Start your Car with an iPhone

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scenery77 says:

Thanks for the information.  Very helpful for those who can afford it.

joelwarfe306 says:

W H Y?

mike mun says:

How much

student 85 says:

You can do that with onstar

Jesper Bliddal says:

Can i get it to my phone my phone is lgg4 can i get this app

Ollie Rance says:

can you get the app on android

Gamer 5511 says:

I guess it is real

tripjet999 says:

…or you could just use the KEY which came with your vehicle and leave the stupid phone at home, where phones belong.

Darryl Chrenek says:

So what you’re saying here is open the app and you’re teaching us once you have the app open how to press a button? am I correct? so this is a tutorial on how to open an app and press a button on your screen? Would I be correct in saying this? So this tutorial could basically be “How to play angry birds”? What did you do here? Answer honestly.

Matt Coulson says:

can you stop the car running with this app also, ie if you start it to warm it up then dont need to go out can you switch off the engine without going to the car and manually turning the engine off??

cedriane de Bocuaud says:

how do you install this? What is required? do you need a separate “dongle”?

Leon Büning says:

wat is thet

PrecisionShineMobileDetailingLLC says:

Too f slow omg.

Yaroslav Kholin says:

what is the app called

jro9001 says:

i think it would be better if the commands responded faster

tanuj wadhwa says:

it slow.. and needs internet.. 
what if you dont have internet ..or the car system looses internet connection 😛

Easy Media says:

do we have to put something in our car

mohammed alraisi says:

What if your iphone battery died

cratosolympus says:

it takes like 4sec after u press the iPhone, then the car respond. beside that its a good feature and  i hope the developer gonna improve that in the next. 

joelwarfe306 says:

To find out how long it takes the app to compute those demands you wouldn’t need a timer, ohh no, you’d need a CALENDAR! I cannot see a logical reason as to why this equipment would be needed. Last time I checked, to start a car you physically present yourself at the car door, manually unlock it, sit your self down in the drivers seat, put the key in the ignition and start the engine with your hand turning the key!

nolobede says:

Note, this is a hackable system.

Lenny Sharke says:

I cant believe the amount of dumb people commenting. Its useful for very cold countries, where you need to have your car nice and warm before you enter it. No, your car cant be stolen if someone get a hold of your phone, they need to have your keys as well. No, your car will not start if it is not in park, the same apply if you even use your keys. I bought a remote starter recently, the only reason i didnt get this was because of the monthly data plan it requires you to pay for as the module that is installed in the car, requires a 4g connection to communicate with the app.

Terry Sinclair says:

wow i love that

sean says:

i wonder if something like this can be hacked to identify cars with electronic locks and starts, and hack into them to start most modern cars

Klove The Lou says:

They only thing I dont like about this model is to lock and unlock the doors takes a bit long….

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