The Best Car Backup Camera – Pearl RearVision Review, Installation, and Demonstration!

This is an unboxing, installation, and review of the best backup camera you can get on the market currently, the Pearl Rearvision! This is one of the sleekest and easiest to use car backup cameras that allows for not only rear-view monitoring, but also object alerts. The other great thing about this device is that it is constantly being updated and the over-the-air software updates allow for additional features to continually be added. This means this backup camera will just continue to get better! If you want to buy one or check it out further use the link below!

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Joseph Kreifels II says:

WHy did you hide your license plate? You know it’s impossible for the public to get private info form it? Also, the number is public, everyone and their sister can see it while you drive? Do you have a warrant? Why else would you be a dick enough to hide it?

Mister X says:

“KIND OF EXPENSIVE” TRY WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. $500 bucks on a back-up camera is ridiculous.

Kathleen Andrews says:

Does it use you data as it operates?

Aslida Cervantes says:

if the app is closed in the phone would the sensors still work and alert you? and how would you hear them?


It’s perfect for rich caucasian folks…. and only draw back is turning on ur phone and launching and then backing up then ur good to go… so basically u can twist ur neck faster than launching live video . Unless u r lazy and rich enough to afford this show off accessory.

Anita W says:

Solar Powered – not very good for garage kept cars?

justicerevenge777 says:

i just downloaded the app4 on my ipad, so im guessing instead of using my phone. i can have a dedicated 10x15cm (because ihpone apps are re-sized for ipad) display for the rearview camera? AWESOME. if this works, then i think im sold! lol

Nameless 82 says:

Lmfao 500 bucks

TheCoolNeeraj says:

do all cameras shows such lines???

Emmanuel Buenviaje says:

Does your phone need internet connection to stream the camera footage on your phone ?

Eng Jilany says:

it can beep with the objects in car corner where parking between two columns ?

Quân Anh says:

Can i use it as a front view camera????

racergin3d says:

Just did a search for this company to get more info, and no big surprise it has failed. The article stated poor sales and only having this one product did them in. For me the price point was way to high to compete against the far cheaper alternatives.

Kansas Gardener says:

I also dont like the fact you would have to use your phone. Seam’s inconvenient. $500.00 Wow! Where i live you can get a top of the line mirror with built in screen, camera and install for $400.00

TJ McCarthy says:

Does the iPhone app have to be launched and the phone unlocked for the camera to come in when the car is put in reverse?

Rdfelic says:

Is the obd reader necessary? Would it still work with out it. I have a obd reader for diagnostic.

Oscar Lechuga says:

Good video.
Product is very expensive, to be considered.

AngeV2 says:

best? what a dildo

Steven Michael says:

I purchased this very expensive system and all I can say is that it was a complete joke. I contacted Pearl Auto explaining to them that the OBD was not communicating to the camera and all they did was give me the impression that I bought it on the black market making me prove the exact date I bought it and who I bought it from (Amazon). I provided them will all the info they were asking for and they just completely ignored me. Warning! DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I’m sure you can find a better price and a more reliable back up cam for your vehicle.

Mark E Pugliano says:

You don’t come across as objective. Click here for best part of video 11:10 .

ntxim ntxub says:

I got an dvd in dash with optional back up camera input..I rather go cheap have it view from my in dash dvd then adding an extra monitor for a backup camera mounted on my windshield. 500$ for a backup camera could got me a nice double din receiver and an eBay backup camera for a cleaner look

Rob Dingledorf says:

Does it come with a complimentary reach around with that price ?

Саша Пушкин says:

500!? Are you kidding!? Is that autopilot for back driving or simple f**sh** camera?

ImagineThatOW says:

$500?????? I would much rather just buy an infotainment system.


Most important question Is! Solar batteries life and replacement? What’s the details on that part.

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