Subaru StarLink 2018 Detailed Tutorial & Review: Tech Help

This Tech Help we will be reviewing latest 2018 version of the Subaru StarLink Infotainment System, that is seen in most Subaru products including:

1. Subaru Crosstrek
2. Subaru Legacy
3. Subaru Impreza
4. Subaru Outback
5. Subaru Ascent
6. Subaru Forester
7. Subaru WRX
8. Subaru BRZ

We will look at popular features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Apps, and Navigation.

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Graham Jackson says:

so Whats the usb size limit? and will it play .flac ?

dadduorp says:

I just pre-ordered an Ascent Limited and this was exactly the tutorial I was looking for. Well done—thanks! Questions…

1). Can you delete apps that you don’t use or need?

2). Does the settings interface for the sound system change depending on what type of system you have (ie stock vs. Harman Kardon, etc.)?

Thanks again!

Laurence Madeo says:

Thank you for the StarLink review. It was very useful

Ashwin Jogaratnam says:

Good review keep it up

Gemster18 says:

If you notice at 3 minutes and 16 seconds in a screen pops up when she tries to hit the stall link telling her that the phone needs to be connected via Bluetooth, this is a major problem with this shity app! It is very unpredictable sometimes it’ll work sometimes it won’t is anybody else have the same problem? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Any thoughts would be great. Thank you in advance.

THE Life show says:

So I can’t watch YouTube and surf the web on it smh

klatos says:

wait whaaat there is no android auto in wrx 2018??????

davibrass says:

Starlink absolutely sucks in my 2018. Unusable actually. Get your shit together Subaru.

Fight Factory says:

Nice! Good job, guys—-keep up good work! Love your videos! Can you do a 2018 Toyota Sequoia???

punknhead23 says:

Can I run the google maps from my phone on the display in my 2018 forester?

Suzanne Kerns says:

Thank you! Very Helpful. This car is smarter than I am! Even the older salesman (men) have trouble with the system! It is only the young guys who “get it'”. This helped me a lot (I’m 78) and traveling across country from CA to PA and have had difficulty with the navigation system. I could not figure out how to turn off the audio as my partner kept using SIRI and her directions were almost directionally opposite from Starlink’s audio. I couldn’t listen to both at the same time and no one at the car dealership could tell me via iphone how to turn off the navigation “audio” so I could listen to one voice. When Siri said turn right 500 feet, the Starlink said “turn left in 1000 ft.” Terrible confusing. N ow I have a little more info . Thanks. Wish me luck, as I’m only in Tucson now! Suzanne

Herman the German says:

just bought a outback and it was usefull. thx and cheers from berlin

Gene Meyerowich says:

Can I link the navigation feather on my iPhone to the star link system?

Mike Cremona says:

QUESTION:Can you select an address from address book and enter it to the map for a destination?

jamctelex says:

How do you turn the car on without the radio turning on?

b z says:

great video!!! now, do you know what do about the nav. system that does not have the correct speed limit sign for some roads? and also it does not change to red when going over the speed limit. i had a 2017 legacy and all these worked fine, now have a 2019 legacy and have these problems. thanks Barb .

jim moss says:

How do i change the radio balance.

redneckzen says:

Excellent! Many thanks for this!

Rob Mascarinas says:

For some reason, all my saved stations are always getting deleted, any thoughts?

Virginia Smith says:

Just bought a new Outback. I’m trying to figure out how to use the “My Subaru” app. I downloaded to my phone and there is nothing there except a picture. This video mentioned the app but the guy’s hand was over the screen….how does the My Subaru App work with the StarLink App?

Joanne Cahill says:

How do you update the TomTom maps?

a toz says:

Great review! I have a question on the ability to turn-off the radio as was possible in the 2015 Subaru Legacy and turn on whenever I wanted to. In my 2018 Legacy it seems I can’t shut it off and whenever the car starts it automatically turns on the radio and then switches to the USP plug -in automatically. Is this a new feature of the infortainement system or are you actually able to turn radio off and turn on when you want to ?

Gene Meyerowich says:

Is there a step by step tutorial I can follow? This is a little above my level of knowledge!

Em says:

How do you add the map?

Tom Sullivan says:

well done!
thanks for the info.

Franklin Whitton says:

thanks very informative

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