The BEST and CHEAPEST places to find auto parts ESPECIALLY when rebuilding a salvage car

This is the only guide you will need. Below is a list of everything I outline in the video. You will save major $$$ buying from these places and using the techniques I describe. Any questions comment below! (list of all auto parts available in the world at salvage yards) (pick your part salvage yard) (cheap third party and OEM parts) (best and cheapest place to get seatbelts rebuilt and SRS modules reset)


Austin Gremmel says:

That hood line is bugging the hell out of me

Aerosol27 says:

Watched every video of yours and they are very helpful , keep up with the great videos man !

michael ranasinghe says:

Thank you sam, ive learned alot about copart and salvage cars from your channel.

James Singh says:

This is becoming one of my favorite channels. Thanks Sam!

Shado Gaming says:

i do agree about the quality of 3rd party body parts, i wanted to get an aftermarket front bumper for my RX-8 because teh original bumper isnt very….. clean, and the new bumper doesnt fit the same way

Yakup Kalvo says:

Hi, looking for a residential proxy? add me on skype:ykalvo for further details.

Grenzle 24 says:

Super informative video. Thanks.

John Hull says:

Oem body parts definitely way to go…


Thank you for sharing advice and knowledge I appreciate what you do and your Channel especially the one about the white Corvette that’s my favorite car

Fernando says:

That bird in the background was driving me crazy there for a few minutes.

Peter Hardy says:

Does anyone remember which video Sam talks about where he gets his car batteries from?

Tony Wahab says:

Thanks Sam! Really great information. You will encourage me to do a rebuild project soon enough

lostintime86 says:

When doing pick your parts, don’t be a slob. Keep your area neat and SAFE!! Remember some one may need that part you just pulled to get to your part. Just be NICE!!

Auto Auction Rebuilds says:

You just helped me find that seat I’m looking for on my ’15 Sonic and it’s only an hour away!

Praestigiator says: is a good sight to find pick your part salvage yards with the exact car you are looking for. It can also help you find local salvage yards that you didn’t know about.

420newworld says:

Peace Peace Peace,
Yeah.. Work shop manual. Thanks Guru.

alen Kruezi says:

well the sites you said are great but dont you think when you have more parts that are really expensive to replace seperetly you can get a parts car the same as your and you can increase your profit by selling the parts that you dont need that way you dont just save money but you get more money for next projects

William Manning says:

You have no video! And the emperor is naked as well…so judge me as you please because I don’t care. You should either get a better camera or take the lense cap off of the camera you have before you start recording.

If you meant to have no video….then thanks for the audio.
I really seriously dislike those “text videos”.

Anyway…you have no video. Why do you have no video?

Daniel says:

Samcrac just saved my life with

Jarrueche Tran says:

Imma go name my channel “Asscrac” now

Coach Q says:

Great video. Thumbs up

fiSt God says:

I have a 15 fist and I️ love it

Joseph Hill says:

You sir have EARNED a sub

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