Tesla P100D App v3.0 Review!

Tesla’s mobile app got a fresh coat of paint to make car control prettier and faster in v3.0!
The Tesla P100D playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBsP89CPrMeMKjHnLfO3WAhiOOxiv5Xqo

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Scott McDonald says:

Two questions, was the P100D your first Tesla? Second, what are you using for winter tires?

Damseso 2916 says:

Is Apollo the name of the car or did he give it a name?

Arfi Sulthani Syam says:

Any button in the app to wash itself?

TechNaiSci says:

Youve changed the rims .why the earlier bigger rims look much better.

Noah Rieks says:

BBC news be like in the next week: millions of people’s tesla got hacked!!

PerthesExercises says:

Hello Marques, are you planning to give an update on your Tesla P100D after x amount of miles or months? Thanks your reviews are very useful.

Juan Paolo Liad says:

Your bluetooth enabled all the time?

0dinko says:

Still waiting on that 2.5 sec from 0-60 video. 🙂

F S says:

Sumons the car “gotta trust it will see me”…. Get’s killed by his own car because Skynet!

hardik panday says:

great app, absolutely loving it. A car would’ve been nice to go with it tho.

Wil Jones says:

what happened to the 21 inch wheels??

Jose salcedo says:

Damnnnn !

Giulio Catena says:

Awesome video! Really nice to learn more about these Tesla cars, great camera work as always.

amgad osama says:

Wow wow wow .. I’m watching MKBHD videos since 2015 and i just found out that I’m not a subscriber

The Smartphone Guy says:

he didn’t showed the notification settings

Shlokesh Solanki says:

Tesla gives so much functionality to the customer right in the phone (so good). Always love car reviews. My favorite feature: Summon.

Joe says:

Your videos are great!

Dragan Bakema says:

what happened to your rims? Not sure if this new appolo is the old appolo

Pravda Smerti says:


Zhiling Zhu says:

I am interesting in your iphone’s wallpaper, where can i get it?

Cuber says:

When you summon it, does it just go straight forward or back until it is told to stop or sees something. Or does it make adjustments as well, so if you told it to back out of or into a driveway, even if it wasn’t perfectly aligned it would still make its way in?

RohanRohanRohan says:

“wait… what?” *car stops* “ok” *camera goes black, screeching of tires is heard*

anti dentite says:

You never updated your story about whether or not your model S was permanently repaired or not. You were having issues with the steering before.

The Venom says:

“Oh hey Sam”

_FCjames_ says:

You are a Jake Pauler

William Guo says:

same just lowkey plugged ur video

Michael Gordon says:

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Faiyaz says:

I know where your car is haha

Matheus Almeida says:


Young ADV says:

Guess I could just get the app, and pretend that my ’06 Kia Rio is a Model S…

Paul Mellish says:

Down Apollo!! Good boy!

Evanbear1 says:


Patrick Steiger says:

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Cláudio Eduardo Vieira says:

You must do another one for the iPhone X.

GiannisLFC says:

How much this Car??

Jonathan Jung says:

So did they ever tell you why your car was losing power steering so often?

suraj Räût says:


Donut kun says:

I really like your choice in color for your tesla

R.O.B Nin says:

Cmon! Do an autopilot video already!

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