken to use in case you lose internet. You can download your playlist on Spotify to save on internet use.

Ninja Link78 says:

Maid Marion

Allan Hobba says:

Could you please, Please, PLEASE keep your hands still while talking . . . ? Well you are pathetic & ridiculous!

Nathan Elcoate says:

Hi does Android Auto work off Bluetooth to the phone or does it need USB?

Frits Erasmus says:

Thanks for your thorough video. Always good to listen to someone that really knows what they talk about.
You mentioned an “After market steering control module” one might need.
I have steering wheel controls on my Toyota Hilux. Would I need such an “After market steering control module”

Then which of the many “Auto Diagnostic Scanner” for my vehicle would you recommend. – Your guess is just better than mine.

Last question: In the box, was there a hands-free microphone for this or is that something I should also purchase separate?

I also viewed your “Android Head Unit? – Part 2 – Octacore vs Quadcore” – would the rooting process as you covered before be the same for the Octacore unit?

jsucias says:

Hi sir, You are making a car audio review, but u do not think your video sound is bad, pretty bad… In my opinion, you should invest a little to get a better sound for the people wanna see your videos…

Boosted Media says:

Please use the following link to purchase this unit if you’re keen! –

Al Iskandar says:

A fellow Coastie. Great 2 see

Shane Gunn says:

Hey man,interested to know about getting an additional sim card as I don’t like using wifi.I am in Oz and with Aldi mobile but they can’t do additional cards on the same plan,any suggestions ? Cheers

jaygalleno says:

i wish they’ll come up with a phone dock for mobile phone soon. a decent amp and eq or it.

Michael Proulx says:

I tried sound storm labs , boss , both worked for a couple months , now just bought a pioneer will see if it’s worth the extra money.

BI'SPÒK | You'nique Jewellery says:

Can you connect your iPod this unit and can you control it from the unit?

wclifton968 says:

tbh I dont see the point of one of these… why not just use a generic tablet and an FM radio app and then download the specific maps for your area or even use a large smartphone like the Google Pixel 2XL or Microsoft Lumia 950XL or that 7″ smartphone that Lenovo made a few years ago………..

wesley love says:

Thank you so much for doing this review. I need a display for my work van to replace my rear view mirror, listen to music, and use for navigation Which would you recommend?

sG Shamro says:

i need some help i have a 9601G and everything works exept the display it doesnt even open .. it just beeps am i missing a wire?

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