The Android Car Radio every driver should have!

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I’m putting together a completely new Android 5.1.1 Car System.
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A detailed look at the Unbranded OUKU Android 4.1.1 Car stereo #AndroidCarRadio being tested in Jamaica. Installed 3 Months prior to the video and has performed well thus far.
The audio quality is great with the stock speakers and its touchscreen is not too bad with response


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misticoser says:

When I install any gps app the voices are cut, does someone else have the same?

serjio abarca says:

can u take off the face and also does it support Bluetooth

Arlie G says:

question. cant you just download the radio apps or tune in app on the car stereo instead of bluetoothin from the phone?

cancelled0ut says:

you jamaican bro

Justin Morse says:

does it come with an internet connection already? or do you have to connect it to Wi-Fi manually?

LowIceDK says:

Since you can’t call directly from the radio but have to connect with bluetooth by phone then I don’t see the point anymore. Why not just use the phone in a holder and then have a normal radio with BT and then just use the phones screen instead. Lot cheaper

Vito Bertani says:

My dream is a IOS system in my CAR!

Anthony Papa says:

you might think about putting your full name on your acc. and doing 100mph in the car bro….

EMCFilmz says:

Thumbs up for wale

Ratomir Filipovic says:

tnx for the video, i was looking for some cheap android for a car 🙂

Docolin Dan says:

I understand it works flawless for you but it looks slow AF for me! BUT I guess there’s something newer out there by now!

Aaron Warnett says:

china shit mate get real brand

Fifasbestplayer says:

That is too damn slow tho

Floyd Wright says:

nice vidz my yut. bless up I need something like this for the Lexus RX

RecarroJames says:

Check out the Android 5.1.1 video here –
View it on Amazon –

Morris Warner III says:

was this custom modification or did it come with car

Christian Plummer says:

What car is it

Antonio Molina says:

Which wires do I have to connect.

the pals indonesia says:

can it work with whatshap or even blackberry mesengger

AyDayDay says:

Omg why do these not have aux inputs.. WHY

Joey Barreras says:

“very responsive”

*Quarter second lag*

Kyle Schraw says:

how does it have service?

Stirring Up says:

this is shit.. why not just run the android auto app?

c mac says:

Yardy!!! Bless up!

Ivan 23 Caravantes says:

how does it perform off wifi?
I think it isn’t a great radio at all if you need to show it on wifi…. most people drive far away and there is no wifi.
it’s from China it isn’t going to last long. it might over heat on hot days or something.

Skidrow Black says:

how do you pick up phone calls?can you use starring wheels control.

dirtytv says:

add kodi to that and that’s heaven on wheels TV and movies on the go… well till you loose connection!

Tony ARC says:

good if you live in your car man lol

ken cole says:

a tablet with some REAL buttons and an antiquated CD player you shouldnt need as its a tablet

mr2nut123 says:

Does it have internal storage or an SD Card slot to do offline Spotify sync?

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